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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Austria for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
KlagenfurtKlagenfurt Airport
VillachKlagenfurt Airport
WolfsbergHinterstoisser Air Base
Spittal an der DrauKlagenfurt Airport
Feldkirchen in KarntenKlagenfurt Airport
Sankt Veit an der GlanKlagenfurt Airport
VolkermarktKlagenfurt Airport
Sankt AndraKlagenfurt Airport
Velden am WortherseeKlagenfurt Airport
FinkensteinKlagenfurt Airport
EbenthalKlagenfurt Airport
FerlachKlagenfurt Airport
HermagorKlagenfurt Airport
ArnoldsteinKlagenfurt Airport
PaternionKlagenfurt Airport
SeebodenKlagenfurt Airport
EberndorfKlagenfurt Airport
FriesachKlagenfurt Airport
WernbergKlagenfurt Airport
Bad Sankt Leonhard im LavanttalHinterstoisser Air Base
MoosburgKlagenfurt Airport
Sankt JakobKlagenfurt Airport
LainachSalzburg Airport
RangersdorfSalzburg Airport
LobersbergSalzburg Airport
LamnitzSalzburg Airport
PresseggerseeKlagenfurt Airport
WeinebeneGraz Airport
MillstaetterseeKlagenfurt Airport
Turracher HoeheKlagenfurt Airport
WinklKlagenfurt Airport
PasterkKlagenfurt Airport
Drazja vasKlagenfurt Airport
JugKlagenfurt Airport
KoblaKlagenfurt Airport
TravnikKlagenfurt Airport
KropivnaKlagenfurt Airport
DrasingKlagenfurt Airport
MauterndorfHinterstoisser Air Base
Prebl-BrunnenHinterstoisser Air Base
PlaggowitzHinterstoisser Air Base
Ober-GossenHinterstoisser Air Base
Unter-GossenHinterstoisser Air Base
HeftHinterstoisser Air Base
UnterwaldHinterstoisser Air Base
KraupingHinterstoisser Air Base
PabenbergHinterstoisser Air Base
AlplHinterstoisser Air Base
VeldenHinterstoisser Air Base
MayerhofenKlagenfurt Airport
CityNearest Airport
GulitzenKlagenfurt Airport
SchodendorfKlagenfurt Airport
GwerzKlagenfurt Airport
LangwiesenKlagenfurt Airport
WinklernKlagenfurt Airport
KrassnitzKlagenfurt Airport
KreuzenKlagenfurt Airport
LorenzenbergKlagenfurt Airport
EbenKlagenfurt Airport
RottensteinKlagenfurt Airport
HinterbuchholzKlagenfurt Airport
SonnleitenKlagenfurt Airport
TiebelKlagenfurt Airport
GrillenbergKlagenfurt Airport
Unter-EggenKlagenfurt Airport
Ober-EggenKlagenfurt Airport
Sirnitz-SonnseiteKlagenfurt Airport
Sirnitz-SchattseiteKlagenfurt Airport
HochrindlKlagenfurt Airport
BachKlagenfurt Airport
MittereggKlagenfurt Airport
BrenitzKlagenfurt Airport
SteindorfKlagenfurt Airport
RappitschKlagenfurt Airport
FlatschachKlagenfurt Airport
LindlKlagenfurt Airport
LeinigKlagenfurt Airport
SonnbergKlagenfurt Airport
PlanitzKlagenfurt Airport
OberortKlagenfurt Airport
KaidernKlagenfurt Airport
KerschdorfKlagenfurt Airport
RennwegKlagenfurt Airport
HofingKlagenfurt Airport
OberglanKlagenfurt Airport
Sankt RuprechtKlagenfurt Airport
SadinKlagenfurt Airport
GassarestKlagenfurt Airport
GrabenigKlagenfurt Airport
HardeggKlagenfurt Airport
FrauensteinKlagenfurt Airport
FobingKlagenfurt Airport
WimitzKlagenfurt Airport
BergwerksgrabenKlagenfurt Airport
RabachbodenKlagenfurt Airport
Sankt WillibaldKlagenfurt Airport
GarzernKlagenfurt Airport
UberfeldKlagenfurt Airport
SiebenaichKlagenfurt Airport
LiebenfelsKlagenfurt Airport