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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Papua New Guinea for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
Port MoresbyPort Moresby Jacksons International Airport
LaeLae Nadzab Airport
ArawaBuka Airport
Mount HagenMount Hagen Kagamuga Airport
PopondettaGirua Airport
MadangMadang Airport
KokopoTokua Airport
MendiMendi Airport
KimbeKimbe Airport
GorokaGoroka Airport
WewakWewak International Airport
BuloloLae Nadzab Airport
DaruDaru Airport
WauLae Nadzab Airport
KaviengKavieng Airport
KiungaMendi Airport
Vanimo(Sandaun)Vanimo Airport
KundiawaChimbu Airport
KainantuGoroka Airport
RabaulTokua Airport
IalibuMendi Airport
KokodaGirua Airport
LorengauMomote Airport
KeremaKerema Airport
Aitape(Sandaun)Vanimo Airport
WabagWapenamanda Airport
KietaBuka Airport
PangunaBuka Airport
MoreheadBalimo Airport
AmbuntiWewak International Airport
SamaraiGurney Airport
AngoramWewak International Airport
PorgeraWapenamanda Airport
NamatanaiTokua Airport
FinschhafenLae Nadzab Airport
KandrianKimbe Airport
LaiagamWapenamanda Airport
BuinBuka Airport
EboraGurney Airport
BoniaoGurney Airport
ManghunaGurney Airport
SagaraGurney Airport
TenoklamanaGurney Airport
GegadaliGurney Airport
LagiraGurney Airport
Gea GeaGurney Airport
BwasiaiaGurney Airport
BwagaoiaGurney Airport
GavuonePort Moresby Jacksons International Airport
Bwada BwadaGurney Airport
CityNearest Airport
GaviGurney Airport
GaviGurney Airport
GatuGurney Airport
GaruaiGurney Airport
GarduowaiGurney Airport
BuruPort Moresby Jacksons International Airport
Buni-IGurney Airport
GaragaradiGurney Airport
GanimwalaGurney Airport
BunamaGurney Airport
GanaiGirua Airport
GamilaGurney Airport
Bui BuiGurney Airport
BudiaiGurney Airport
GamadoudouGurney Airport
BubuletaGurney Airport
BubuGurney Airport
GaivakalaPort Moresby Jacksons International Airport
GaiogaiokawasiGurney Airport
WaruGurney Airport
GadovisuGurney Airport
GadogadoaGurney Airport
GadogadoaGurney Airport
GadoaGurney Airport
BowadiGurney Airport
GadaisuGurney Airport
BowabuGurney Airport
BouGurney Airport
GaburuGurney Airport
BosadidiGurney Airport
GabugabunaGurney Airport
BoruGurney Airport
GabitaeuGurney Airport
BoroaiGurney Airport
BoreboGurney Airport
BonaruaGurney Airport
BonaravaGurney Airport
BomuaGurney Airport
BomguinaGirua Airport
BoitoiGurney Airport
BoilaviGurney Airport
EwenaGurney Airport
EunuoroGurney Airport
EtauGurney Airport
BogilabaubuaGurney Airport
Bogala BaubauGurney Airport
BogalaGurney Airport
BiwaGurney Airport
ElasiGurney Airport
BinibinihaliGurney Airport
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