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Both domestic/regional and international airports in South-West Province, Cameroon with their IATA codes will be listed.
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Note: Data of all the airports in the South-West Province, Cameroon may not be available or may not be accurate and distances are air distances.
Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Cameroon for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
KumbaTiko Airport
LimbeTiko Airport
TikoTiko Airport
MutengeneTiko Airport
MuyukaTiko Airport
MamfeBamenda Airport
IdenaoTiko Airport
MundembaTiko Airport
BekondoTiko Airport
MitondoTiko Airport
DikoulouTiko Airport
MabetaTiko Airport
Mange MasadiTiko Airport
Dikome BafawTiko Airport
DubangeTiko Airport
Ndoi BakunduTiko Airport
KukakaTiko Airport
Matondo ITiko Airport
Matondo IITiko Airport
BekoliTiko Airport
EbotaTiko Airport
New ButuTiko Airport
Three Corners BekondoTiko Airport
Mofako BekondoTiko Airport
Small EkombeTiko Airport
Marumba ITiko Airport
Marumba IITiko Airport
Bai BikomTiko Airport
Bai PanyaTiko Airport
KandongeTiko Airport
Buba WaterfallTiko Airport
Mambanda CampTiko Airport
Baromb KangTiko Airport
BekiliTiko Airport
PalabongoTiko Airport
BadumaTiko Airport
MabonjiTiko Airport
Ediki MbongeTiko Airport
Mbonge Meteke ITiko Airport
MakobeTiko Airport
Mator ButuTiko Airport
Mbonge-Meteke IITiko Airport
PesikombeTiko Airport
BakossiTiko Airport
EhomTiko Airport
BambeleTiko Airport
BangoneTiko Airport
MekomTiko Airport
BakoleTiko Airport
Eboko BajokTiko Airport
CityNearest Airport
MolongoTiko Airport
MbengeTiko Airport
EkebTiko Airport
MessakaBafoussam Airport
NyaleBafoussam Airport
BassengTiko Airport
EdibBafoussam Airport
MbogmutBafoussam Airport
MantaBafoussam Airport
KuminBafoussam Airport
MuakamBafoussam Airport
MuydipBafoussam Airport
Muambong IIBafoussam Airport
NgombombengTiko Airport
KakTiko Airport
MekedakuTiko Airport
MekedembengTiko Airport
MpakoTiko Airport
MundumTiko Airport
NdissiTiko Airport
AtopTiko Airport
BulutuTiko Airport
EbulTiko Airport
MbabeTiko Airport
MbuleTiko Airport
MbongTiko Airport
PengTiko Airport
KupeTiko Airport
Buba ITiko Airport
MuyukaTiko Airport
Buba IITiko Airport
EdibinjokTiko Airport
EbubuTiko Airport
BadjokiBafoussam Airport
BeachTiko Airport
MandeseTiko Airport
MowutuTiko Airport
Small MounduTiko Airport
Mussaka VillageTiko Airport
MatuteTiko Airport
PungoTiko Airport
IkangeTiko Airport
SoneTiko Airport
HoltforthTiko Airport
NdongoTiko Airport
BwengaTiko Airport
LikokiTiko Airport
DjopongoTiko Airport
MissakaTiko Airport
MokoTiko Airport