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This is an online tool to search airports in Papua, Indonesia nearest to the entered place, city, town or village and display them on the map with their distances.
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Note: Data of all the airports in the Papua, Indonesia may not be available or may not be accurate and distances are air distances.
Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Indonesia for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
JayapuraSentani Airport
SorongSorong (Jefman) Airport
ManokwariRendani Airport
NabireNabire Airport
Fak FakFakfak Airport
KrajanTunggul Wulung Airport
DemtaSentani Airport
GenyemSentani Airport
KumbeMopah Airport
MeraukeMopah Airport
MindiptanaWamena Airport
MutingMopah Airport
NinatiWamena Airport
TanahmerahWamena Airport
WarisSentani Airport
WembiSentani Airport
YafiSentani Airport
YamasSentani Airport
KafaketSorong (Jefman) Airport
SolalSorong (Jefman) Airport
PapasSorong (Jefman) Airport
ToreaFakfak Airport
LenmalaasSorong (Jefman) Airport
Yennanas BesirSorong (Jefman) Airport
PanSorong (Jefman) Airport
LugoSorong (Jefman) Airport
KalabSorong (Jefman) Airport
TaudoreSorong (Jefman) Airport
TaubegalaSorong (Jefman) Airport
MajetSorong (Jefman) Airport
AdamataFakfak Airport
SisirFakfak Airport
KamatnusaFakfak Airport
IbuarFakfak Airport
WakreSorong (Jefman) Airport
UrbinasoponSorong (Jefman) Airport
PitsyorSorong (Jefman) Airport
Tanjung UmomoBabo Airport
Sungai SaringgaBabo Airport
OfataiBabo Airport
BeninaBabo Airport
SerituBabo Airport
SegahBabo Airport
JakatiBabo Airport
WorobereiBabo Airport
SimirBabo Airport
KrabuiwiendiFakfak Airport
TuburuasaFakfak Airport
WanartapieFakfak Airport
EwarongFakfak Airport
CityNearest Airport
KasuraiFakfak Airport
KaburgemeeFakfak Airport
Atti Atti OninFakfak Airport
Degen BaruFakfak Airport
PatoriFrans Kaisiepo Airport
AgatsMoses Kilangin Airport
AmamapareMoses Kilangin Airport
AmbuakiRendani Airport
AnsuduSentani Airport
ApauwarFrans Kaisiepo Airport
AyamaruSorong (Jefman) Airport
BaboBabo Airport
BaweNabire Airport
BebiramBabo Airport
BiakFrans Kaisiepo Airport
BirabWamena Airport
BirufuWamena Airport
BosnikFrans Kaisiepo Airport
EnarotaliZugapa Airport
FafanlapSorong (Jefman) Airport
FakfakFakfak Airport
GuaiSentani Airport
HornaRendani Airport
IbonmaKaimana Airport
InanwatanFakfak Airport
KaimanaKaimana Airport
KarufaKaimana Airport
KepiMopah Airport
KimaamMopah Airport
KlamonoSorong (Jefman) Airport
KokasFakfak Airport
KokenauMoses Kilangin Airport
KondaSorong (Jefman) Airport
KoridoFrans Kaisiepo Airport
LelintahSorong (Jefman) Airport
LenmalasyaSorong (Jefman) Airport
LoboKaimana Airport
MakbonSorong (Jefman) Airport
MakiKaimana Airport
MapiMopah Airport
MasinWamena Airport
MirimiriFakfak Airport
ModowiKaimana Airport
MogoiBabo Airport
MuturiBabo Airport
NanggubiNabire Airport
NapanwainamiNabire Airport
ObomeKaimana Airport
OkabaMopah Airport
OransbariRendani Airport