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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Algeria for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
BatnaBatna Airport
BarikaBiskra Airport
Ain ToutaBatna Airport
MerouanaBatna Airport
Tazoult-LambeseBatna Airport
ArrisBatna Airport
Ras el AiounBatna Airport
Mechta MouncharAin Arnat Airport
Mechtet es SchrafBatna Airport
Mechta Kef el AhmarBatna Airport
Ouled FerdiBatna Airport
Mechta Guelb MessaoudaBatna Airport
Mechta Chabet LalamBatna Airport
Bou ZoraneBatna Airport
Ain Bou ZennzeneBiskra Airport
BourhzelBatna Airport
'Ain ed DeflaBiskra Airport
Ain el KsarBatna Airport
Ain FouchiBiskra Airport
'Ain KelbaBou Saada Airport
'Ain RegadaBatna Airport
Ain YagoutBatna Airport
Aleb el BrekBatna Airport
AmentaneBiskra Airport
ArbaBatna Airport
BarhlaBatna Airport
BelhioutBatna Airport
Ben Kadach SalahBatna Airport
BerhoumAin Arnat Airport
Bir Sidi el HadiBatna Airport
Bou AhmarBatna Airport
BoulehiletBatna Airport
Bou RhaisBatna Airport
BouzinaBatna Airport
BraiedBiskra Airport
ChemoraBatna Airport
ChennaouraBatna Airport
ChirBiskra Airport
Dechret Ouled Sidi AmarBiskra Airport
DjarallahBiskra Airport
DjenieneBatna Airport
Ed DissaBiskra Airport
El AraguibBiskra Airport
El GuigbaAin Arnat Airport
El HadjedjBatna Airport
El HammamBatna Airport
El KsarBiskra Airport
El MadherBatna Airport
LambiridiBatna Airport
El OuldjaBatna Airport
CityNearest Airport
FaisBatna Airport
Foum ToubBatna Airport
GosbatAin Arnat Airport
Djebel el GountasBatna Airport
HamlaBatna Airport
Hassi Oulad HessirBatna Airport
Hassi Oulad MehennaBatna Airport
HemblaBatna Airport
Mechtat HidoussaBatna Airport
Kherbet Mechtat el HidekBatna Airport
Ksar BelezmaBatna Airport
LahmissiBou Saada Airport
Les TamarinsBiskra Airport
LouestiaBatna Airport
MaafaBiskra Airport
MagraAin Arnat Airport
MarkounaBatna Airport
M'CilBatna Airport
M'DoukalBiskra Airport
Mechta AiadatBou Saada Airport
Mechta Ain BeidaBatna Airport
Mechta Ain el BeidaBatna Airport
Mechta Ain LegtaifBatna Airport
Mechta Ain OusfaneBatna Airport
Mechta Ain TamalaletBatna Airport
Mechta Ali GaderBatna Airport
Mechta AzemBatna Airport
Mechta BelkhezBatna Airport
Mechta Ben DaasBatna Airport
Mechta Bir AmmarBatna Airport
Mechta Bir Bou ZianeBatna Airport
Mechta Bir NezaaBatna Airport
Mechta Bou AriBatna Airport
Mechta Bou AssidaBatna Airport
Mechta Bou IkhfaounBatna Airport
Mechta BoumiaBatna Airport
Mechta CharebBatna Airport
Mechta Charf el AinBatna Airport
Mechta Charf el AinBatna Airport
Mechta DerhamnaBou Saada Airport
Mechta Djerma DahraBatna Airport
Mechta Djer NaamaBatna Airport
Mechta FeltaneBatna Airport
Mechta FredasBatna Airport
Mechta Gabel AzemBatna Airport
Mechta Gabel AzemBatna Airport
Mechta Gabel YagoutBatna Airport
Mechta GuimelBatna Airport
Mechta KanndaAin Arnat Airport
Mechta KhademBatna Airport