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Note: Data of all the airports in the Extreme-Nord, Cameroon may not be available or may not be accurate and distances are air distances.
Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Cameroon for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
KousseriSalak Airport
MarouaSalak Airport
MokoloSalak Airport
YagouaSalak Airport
MoraSalak Airport
KaeleSalak Airport
BogoSalak Airport
MindifSalak Airport
MakariSalak Airport
KozaSalak Airport
KassakiaSalak Airport
BabadoumSalak Airport
MaronaSalak Airport
OudioSalak Airport
AlavenSalak Airport
Alvakay IISalak Airport
Alvakay ISalak Airport
Twam-PramSalak Airport
KidjimeSalak Airport
MbagueSalak Airport
MandoureSalak Airport
MoukgoumaSalak Airport
TougounouroumSalak Airport
TchikamSalak Airport
Wouro DogoSalak Airport
MaiberaSalak Airport
KalyaSalak Airport
GoumboukemakamSalak Airport
LareskiSalak Airport
KebeSalak Airport
Am TaliaSalak Airport
BarkalaSalak Airport
KazaSalak Airport
GoulouriSalak Airport
GalmaSalak Airport
TouchkiSalak Airport
OundjoumbaSalak Airport
BladeriSalak Airport
LawaSalak Airport
KolossaleSalak Airport
ArdoriSalak Airport
VingueleriSalak Airport
Madjina MoskounSalak Airport
Madjina KourniSalak Airport
KessaganaSalak Airport
NyiwadjiSalak Airport
KaraltaneSalak Airport
GuiabgueSalak Airport
GoaliSalak Airport
BoulongouareSalak Airport
CityNearest Airport
LawanheloSalak Airport
MeheSalak Airport
ModioureSalak Airport
GoleldadiSalak Airport
TchikireSalak Airport
Aissa KardeSalak Airport
TalakeSalak Airport
Gane TchariSalak Airport
GogoSalak Airport
DjalaSalak Airport
BlakahafiSalak Airport
MaguirdeSalak Airport
MaslaSalak Airport
WabiskeSalak Airport
MastafariSalak Airport
WalassiSalak Airport
GourgouroSalak Airport
WambatcheSalak Airport
Gouro MougzaSalak Airport
GouloudjahanSalak Airport
GareSalak Airport
BogoSalak Airport
BankiSalak Airport
KodogouSalak Airport
DjarandwaSalak Airport
WavouzeySalak Airport
AlagarnoSalak Airport
KordoSalak Airport
BlablinSalak Airport
Mayo ArkwaSalak Airport
TanballamSalak Airport
TalamadeSalak Airport
GuederouSalak Airport
ZourouSalak Airport
WaliassiSalak Airport
KalguiwaSalak Airport
Bladi GoumeldiSalak Airport
GardwatchiSalak Airport
IgawaSalak Airport
MaloumriSalak Airport
TarmouaSalak Airport
Sala PlataSalak Airport
VadigzeouaSalak Airport
OuragaSalak Airport
GouvakaSalak Airport
Parda MbokotyeSalak Airport
VadimetekeSalak Airport
DalaouaraSalak Airport
Podar MatkozaSalak Airport
MoukteleSalak Airport