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Note: Data of all the airports in the Arunachal Pradesh, India may not be available or may not be accurate and distances are air distances.
Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in India for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
PasighatAlong Airport
MargheritaDibrugarh Airport
AlongAlong Airport
TezuDibrugarh Airport
ZiroZero Airport
KhonsaDibrugarh Airport
BomdilaTezpur Airport
TawangTezpur Airport
BasarAlong Airport
AcheshonAlong Airport
AholinAlong Airport
AkolinAlong Airport
AlonungAlong Airport
AmatullaTezpur Airport
AmiliAlong Airport
AnelihAlong Airport
AngatsiAlong Airport
ApranliAlong Airport
AprunyiAlong Airport
ArdaiAlong Airport
AropuAlong Airport
AshalinAlong Airport
AsonliAlong Airport
BachaNorth Lakhimpur Airport
BalekAlong Airport
BaluZero Airport
BhalukpungTezpur Airport
BindulaZero Airport
BiniZero Airport
BoguAlong Airport
BomakAlong Airport
BomdoAlong Airport
BomjurAlong Airport
BorduriaDibrugarh Airport
BoruAlong Airport
BrahmakundDibrugarh Airport
BruiniAlong Airport
BudhDibrugarh Airport
BuhaZero Airport
ButTezpur Airport
ChalanTezpur Airport
ChameliangDibrugarh Airport
ChangroDibrugarh Airport
ChantamDibrugarh Airport
ChareimnaDibrugarh Airport
ChemgengTezpur Airport
ChemirZero Airport
ChengeleAlong Airport
ChepweAlong Airport
Chhota DirakDibrugarh Airport
CityNearest Airport
ChibuniAlong Airport
ChiraDibrugarh Airport
ChodoZero Airport
ChonkhamDibrugarh Airport
ChopnyuDibrugarh Airport
ChugTezpur Airport
ChumbaTezpur Airport
ChunaTezpur Airport
ChunpuraDibrugarh Airport
DabomZero Airport
DalbuingAlong Airport
DambukAlong Airport
DamrohAlong Airport
DanliAlong Airport
DaringAlong Airport
DemweDibrugarh Airport
DeningDibrugarh Airport
DijunganiaTezpur Airport
DirangTezpur Airport
DirjiTezpur Airport
DoimaraTezpur Airport
DongDibrugarh Airport
DonkengAlong Airport
DonliAlong Airport
DorkangAlong Airport
DosingAlong Airport
DuimukhNorth Lakhimpur Airport
Dui YambiZero Airport
DutaZero Airport
EmbragonAlong Airport
EtalinAlong Airport
GamkikAlong Airport
GashengAlong Airport
GasigaonAlong Airport
GetteAlong Airport
GochamZero Airport
GohaintanTezpur Airport
GrunliAlong Airport
HachiZero Airport
HapoliZero Airport
HarmutigaonNorth Lakhimpur Airport
Hatu YuaZero Airport
HayutangDibrugarh Airport
HelamZero Airport
HongZero Airport
horaZero Airport
HupuAlong Airport
IbniyiAlong Airport
IdilinAlong Airport
IlupuAlong Airport