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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in India for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
RanchiBirsa Munda Airport
JamshedpurJamshedpur Airport
BokaroDhanbad Airport
DhanbadDhanbad Airport
HazaribagBirsa Munda Airport
ChasDhanbad Airport
SahibganjBagdogra Airport
JhariaDhanbad Airport
RamgarhBirsa Munda Airport
DaltenganjGaya Airport
Jumri TilaiyaGaya Airport
ChaibasaJamshedpur Airport
GiridihDhanbad Airport
KatrasDhanbad Airport
LohardagaBirsa Munda Airport
MadhupurDhanbad Airport
JugsalaiJamshedpur Airport
DumkaPanagarh Air Force Station
GumiaDhanbad Airport
ChatraGaya Airport
PathardihDhanbad Airport
GoddaDhanbad Airport
GarwaGaya Airport
ChakradharpurJamshedpur Airport
GhatsilaJamshedpur Airport
SimdegaRourkela Airport
JamadobaDhanbad Airport
MushabaniJamshedpur Airport
SijuaDhanbad Airport
GomohDhanbad Airport
KhuntiBirsa Munda Airport
GobindpurJamshedpur Airport
HusainabadGaya Airport
JamtaraDhanbad Airport
Barki SariaDhanbad Airport
LateharBirsa Munda Airport
DugdaDhanbad Airport
BunduBirsa Munda Airport
KujuBirsa Munda Airport
KodarmaGaya Airport
Barka KanaBirsa Munda Airport
KankeBirsa Munda Airport
NoamundiRourkela Airport
JasidihDhanbad Airport
ChakuliaJamshedpur Airport
NirsaDhanbad Airport
ManoharpurRourkela Airport
SaraikelaJamshedpur Airport
MalkeraDhanbad Airport
BagraDhanbad Airport
CityNearest Airport
patamdaGaya Airport
GobindpurDhanbad Airport
BhojudihDhanbad Airport
KenduadihDhanbad Airport
DhanwarDhanbad Airport
BarwadihGaya Airport
KharsawanJamshedpur Airport
JagannathpurJamshedpur Airport
KandraJamshedpur Airport
SiniJamshedpur Airport
HeslaDhanbad Airport
RayBirsa Munda Airport
TopchanchiDhanbad Airport
GopinathpurJamshedpur Airport
ChandilJamshedpur Airport
NetarhatBirsa Munda Airport
KalikapurJamshedpur Airport
ChiriaRourkela Airport
SaruberaDhanbad Airport
MugmaDhanbad Airport
AiyarBirsa Munda Airport
AkbarpurGaya Airport
AmdaJamshedpur Airport
AmnariDhanbad Airport
AmraparaPanagarh Air Force Station
AnandpurRourkela Airport
AndipurJamshedpur Airport
AngaraBirsa Munda Airport
AnjanBirsa Munda Airport
AnkuaRourkela Airport
AsanbaniPanagarh Air Force Station
AsansolPanagarh Air Force Station
BadiaJamshedpur Airport
BadupurPanagarh Air Force Station
BagodarDhanbad Airport
BagrachuraJamshedpur Airport
BaharagoraJamshedpur Airport
BaihatuRourkela Airport
BaipiJamshedpur Airport
BakraJamshedpur Airport
BakudiPanagarh Air Force Station
BalandiaJamshedpur Airport
BalumathBirsa Munda Airport
BamangawanDhanbad Airport
BanaJamshedpur Airport
BanariBirsa Munda Airport
BanasoDhanbad Airport
BandgaonBirsa Munda Airport
BanduyaJamshedpur Airport
BanjariGaya Airport