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Note: Data of all the airports in the Seti Zone, Nepal may not be available or may not be accurate and distances are air distances.
Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Nepal for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
KathmanduTribhuvan International Airport
PatanTribhuvan International Airport
BiratnagarBiratnagar Airport
BirganjTribhuvan International Airport
Dharan BazarBiratnagar Airport
BharatpurPokhara Airport
JanakpurJanakpur Airport
DhangarhiNepalgunj Airport
ButwalBhairahawa Airport
MahendranagarNepalgunj Airport
HetaudaTribhuvan International Airport
BhaktapurTribhuvan International Airport
BhairahawaBhairahawa Airport
GulariyaNepalgunj Airport
IthariBiratnagar Airport
TikapurNepalgunj Airport
KirtipurTribhuvan International Airport
TulsipurNepalgunj Airport
RajbirajBiratnagar Airport
LahanJanakpur Airport
PanaotiTribhuvan International Airport
GaurJanakpur Airport
SirahaJanakpur Airport
JaleswarJanakpur Airport
BaglungPokhara Airport
KhandbariBiratnagar Airport
DhankutaBiratnagar Airport
WalingPokhara Airport
DailekhNepalgunj Airport
MalangwaJanakpur Airport
BhadrapurBiratnagar Airport
DadeldhuraNepalgunj Airport
DarchulaNepalgunj Airport
IlamBiratnagar Airport
BanepaTribhuvan International Airport
JumlaNepalgunj Airport
KohalpurNepalgunj Airport
KharkaTribhuvan International Airport
KanjerolbaPokhara Airport
GamgadhiNepalgunj Airport
GaighatBiratnagar Airport
DunaiPokhara Airport
DipayalNepalgunj Airport
DhadinbesiTribhuvan International Airport
BirendranagarNepalgunj Airport
BesisaharNepalgunj Airport
ThulobeshiPokhara Airport
SalyanNepalgunj Airport
SalleriJanakpur Airport
RanipauwaTribhuvan International Airport
CityNearest Airport
PathalaiyaTribhuvan International Airport
MuglinTribhuvan International Airport
NagarjunTribhuvan International Airport
MartadiNepalgunj Airport
LubhuTribhuvan International Airport
AchhamNepalgunj Airport
AisyalukharkaJanakpur Airport
AmardahaBiratnagar Airport
AmileNepalgunj Airport
AmlekhganjTribhuvan International Airport
AmraiaNepalgunj Airport
AndiaNepalgunj Airport
AndrauliPokhara Airport
AngbungBiratnagar Airport
ArghakotBhairahawa Airport
Arughat BazarTribhuvan International Airport
AsainaNepalgunj Airport
AtariaNepalgunj Airport
AthmauzaBiratnagar Airport
AthpaliNepalgunj Airport
AtrauliJanakpur Airport
AulgurtaNepalgunj Airport
BachhuwaNepalgunj Airport
BadiarpattiJanakpur Airport
BagarNepalgunj Airport
BagarNepalgunj Airport
BagarchhapPokhara Airport
BahadurganjBhairahawa Airport
BahasiNepalgunj Airport
BahrabiseTribhuvan International Airport
BaijnathpurwaNepalgunj Airport
BailikotNepalgunj Airport
BaindoliNepalgunj Airport
BairiaJanakpur Airport
BaitadiNepalgunj Airport
BajhangNepalgunj Airport
BajuraNepalgunj Airport
BakarkotNepalgunj Airport
Bakhri KharkaPokhara Airport
BalajuTribhuvan International Airport
BalapurNepalgunj Airport
BaldenggarhiBhairahawa Airport
BalkotBhairahawa Airport
BalmaNepalgunj Airport
BandadandiNepalgunj Airport
BandiNepalgunj Airport
BandichhapPokhara Airport
BandipurPokhara Airport
BaneswarTribhuvan International Airport
BangahiBhairahawa Airport
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