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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Belarus for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
BabruyskBabruisk Air Base
AsipovichyBabruisk Air Base
HorkiBalbasovo Air Base
KrychawMogilev Airport
KlimavichyMogilev Airport
ShklowBalbasovo Air Base
KastsyukovichyGomel Airport
ChavusiMogilev Airport
CherykawMogilev Airport
SlawharadMogilev Airport
BrodyMogilev Airport
SemenovkaGomel Airport
KulishovkaMogilev Airport
Pen'kovkaMogilev Airport
PryanichkiMogilev Airport
YelugaMogilev Airport
Tavpyga ZavidovkaMogilev Airport
PaporodkaMogilev Airport
YasnayaMogilev Airport
VoskhodMogilev Airport
NavinyMogilev Airport
Kovalevka VtorayaMogilev Airport
Kovalevka PervayaMogilev Airport
SvobodoMogilev Airport
NovogorkiMogilev Airport
VoroshilovkaMogilev Airport
SelishcheGomel Airport
Pustosh' PetrovskogoGomel Airport
Il'yukhinoMogilev Airport
NovoselkiMogilev Airport
KrasnayaBalbasovo Air Base
TatarshchinoBalbasovo Air Base
KudrichskiyeBalbasovo Air Base
LeshchinskiyeBalbasovo Air Base
KurkovshchinaBalbasovo Air Base
DedkovichiBalbasovo Air Base
ShiraiMogilev Airport
KuchkovshchinaMogilev Airport
ZheretinMogilev Airport
OzhogovshchinoMogilev Airport
GryazivetsGomel Airport
TurovkaMogilev Airport
KlinMogilev Airport
KsendovshchinaMogilev Airport
LukinichiMogilev Airport
MishinMogilev Airport
TuguldovaMogilev Airport
VolymerovoMogilev Airport
TyshchaMogilev Airport
KrichevatkaMogilev Airport
CityNearest Airport
Zal'kovaMogilev Airport
DubrovkaMogilev Airport
NivyMogilev Airport
DalekiyeMogilev Airport
KirkoryMogilev Airport
PoskanitsaMogilev Airport
Khil'kovichiMogilev Airport
KhoroshkiMogilev Airport
KhodnevoMogilev Airport
GribanyMogilev Airport
MishkovtsyMogilev Airport
AgeyevshchinaMogilev Airport
Polyk'vichiMogilev Airport
ZastenokMogilev Airport
GayMogilev Airport
Il'inkaMogilev Airport
Nizskaya UlitsaMogilev Airport
BobrovichiMogilev Airport
DubrovaMogilev Airport
BulyzhnitsaMogilev Airport
TeolinMogilev Airport
LubyankaGomel Airport
ZyatitsaMogilev Airport
KolotovinaMogilev Airport
Bun'kovshchinaMogilev Airport
Bel' PervayaMogilev Airport
StaborshchinaMogilev Airport
SlobodkaMogilev Airport
VorovskiyMogilev Airport
TelyatkovaMogilev Airport
KalenkovskiyMogilev Airport
BorisovkaMogilev Airport
PobedaMogilev Airport
ZolocheyevoMogilev Airport
UznikiMogilev Airport
Zelenaya DubravaMogilev Airport
RassvetMogilev Airport
KrivayaMogilev Airport
DryaglevkaGomel Airport
PolyaGomel Airport
PotaronovkaGomel Airport
PislyakovkaGomel Airport
MoshanoyeMogilev Airport
StepanovkaMogilev Airport
PrudokGomel Airport
GrozyMogilev Airport
Vasil'koyoMogilev Airport
MateyevkaGomel Airport
DudarevkaGomel Airport
Zelenyy SadGomel Airport