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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Algeria for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
Algiers(Alger)Houari Boumediene Airport
Oran(Oran)Es Senia Airport
Constantine(Constantine)Mohamed Boudiaf International Airport
Batna(Batna)Batna Airport
Bab EzzouarHouari Boumediene Airport
Annaba(Skikda)Annaba Airport
Sidi Bel Abbes(Sidi Bel Abbes)Tafaraoui Airport
Ech Chettia(Chlef)Ech Cheliff Airport
Bejaia(Bejaia)Soummam Airport
Skikda(Constantine)Mohamed Boudiaf International Airport
El Achir(Bordj Bou Arreridj)Ain Arnat Airport
Medea(Medea)Blida Airport
Bechar(Bechar)Béchar Boudghene Ben Ali Lotfi Airport
El Eulma(Setif)Ain Arnat Airport
Saida(Saida)Ghriss Airport
Guelma(Annaba)Annaba Airport
Bordj el Kiffan(Alger)Houari Boumediene Airport
Ain Oussera(Djelfa)Blida Airport
Laghouat(Laghouat)Laghouat Airport
Ain Beida(Oum el Bouaghi)Cheikh Larbi Tébessi Airport
Baraki(Alger)Houari Boumediene Airport
Oum el Bouaghi(Oum el Bouaghi)Mohamed Boudiaf International Airport
MessaadLaghouat Airport
Barika(Batna)Biskra Airport
Beni Mered(Blida)Boufarik Airport
Aflou(Laghouat)Laghouat Airport
El Khroub(Constantine)Mohamed Boudiaf International Airport
Rouissat(Ouargla)Ain el Beida Airport
Berrouaghia(Medea)Blida Airport
Ksar el Boukhari(Medea)Blida Airport
Khemis Miliana(Ain Defla)Blida Airport
Azzaba(Constantine)Annaba Airport
Tamanrasset(Tamanghasset)Aguenar – Hadj Bey Akhamok Airport
Ain Touta(Batna)Batna Airport
Cheria(Annaba)Cheikh Larbi Tébessi Airport
Birkhadem(Alger)Houari Boumediene Airport
Chelghoum el Aid(Constantine)Mohamed Boudiaf International Airport
Sidi AissaBou Saada Airport
Larba(Blida)Houari Boumediene Airport
Mila(Mila)Mohamed Boudiaf International Airport
Bir el AterCheikh Larbi Tébessi Airport
Sougueur(Tiaret)Bou Chekif Airport
Ain Fakroun(Oum el Bouaghi)Mohamed Boudiaf International Airport
TolgaBiskra Airport
Es Senia(Oran)Es Senia Airport
Bir el Djir(Oran)Es Senia Airport
Akbou(Bejaia)Soummam Airport
Besbes(Annaba)Annaba Airport
Sidi KhaledBiskra Airport
Ain SefraMecheria Airport
CityNearest Airport
Frenda(Tiaret)Bou Chekif Airport
Bougara(Blida)Boufarik Airport
Hamma Bouziane(Constantine)Mohamed Boudiaf International Airport
ReguibaGuemar Airport
Meftah(Blida)Houari Boumediene Airport
Oued Rhiou(Relizane)Relizane Airport
Boufarik(Blida)Boufarik Airport
Sig(Mascara)Tafaraoui Airport
Ksar Chellala(Tiaret)Bou Chekif Airport
Sidi Moussa(Blida)Houari Boumediene Airport
'Ain Temouchent(Ain Temouchent)Zenata – Messali El Hadj Airport
Ras el Oued(Bordj Bou Arreridj)Ain Arnat Airport
Lakhdaria(Tizi Ouzou)Houari Boumediene Airport
Drean(Annaba)Annaba Airport
Reghaia(Boumerdes)Houari Boumediene Airport
Boghni(Tizi Ouzou)Houari Boumediene Airport
Dar ChioukhBou Saada Airport
Sedrata(Annaba)Annaba Airport
DjamaaTouggourt Sidi Madhi Airport
Mansoura(Tlemcen)Zenata – Messali El Hadj Airport
Telerghma(Constantine)Mohamed Boudiaf International Airport
Remchi(Tlemcen)Zenata – Messali El Hadj Airport
BirineBou Saada Airport
Sour el Ghozlane(Bouira)Houari Boumediene Airport
Metlili ChaambaNoumérat - Moufdi Zakaria Airport
Khemis el Khechna(Blida)Houari Boumediene Airport
TimimounTimimoun Airport
I-n-SalahIn Salah Airport
Touggourt(Ouargla)Touggourt Sidi Madhi Airport
Merouana(Batna)Batna Airport
Kerkera(Skikda)Jijel Ferhat Abbas Airport
El Hadjar(Annaba)Annaba Airport
Beni Saf(Tlemcen)Zenata – Messali El Hadj Airport
'Ain el Turk(Oran)Es Senia Airport
Boudouaou(Boumerdes)Houari Boumediene Airport
BerrianeHassi R'Mel Airport
Oued Fodda(Ain Defla)Ech Cheliff Airport
Bou ArfaBlida Airport
El Attaf(Ain Defla)Ech Cheliff Airport
El Affroun(Blida)Blida Airport
`Ain el HadjelBou Saada Airport
Hennaya(Tlemcen)Zenata – Messali El Hadj Airport
Tazoult-Lambese(Batna)Batna Airport
Draa el Mizan(Tizi Ouzou)Houari Boumediene Airport
TimizartSoummam Airport
Sebdou(Tlemcen)Zenata – Messali El Hadj Airport
TebesbestTouggourt Sidi Madhi Airport
Souma(Blida)Boufarik Airport
Azazga(Tizi Ouzou)Soummam Airport
Rouached(Constantine)Jijel Ferhat Abbas Airport