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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Papua New Guinea for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
VanimoVanimo Airport
AitapeVanimo Airport
AbaruVanimo Airport
AbauWewak International Airport
AbiguWewak International Airport
AbiontemVanimo Airport
AbouiaVanimo Airport
AbrauVanimo Airport
AbunkamunMendi Airport
AfuaWewak International Airport
AfwoVanimo Airport
AheriVanimo Airport
AiaminaVanimo Airport
AidadamiVanimo Airport
AiendamiVanimo Airport
AikamunVanimo Airport
AimukiliWewak International Airport
AinbaiVanimo Airport
AinbaiVanimo Airport
AinbaiVanimo Airport
AiruVanimo Airport
AiterapVanimo Airport
AiyawouVanimo Airport
Akasame 1Wewak International Airport
Akimari Number 1Vanimo Airport
Akimari Number 2Vanimo Airport
AkraminagVanimo Airport
AkraniVanimo Airport
AkwiemkomVanimo Airport
AkwomVanimo Airport
AlaiVanimo Airport
AliVanimo Airport
AliVanimo Airport
AlkulaVanimo Airport
AmaitemVanimo Airport
AmanabVanimo Airport
AmandanVanimo Airport
AmaseiWewak International Airport
AmbreimakiVanimo Airport
AmbuyanVanimo Airport
AmeniVanimo Airport
AmerVanimo Airport
AminiVanimo Airport
AmoiVanimo Airport
AmoiVanimo Airport
AmsukuVanimo Airport
Amtanmin 1Vanimo Airport
Amtanmin 2Vanimo Airport
AmtoVanimo Airport
AnaVanimo Airport
CityNearest Airport
AngelWewak International Airport
AngnaWewak International Airport
AnguganakVanimo Airport
AnilabipVanimo Airport
ApwamboVanimo Airport
Arimin Number 1Vanimo Airport
Arimin Number 2Vanimo Airport
Arimin Number 3Vanimo Airport
Arop VillagesVanimo Airport
ArymeiVanimo Airport
AsasapasWewak International Airport
AsierWewak International Airport
AsierWewak International Airport
AsorWewak International Airport
AtalumMendi Airport
AtbalminVanimo Airport
AtbineMendi Airport
AtebinVanimo Airport
AtembipVanimo Airport
AtemkisminVanimo Airport
AtemtamanVanimo Airport
AterumWewak International Airport
AuangVanimo Airport
Auia Number 1Vanimo Airport
Auia Number 2Vanimo Airport
AuliVanimo Airport
AurumpBalimo Airport
AusiniVanimo Airport
AuyaVanimo Airport
AwesWewak International Airport
AwolVanimo Airport
BabiangWewak International Airport
BadiaVanimo Airport
BafumbilVanimo Airport
BahangVanimo Airport
BaibaiVanimo Airport
BaiberiVanimo Airport
BaioVanimo Airport
BaiuwaiVanimo Airport
BakdakVanimo Airport
BalupWewak International Airport
BambolVanimo Airport
BapaVanimo Airport
BareneVanimo Airport
BaribariVanimo Airport
BariraVanimo Airport
BaroVanimo Airport
BeidoVanimo Airport
BeimapVanimo Airport
BesVanimo Airport
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