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This is an online tool to search airports in Limpopo, South Africa nearest to the entered place, city, town or village and display them on the map with their distances.
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Note: Data of all the airports in the Limpopo, South Africa may not be available or may not be accurate and distances are air distances.
Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in South Africa for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
PolokwanePietersburg Municipal Airport
PhalaborwaHendrik Van Eck Airport
PotgietersrusPietersburg Municipal Airport
WarmbathsWonderboom Airport
Louis TrichardtTzaneen Airport
ThohoyandouTzaneen Airport
GiyaniTzaneen Airport
LebowakgomoPietersburg Municipal Airport
NkowakowaTzaneen Airport
DuiwelskloofTzaneen Airport
NylstroomWonderboom Airport
MessinaTzaneen Airport
TzaneenTzaneen Airport
EllisrasPolokwane International Airport
GAKGAPANETzaneen Airport
MankoengPietersburg Municipal Airport
ThulamahashiMalamala Airport
ThabazimbiRustenburg Airport
The Carousel Entertainment CentreWonderboom Airport
RadiumWonderboom Airport
CodringtonWonderboom Airport
MackenzieWonderboom Airport
AbbotspoortPolokwane International Airport
AbrasivePolokwane International Airport
AcornhoekMalamala Airport
AddneyPolokwane International Airport
AdriaanshoopMorningside Farm Airport
AgincourtMalamala Airport
AllandaleMalamala Airport
AllandaleMalamala Airport
AlldaysPolokwane International Airport
AlvertonTzaneen Airport
AmandaMalamala Airport
AmandelbultRustenburg Airport
AmatavaPietersburg Municipal Airport
AmosaTzaneen Airport
AngledaleHendrik Van Eck Airport
AnnadalePolokwane International Airport
ApelPietersburg Municipal Airport
AtholMalamala Airport
AtoomWonderboom Airport
BafaladiPietersburg Municipal Airport
BakenbergPolokwane International Airport
BakoniPietersburg Municipal Airport
BaltimorePolokwane International Airport
BandelierkopPolokwane International Airport
BangalongPolokwane International Airport
BashashaTzaneen Airport
BasterspadPolokwane International Airport
BayisontoMalamala Airport
CityNearest Airport
BeaconsfieldTzaneen Airport
BeautyPolokwane International Airport
BeginplaasWonderboom Airport
BehoudeniskloofPietersburg Municipal Airport
BelfastMalamala Airport
BendTzaneen Airport
BergnekPietersburg Municipal Airport
BesonderheidPietersburg Municipal Airport
BesonderheidPietersburg Municipal Airport
BloedrivierPolokwane International Airport
BloemhofPietersburg Municipal Airport
BloubergPolokwane International Airport
BlouhakPolokwane International Airport
BobbejaanstertWonderboom Airport
BobirwaPolokwane International Airport
BochumPolokwane International Airport
BodiPolokwane International Airport
BokpoortlaagtePietersburg Municipal Airport
BolahlakgomoPietersburg Municipal Airport
BolopaPietersburg Municipal Airport
BonyaniTzaneen Airport
BoratapeloPolokwane International Airport
BorwalathotoPolokwane International Airport
BoschplaatsPietersburg Municipal Airport
BosrandTzaneen Airport
Bossche-DieschPolokwane International Airport
BotlokwePolokwane International Airport
BotswanaTzaneen Airport
BotswanaTzaneen Airport
BoynePietersburg Municipal Airport
BracondalePietersburg Municipal Airport
BrakspruitPolokwane International Airport
BreedpanRustenburg Airport
BroadlandsPietersburg Municipal Airport
BroedersdraaiTzaneen Airport
BrownridgeWonderboom Airport
BuffelsdrifWonderboom Airport
BuffelshoekMalamala Airport
Bulge RiverRustenburg Airport
BultongfonteinPolokwane International Airport
BuysdorpPolokwane International Airport
ByldriftPietersburg Municipal Airport
CalcuttaSkukuza Airport
Cato SmutsTzaneen Airport
Chiefs KraalTzaneen Airport
ClareMalamala Airport
CorneliaPolokwane International Airport
CorneliaPolokwane International Airport
CraighouseTzaneen Airport
Creag RoyTzaneen Airport