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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Algeria for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
MedeaBlida Airport
BerrouaghiaBlida Airport
Ksar el BoukhariBlida Airport
'Ain BessemHouari Boumediene Airport
Ouled Ahmed ThataBlida Airport
Oulad DjaffalHouari Boumediene Airport
Oulad MerzougHouari Boumediene Airport
El AbabdiaBou Saada Airport
Ed DakhlaBou Saada Airport
Oulad ManadiBou Saada Airport
Ben ZemlaneBou Saada Airport
Beni Bou BekhBlida Airport
Er RmilaBlida Airport
El GoleaBlida Airport
ZoundaiBlida Airport
AzizaBlida Airport
MekhatichBlida Airport
Tala OuflaBlida Airport
Sidi MoussaBlida Airport
Beni KheddiBlida Airport
AarounBlida Airport
AzatiBlida Airport
Oulad BarketBlida Airport
Oulad AouelliBlida Airport
Oulad KheirBlida Airport
TabouzzaBlida Airport
Oulad Slimane Ben KhalifaBlida Airport
Oulad SelimBlida Airport
Oulad Ben MouloudBlida Airport
Oulad Sidi AhmedBlida Airport
Sidi MakrfiBlida Airport
DechraBlida Airport
MehadjbiaBlida Airport
ChouennaBlida Airport
TchachtBlida Airport
Ouled AliBlida Airport
Cheikr TaiebBlida Airport
Ouled SalahBlida Airport
Sidi LakrdarBlida Airport
BelliaBlida Airport
Oulad ZeguiaBlida Airport
Oulad Ben AdjaBlida Airport
AlamaBlida Airport
Djama SalemBou Chekif Airport
Djemaa el GuemgoumaBlida Airport
Souk el KhemisBou Saada Airport
Ain TastaHouari Boumediene Airport
Draa el AhmarBoufarik Airport
'Ain AzerouBoufarik Airport
Abd el Kader Ben el MokhtarBlida Airport
CityNearest Airport
Abd el KrimBoufarik Airport
Ain DhabBlida Airport
'Ain LalouiHouari Boumediene Airport
Amar Ben ZaouiBlida Airport
BahataBoufarik Airport
Ben AlouachBlida Airport
Ben AttaliBlida Airport
Ben ChicaoBlida Airport
Beni KhalifaBlida Airport
Beni SlimaneHouari Boumediene Airport
Beni SlimaneBlida Airport
BogharBlida Airport
BougzoulBlida Airport
BoussaouaBlida Airport
Bou ZianeBlida Airport
ChahbouniaBou Chekif Airport
CheraiguiaBlida Airport
CherariaBlida Airport
DerouatBlida Airport
Douar Beni ZermaneHouari Boumediene Airport
Draa EsmarBlida Airport
Ech ChaabaHouari Boumediene Airport
Ed DokkaraBlida Airport
El AnnseurBlida Airport
El AouaoukaBlida Airport
El ArbaHouari Boumediene Airport
El BethomHouari Boumediene Airport
El DjalalaBlida Airport
El FahisBlida Airport
El HachemHouari Boumediene Airport
El HadjaresBlida Airport
El HaouanaBlida Airport
El KhelouaHouari Boumediene Airport
El KhemarmiaHouari Boumediene Airport
El KhemisBlida Airport
El MelouarBlida Airport
El MeslahBlida Airport
El OmariaBlida Airport
El OuchmiaHouari Boumediene Airport
El RheribBlida Airport
Et TnineBoufarik Airport
Ez ZemamriaBou Saada Airport
Goum Hadj MoussaBoufarik Airport
GuedadahaBlida Airport
GuemanaBlida Airport
HakimiaBoufarik Airport
Hassi MassilineBlida Airport
IsselaneBlida Airport
KerrachichBou Saada Airport
KhabbouziaHouari Boumediene Airport