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Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Austria for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
SalzburgSalzburg Airport
HalleinSalzburg Airport
Saalfelden am Steinernen MeerSalzburg Airport
Sankt Johann im PongauSalzburg Airport
BischofshofenSalzburg Airport
Zell am SeeSalzburg Airport
Seekirchen MarktSalzburg Airport
StrasswalchenSalzburg Airport
Bad HofgasteinSalzburg Airport
GrodigSalzburg Airport
KuchlSalzburg Airport
TamswegKlagenfurt Airport
BadgasteinSalzburg Airport
AbtenauSalzburg Airport
MittersillSalzburg Airport
ThalgauSalzburg Airport
BergheimSalzburg Airport
RadstadtSalzburg Airport
Bruck an der GrossglocknerstrasseSalzburg Airport
AnifSalzburg Airport
SaalbachSalzburg Airport
ZauchenseeSalzburg Airport
AberseeSalzburg Airport
MitterbergKlagenfurt Airport
SonnbergSalzburg Airport
BergSalzburg Airport
GriessenSalzburg Airport
IngelsbergSalzburg Airport
AuSalzburg Airport
HinterglemmSalzburg Airport
AtzingSalzburg Airport
PrielauSalzburg Airport
EinodsiedlungSalzburg Airport
ErlbergSalzburg Airport
PassthurnSalzburg Airport
ShuttdorfSalzburg Airport
MayrhofenSalzburg Airport
AngerbergSalzburg Airport
DurnbergSalzburg Airport
LofersteinSalzburg Airport
SpielbichlSalzburg Airport
JochbergthurnSalzburg Airport
DorfSalzburg Airport
WinklerdorflSalzburg Airport
Kaprun WerksiedlungSalzburg Airport
WeyerInnsbruck Airport
KrimmlInnsbruck Airport
KirchdorfInnsbruck Airport
UberfuhrSalzburg Airport
IrlachSalzburg Airport
CityNearest Airport
LettensauSalzburg Airport
ZeltsbergSalzburg Airport
WimpassingSalzburg Airport
VollernSalzburg Airport
AlmSalzburg Airport
KellerwaldSalzburg Airport
MoospirachSalzburg Airport
LaubschachenSalzburg Airport
ZehmemoosSalzburg Airport
RingofenSalzburg Airport
PladenfeldSalzburg Airport
StierlingSalzburg Airport
BruckSalzburg Airport
ReitlwaldsiedlungSalzburg Airport
SteinbreiteSalzburg Airport
RablstattSalzburg Airport
SchorgstattSalzburg Airport
KnotzingSalzburg Airport
NiederreitSalzburg Airport
StierlingSalzburg Airport
LoipferdingSalzburg Airport
AglassingSalzburg Airport
BuchachSalzburg Airport
HaidenosterSalzburg Airport
SpocklbergSalzburg Airport
GunseringSalzburg Airport
HolzleitenSalzburg Airport
SchmiedenSalzburg Airport
NoppingSalzburg Airport
RodSalzburg Airport
HausmoningSalzburg Airport
KirchendorfSalzburg Airport
RiedSalzburg Airport
ReichertingSalzburg Airport
SchlipfingSalzburg Airport
ReitsbergSalzburg Airport
EitelsbergSalzburg Airport
EsstalSalzburg Airport
GrubSalzburg Airport
HainbachSalzburg Airport
AltsbergSalzburg Airport
RottenaigenSalzburg Airport
RottstattSalzburg Airport
BulhartingSalzburg Airport
Grom-GrabenSalzburg Airport
EberhartingSalzburg Airport
EberhartenSalzburg Airport
MuhlfeldSalzburg Airport
HorndlSalzburg Airport
HassbergSalzburg Airport