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Note: Data of all the airports in the North-West, South Africa may not be available or may not be accurate and distances are air distances.
Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in South Africa for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
KlerksdorpP C Pelser Airport
OrkneyP C Pelser Airport
RustenburgRustenburg Airport
PotchefstroomPotchefstroom Airport
BritsLanseria Airport
StilfonteinP C Pelser Airport
MmabathoMmabatho International Airport
Schweizer-ReinekeVryburg Airport
Ga-RankuwaWonderboom Airport
LichtenburgMmabatho International Airport
FochvillePotchefstroom Airport
VryburgVryburg Airport
WolmaransstadP C Pelser Airport
PampierstadVryburg Airport
ZeerustMmabatho International Airport
ChristianaKimberley Airport
BloemhofVryburg Airport
Jan KempdorpKimberley Airport
KosterMorningside Farm Airport
MedunsaWonderboom Airport
LebalengWonderboom Airport
Morula SunWonderboom Airport
Ga-RankuwaWonderboom Airport
BabelegiWonderboom Airport
KekanaWonderboom Airport
BosplaasWonderboom Airport
AapdraaiMmabatho International Airport
AasvogelboomWonderboom Airport
AbbeyJohan Pienaar Airport
AdderleyJohan Pienaar Airport
AinslieVryburg Airport
AkronJohan Pienaar Airport
AlabamaP C Pelser Airport
AlbanieJohan Pienaar Airport
AlbertJohan Pienaar Airport
AlettasrusVryburg Airport
AlgiersVryburg Airport
AmaliaVryburg Airport
ArdathJohan Pienaar Airport
ArdathJohan Pienaar Airport
AristonP C Pelser Airport
AshfieldJohan Pienaar Airport
AssenRustenburg Airport
AtholeJohan Pienaar Airport
AtlantaRustenburg Airport
AtlantaRustenburg Airport
AustreyVryburg Airport
AvonJohan Pienaar Airport
AvondsterVryburg Airport
AyrJohan Pienaar Airport
CityNearest Airport
BahurutsheJohan Pienaar Airport
BahurutsheMmabatho International Airport
Bailey BrithJohan Pienaar Airport
Baillie ParkPotchefstroom Airport
BakervilleMmabatho International Airport
BalaRustenburg Airport
BankdrifVryburg Airport
Bantu TownshipRustenburg Airport
BapongMorningside Farm Airport
BapongLanseria Airport
BarasebaRustenburg Airport
BaratiwaJohan Pienaar Airport
BarekiJohan Pienaar Airport
BarnabyJohan Pienaar Airport
BarnetJohan Pienaar Airport
BathobathoMmabatho International Airport
BattlemoundJohan Pienaar Airport
BedwangWonderboom Airport
BeestekraalRustenburg Airport
BeestekraalRustenburg Airport
BendellJohan Pienaar Airport
BerwickJohan Pienaar Airport
BerwickJohan Pienaar Airport
BethanieRustenburg Airport
BethelMmabatho International Airport
BewleyMmabatho International Airport
BierkraalMorningside Farm Airport
BiesiesvleiMmabatho International Airport
BodensteinP C Pelser Airport
BodibeMmabatho International Airport
BodibeMmabatho International Airport
BoekenhoutfonteinWonderboom Airport
BoetrandP C Pelser Airport
BoetsapKimberley Airport
BoikhutsoMmabatho International Airport
BoitumelongVryburg Airport
BojalapotsaneJohan Pienaar Airport
BojatingRustenburg Airport
BokkraalMorningside Farm Airport
BolelatlouJohan Pienaar Airport
BollantlokweWonderboom Airport
BonabonaJohan Pienaar Airport
BonmailVryburg Airport
BoonsRustenburg Airport
BorakalaloMmabatho International Airport
BoritengRustenburg Airport
BorothamadiMmabatho International Airport
BoschfroekRustenburg Airport
BosdamVryburg Airport
BosfonteinLanseria Airport