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Both domestic/regional and international airports in Kalimantan Tengah, Indonesia with their IATA codes will be listed.
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Note: Data of all the airports in the Kalimantan Tengah, Indonesia may not be available or may not be accurate and distances are air distances.
Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Indonesia for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
SampitNanga Pinoh I Airport
PangkalanbuunKetapang(Rahadi Usman) Airport
KualakapuasWarukin Airport
KumaiKetapang(Rahadi Usman) Airport
LampeongWarukin Airport
LunciKetapang(Rahadi Usman) Airport
MabauNanga Pinoh I Airport
MemalaNanga Pinoh I Airport
MendawaiWarukin Airport
MuarateweWarukin Airport
KumaiKetapang(Rahadi Usman) Airport
KualamanjualNanga Pinoh I Airport
KualakurunWarukin Airport
KasunganWarukin Airport
KalasinPangsuma Airport
JangkangWarukin Airport
DayuWarukin Airport
DarapNanga Pinoh I Airport
BuntuiWarukin Airport
NangalangkiNanga Pinoh I Airport
PalangkarayaWarukin Airport
PanahanNanga Pinoh I Airport
TuananWarukin Airport
TokungPangsuma Airport
TimpahWarukin Airport
TewahPangsuma Airport
TanjungpusuPangsuma Airport
TangkahanWarukin Airport
Sungai UlakWarukin Airport
SungaipinangWarukin Airport
SekimaNanga Pinoh I Airport
PurukcahuWarukin Airport
PunduNanga Pinoh I Airport
PulangpisauWarukin Airport
PujunWarukin Airport
PembuangNanga Pinoh I Airport
PelampaiWarukin Airport
PangkalansahangKetapang(Rahadi Usman) Airport
CityNearest Airport
BuntokWarukin Airport
BapuyuWarukin Airport
BakumpaiNanga Pinoh I Airport
LupakWarukin Airport
KulalupakWarukin Airport
TambunanimWarukin Airport
BasirahaWarukin Airport
AlalakWarukin Airport
TinggaranWarukin Airport
BenuaanyarWarukin Airport
PamakuanWarukin Airport
PatukanWarukin Airport
SungaiasamWarukin Airport
TerantangWarukin Airport
TanipahWarukin Airport
YilapatWarukin Airport
BelandeanWarukin Airport
BelawanWarukin Airport
SabrangWarukin Airport
TatalokanWarukin Airport
CemaralebatWarukin Airport
AluhaluhWarukin Airport
KiyapaWarukin Airport
AntilikWarukin Airport
TengahWarukin Airport
KeluangWarukin Airport
PegatanWarukin Airport
PasirKetapang(Rahadi Usman) Airport
SungaianyarWarukin Airport
TakisungWarukin Airport
BawahanlayungWarukin Airport
SungaitelaWarukin Airport
SeminyanWarukin Airport
AdurWarukin Airport
RapunWarukin Airport
BangkalaiWarukin Airport
SimunWarukin Airport
BahaurWarukin Airport