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This is an online tool to search airports in Idaho, US nearest to the entered place, city, town or village and display them on the map with their distances.
Both domestic/regional and international airports in Idaho, US with their IATA codes will be listed.
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Note: Data of all the airports in the Idaho, US may not be available or may not be accurate and distances are air distances.
Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in US for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
BoiseBoise Air Terminal/Gowen field
NampaBoise Air Terminal/Gowen field
Idaho FallsIdaho Falls Regional Airport
PocatelloPocatello Regional Airport
MeridianBoise Air Terminal/Gowen field
Twin FallsJoslin Field Magic Valley Regional Airport
Coeur d'AleneCoeur D'Alene - Pappy Boyington Field
CaldwellBoise Air Terminal/Gowen field
Lewiston OrchardsLewiston Nez Perce County Airport
LewistonLewiston Nez Perce County Airport
RexburgIdaho Falls Regional Airport
Post FallsCoeur D'Alene - Pappy Boyington Field
MoscowPullman Moscow Regional Airport
EagleBoise Air Terminal/Gowen field
HaydenCoeur D'Alene - Pappy Boyington Field
KunaBoise Air Terminal/Gowen field
Mountain HomeMountain Home Air Force Base
BlackfootPocatello Regional Airport
Garden CityBoise Air Terminal/Gowen field
AmmonIdaho Falls Regional Airport
ChubbuckPocatello Regional Airport
BurleyBurley Municipal Airport
JeromeJoslin Field Magic Valley Regional Airport
HaileyFriedman Memorial Airport
SandpointCoeur D'Alene - Pappy Boyington Field
PayetteBoise Air Terminal/Gowen field
EmmettBoise Air Terminal/Gowen field
RathdrumCoeur D'Alene - Pappy Boyington Field
WeiserBaker City Municipal Airport
RupertBurley Municipal Airport
PrestonLogan Cache Airport
FruitlandBoise Air Terminal/Gowen field
MiddletonBoise Air Terminal/Gowen field
BuhlJoslin Field Magic Valley Regional Airport
ShelleyIdaho Falls Regional Airport
American FallsPocatello Regional Airport
Saint AnthonyIdaho Falls Regional Airport
Fort HallPocatello Regional Airport
GoodingJoslin Field Magic Valley Regional Airport
Soda SpringsPocatello Regional Airport
KetchumFriedman Memorial Airport
OrofinoLewiston Nez Perce County Airport
GrangevilleLewiston Nez Perce County Airport
RigbyIdaho Falls Regional Airport
SalmonLemhi County Airport
KimberlyJoslin Field Magic Valley Regional Airport
HeyburnBurley Municipal Airport
Bonners FerryCoeur D'Alene - Pappy Boyington Field
HomedaleBoise Air Terminal/Gowen field
Saint MariesCoeur D'Alene - Pappy Boyington Field
CityNearest Airport
MontpelierLogan Cache Airport
StarBoise Air Terminal/Gowen field
WendellJoslin Field Magic Valley Regional Airport
Dalton GardensCoeur D'Alene - Pappy Boyington Field
BellevueFriedman Memorial Airport
KelloggCoeur D'Alene - Pappy Boyington Field
McCallMc Call Municipal Airport
Malad CityLogan Cache Airport
Priest RiverCoeur D'Alene - Pappy Boyington Field
AberdeenPocatello Regional Airport
ParmaBoise Air Terminal/Gowen field
FilerJoslin Field Magic Valley Regional Airport
PinehurstCoeur D'Alene - Pappy Boyington Field
ShoshoneJoslin Field Magic Valley Regional Airport
Spirit LakeCoeur D'Alene - Pappy Boyington Field
WilderBoise Air Terminal/Gowen field
Sun ValleyFriedman Memorial Airport
Glenns FerryMountain Home Air Force Base
Sugar CityIdaho Falls Regional Airport
OsburnCoeur D'Alene - Pappy Boyington Field
New PlymouthBoise Air Terminal/Gowen field
VictorJackson Hole Airport
IonaIdaho Falls Regional Airport
KamiahLewiston Nez Perce County Airport
DriggsJackson Hole Airport
AshtonYellowstone Airport
LapwaiLewiston Nez Perce County Airport
CottonwoodLewiston Nez Perce County Airport
MarsingBoise Air Terminal/Gowen field
ArcoFriedman Memorial Airport
HansenJoslin Field Magic Valley Regional Airport
UconIdaho Falls Regional Airport
PlummerCoeur D'Alene - Pappy Boyington Field
CascadeMc Call Municipal Airport
GracePocatello Regional Airport
PaulBurley Municipal Airport
GeneseeLewiston Nez Perce County Airport
GreenleafBoise Air Terminal/Gowen field
Horseshoe BendBoise Air Terminal/Gowen field
WallaceCoeur D'Alene - Pappy Boyington Field
ChallisLemhi County Airport
McCammonPocatello Regional Airport
TroyPullman Moscow Regional Airport
MullanCoeur D'Alene - Pappy Boyington Field
PotlatchPullman Moscow Regional Airport
CouncilMc Call Municipal Airport
PonderayCoeur D'Alene - Pappy Boyington Field
MenanIdaho Falls Regional Airport
HazeltonBurley Municipal Airport
HauserCoeur D'Alene - Pappy Boyington Field