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This is an online tool to calculate the Distance and Flight Time between two airports in UK.
This distance will also be displayed on a web based map labeled as Airports Distance Map UK.
The distance between airports of UK is calculated in kilometers(kms), miles and nautical miles. Flight time between the airports from UK is also calculated.
UK Airports Distance and Flight Time Chart: For your quick reference, below is a Airports Distance Chart or Airports Distance Table of distances and flight time between some of the major airports in UK.
[Note: The distance between airports in UK distance chart below is the shortest earth surface distance between the two airports in UK calculated based on their latitudes and longitudes. This distance may be different from the actual flight travel distance.]

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Distance From AirportDistance To AirportDistance (mi)Flght Time (Hr)
London Heathrow Airport, London LHRManchester Airport, Manchester MAN150.871.27
London Heathrow Airport, London LHREdinburgh Airport, Edinburgh EDI331.51.58
London Heathrow Airport, London LHRGlasgow International Airport, Glasgow GLA344.671.61
London Gatwick Airport, London LGWEdinburgh Airport, Edinburgh EDI356.461.63
Manchester Airport, Manchester MANEdinburgh Airport, Edinburgh EDI184.661.33
London Heathrow Airport, London LHRNewcastle Airport, Newcastle NCL251.611.44
London Heathrow Airport, London LHRLeeds Bradford Airport, Leeds LBA172.941.31
London Gatwick Airport, London LGWGlasgow International Airport, Glasgow GLA369.841.65
Manchester Airport, Manchester MANGlasgow International Airport, Glasgow GLA194.211.34
London Gatwick Airport, London LGWNewcastle Airport, Newcastle NCL275.831.49
London Stansted Airport, London STNEdinburgh Airport, Edinburgh EDI316.81.56
Birmingham International Airport, Birmingham BHXEdinburgh Airport, Edinburgh EDI250.291.44
London Stansted Airport, London STNGlasgow International Airport, Glasgow GLA334.531.59
Edinburgh Airport, Edinburgh EDILondon Luton Airport, London LTN306.891.54
Birmingham International Airport, Birmingham BHXGlasgow International Airport, Glasgow GLA259.881.46
London Heathrow Airport, London LHRAberdeen Dyce Airport, Aberdeen ABZ402.071.71
Edinburgh Airport, Edinburgh EDIBristol Airport, Bristol BRS316.681.56
London Luton Airport, London LTNGlasgow International Airport, Glasgow GLA321.871.57
Edinburgh Airport, Edinburgh EDIEast Midlands Airport, Nottingham EMA230.621.41
Glasgow International Airport, Glasgow GLAEast Midlands Airport, Nottingham EMA244.421.43
Birmingham International Airport, Birmingham BHXNewcastle Airport, Newcastle NCL178.521.31
London Gatwick Airport, London LGWAberdeen Dyce Airport, Aberdeen ABZ426.011.75
Bristol Airport, Bristol BRSNewcastle Airport, Newcastle NCL256.061.45
Manchester Airport, Manchester MANAberdeen Dyce Airport, Aberdeen ABZ265.891.47
Glasgow International Airport, Glasgow GLALeeds Bradford Airport, Leeds LBA177.051.31
London Gatwick Airport, London LGWBelfast International Airport, Belfast BFS348.831.62
Manchester Airport, Manchester MANBelfast International Airport, Belfast BFS183.591.32
Manchester Airport, Manchester MANSouthampton Airport, Southampton SOU170.551.3
London Heathrow Airport, London LHRGeorge Best Belfast City Airport, Belfast BHD312.561.55
Edinburgh Airport, Edinburgh EDILondon City Airport, London LCY337.441.6
Glasgow International Airport, Glasgow GLALondon City Airport, London LCY353.011.62
Manchester Airport, Manchester MANExeter International Airport, Exeter EXT187.321.33
London Gatwick Airport, London LGWGeorge Best Belfast City Airport, Belfast BHD336.841.59
London Stansted Airport, London STNBelfast International Airport, Belfast BFS328.021.58
Birmingham International Airport, Birmingham BHXAberdeen Dyce Airport, Aberdeen ABZ328.531.58
Manchester Airport, Manchester MANGeorge Best Belfast City Airport, Belfast BHD170.231.3
London Luton Airport, London LTNAberdeen Dyce Airport, Aberdeen ABZ375.251.66
Birmingham International Airport, Birmingham BHXBelfast International Airport, Belfast BFS238.251.42
Bristol Airport, Bristol BRSAberdeen Dyce Airport, Aberdeen ABZ402.591.71
Edinburgh Airport, Edinburgh EDIBelfast International Airport, Belfast BFS143.081.25
East Midlands Airport, Nottingham EMAAberdeen Dyce Airport, Aberdeen ABZ303.931.54
London Luton Airport, London LTNBelfast International Airport, Belfast BFS308.621.54
Newcastle Airport, Newcastle NCLAberdeen Dyce Airport, Aberdeen ABZ150.81.27
Edinburgh Airport, Edinburgh EDISouthampton Airport, Southampton SOU355.211.63
Leeds Bradford Airport, Leeds LBAAberdeen Dyce Airport, Aberdeen ABZ231.441.41
Bristol Airport, Bristol BRSBelfast International Airport, Belfast BFS268.831.47
Glasgow International Airport, Glasgow GLABelfast International Airport, Belfast BFS109.381.19
Edinburgh Airport, Edinburgh EDICardiff International Airport, Cardiff CWL314.591.55
Glasgow International Airport, Glasgow GLASouthampton Airport, Southampton SOU362.781.64
Newcastle Airport, Newcastle NCLBelfast International Airport, Belfast BFS181.841.32
Glasgow International Airport, Glasgow GLACardiff International Airport, Cardiff CWL312.391.55
London City Airport, London LCYAberdeen Dyce Airport, Aberdeen ABZ403.841.71
London Gatwick Airport, London LGWInverness Airport, Inverness INV468.111.83
Newcastle Airport, Newcastle NCLSouthampton Airport, Southampton SOU282.731.5
Leeds Bradford Airport, Leeds LBASouthampton Airport, Southampton SOU201.841.36
Newcastle Airport, Newcastle NCLCardiff International Airport, Cardiff CWL260.641.46
Edinburgh Airport, Edinburgh EDIExeter International Airport, Exeter EXT360.351.64
Manchester Airport, Manchester MANInverness Airport, Inverness INV297.61.52
Liverpool John Lennon Airport, Liverpool LPLBelfast International Airport, Belfast BFS164.461.29
Manchester Airport, Manchester MANNorwich International Airport, Norwich NWI155.11.27
Birmingham International Airport, Birmingham BHXGeorge Best Belfast City Airport, Belfast BHD225.851.4
Glasgow International Airport, Glasgow GLAExeter International Airport, Exeter EXT357.421.63
Edinburgh Airport, Edinburgh EDIGeorge Best Belfast City Airport, Belfast BHD134.681.24
Glasgow International Airport, Glasgow GLAGeorge Best Belfast City Airport, Belfast BHD103.521.18
East Midlands Airport, Nottingham EMAGeorge Best Belfast City Airport, Belfast BHD222.991.39
Newcastle Airport, Newcastle NCLGeorge Best Belfast City Airport, Belfast BHD168.871.3
London Gatwick Airport, London LGWNewquay Cornwall Airport, Newquay NQY215.431.38
Leeds Bradford Airport, Leeds LBAGeorge Best Belfast City Airport, Belfast BHD177.781.31
Manchester Airport, Manchester MANNewquay Cornwall Airport, Newquay NQY232.251.41
Edinburgh Airport, Edinburgh EDISouthend Airport, Southend SEN3451.61
Birmingham International Airport, Birmingham BHXInverness Airport, Inverness INV363.141.64
Edinburgh Airport, Edinburgh EDIKirkwall Airport, Orkney Islands KOI208.531.37
London Luton Airport, London LTNInverness Airport, Inverness INV418.071.74
Aberdeen Dyce Airport, Aberdeen ABZGeorge Best Belfast City Airport, Belfast BHD228.231.4
Edinburgh Airport, Edinburgh EDINorwich International Airport, Norwich NWI293.771.52
Bristol Airport, Bristol BRSInverness Airport, Inverness INV428.891.76
Glasgow International Airport, Glasgow GLAKirkwall Airport, Orkney Islands KOI220.641.39
Southampton Airport, Southampton SOUGeorge Best Belfast City Airport, Belfast BHD315.811.56
Cardiff International Airport, Cardiff CWLGeorge Best Belfast City Airport, Belfast BHD246.111.43
Exeter International Airport, Exeter EXTGeorge Best Belfast City Airport, Belfast BHD287.371.51
London Stansted Airport, London STNCity of Derry Airport, Derry LDY374.041.66
Birmingham International Airport, Birmingham BHXCity of Derry Airport, Derry LDY284.291.5
Edinburgh Airport, Edinburgh EDISumburgh Airport, Lerwick LSI281.911.5
Edinburgh Airport, Edinburgh EDIStornoway Airport, Stornoway SYY191.91.34
Aberdeen Dyce Airport, Aberdeen ABZKirkwall Airport, Orkney Islands KOI124.031.22
Glasgow International Airport, Glasgow GLAStornoway Airport, Stornoway SYY176.931.31
Glasgow International Airport, Glasgow GLASumburgh Airport, Lerwick LSI299.81.53
Aberdeen Dyce Airport, Aberdeen ABZNorwich International Airport, Norwich NWI341.751.6
George Best Belfast City Airport, Belfast BHDInverness Airport, Inverness INV213.931.38
Liverpool John Lennon Airport, Liverpool LPLCity of Derry Airport, Derry LDY210.471.37
Edinburgh Airport, Edinburgh EDIWick Airport, Wick WIC173.651.31
Aberdeen Dyce Airport, Aberdeen ABZSumburgh Airport, Lerwick LSI187.791.33
Aberdeen Dyce Airport, Aberdeen ABZStornoway Airport, Stornoway SYY167.831.3
Aberdeen Dyce Airport, Aberdeen ABZHumberside Airport, Grimsby HUY260.871.46
Glasgow International Airport, Glasgow GLABenbecula Airport, Balivanich BEB157.221.28
Bristol Airport, Bristol BRSHawarden Airport, Hawarden CEG124.521.22
Exeter International Airport, Exeter EXTNewquay Cornwall Airport, Newquay NQY72.281.13
London Stansted Airport, London STNDundee Airport, Dundee DND341.921.6
Aberdeen Dyce Airport, Aberdeen ABZDurham Tees Valley Airport, Durham MME188.411.33
Glasgow Prestwick Airport, Glasgow PIKCity of Derry Airport, Derry LDY106.321.19