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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Togo for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
Lome(Maritime)Lomé-Tokoin Airport
Sokode(Centrale)Niamtougou International Airport
Kara(Kara)Niamtougou International Airport
KpalimeLomé-Tokoin Airport
Atakpame(Plateaux)Lomé-Tokoin Airport
BassarNiamtougou International Airport
TsevieLomé-Tokoin Airport
AnehoLomé-Tokoin Airport
Sansanne-Mango(Savanes)Niamtougou International Airport
Dapaong(Savanes)Niamtougou International Airport
TchambaNiamtougou International Airport
Niamtougou(Kara)Niamtougou International Airport
BafiloNiamtougou International Airport
NotseLomé-Tokoin Airport
SotoubouaNiamtougou International Airport
VoganLomé-Tokoin Airport
BadouLomé-Tokoin Airport
TabligboLomé-Tokoin Airport
Kande(Kara)Niamtougou International Airport
AmlameLomé-Tokoin Airport
Pagouda(Kara)Niamtougou International Airport
AfangbedjiLomé-Tokoin Airport
SohouLomé-Tokoin Airport
AdjakoveLomé-Tokoin Airport
GbouameLomé-Tokoin Airport
KosiLomé-Tokoin Airport
AgbedinouLomé-Tokoin Airport
AdjivonLomé-Tokoin Airport
Sagbado LogoteLomé-Tokoin Airport
KpesoudjiLomé-Tokoin Airport
AzakopeLomé-Tokoin Airport
KagaveLomé-Tokoin Airport
SakaniLomé-Tokoin Airport
AsatoLomé-Tokoin Airport
DavoLomé-Tokoin Airport
Adido GomeLomé-Tokoin Airport
PasraLomé-Tokoin Airport
MyesoLomé-Tokoin Airport
Agbo AkounouLomé-Tokoin Airport
DzokyasiLomé-Tokoin Airport
AgbemenyaLomé-Tokoin Airport
Yokoe KopeganLomé-Tokoin Airport
MesanLomé-Tokoin Airport
Atigan KopeLomé-Tokoin Airport
AsinyoLomé-Tokoin Airport
AmouadranyiLomé-Tokoin Airport
ZohounLomé-Tokoin Airport
AgbobaLomé-Tokoin Airport
WatiLomé-Tokoin Airport
KounyoLomé-Tokoin Airport
CityNearest Airport
GbogbaLomé-Tokoin Airport
AgbavitoLomé-Tokoin Airport
GbologanLomé-Tokoin Airport
AzizaLomé-Tokoin Airport
TchokpoLomé-Tokoin Airport
AgbotameLomé-Tokoin Airport
Ayi KopeLomé-Tokoin Airport
AdekploviLomé-Tokoin Airport
DjeremeganLomé-Tokoin Airport
SagbadoLomé-Tokoin Airport
GaviLomé-Tokoin Airport
DjanyipemeLomé-Tokoin Airport
AzabenyonLomé-Tokoin Airport
AgbetchafanLomé-Tokoin Airport
MikbondjiLomé-Tokoin Airport
NegloLomé-Tokoin Airport
GbonveLomé-Tokoin Airport
AdjaviLomé-Tokoin Airport
OdomegloLomé-Tokoin Airport
KlougaLomé-Tokoin Airport
AouyaLomé-Tokoin Airport
NomanyonLomé-Tokoin Airport
AgbezoudoLomé-Tokoin Airport
MidjaLomé-Tokoin Airport
KpetiLomé-Tokoin Airport
KpotiLomé-Tokoin Airport
GozaLomé-Tokoin Airport
AzongoLomé-Tokoin Airport
TokplezoLomé-Tokoin Airport
AglagoLomé-Tokoin Airport
AmegloLomé-Tokoin Airport
AloeLomé-Tokoin Airport
NyanouLomé-Tokoin Airport
BlaLomé-Tokoin Airport
MlaganiLomé-Tokoin Airport
AmouLomé-Tokoin Airport
KpatefiLomé-Tokoin Airport
DjamlaLomé-Tokoin Airport
DoviLomé-Tokoin Airport
ZyonLomé-Tokoin Airport
AvedjiLomé-Tokoin Airport
Avedji AnyigbeLomé-Tokoin Airport
TiglikpoLomé-Tokoin Airport
AgbakouLomé-Tokoin Airport
DjakaLomé-Tokoin Airport
AmenyagloLomé-Tokoin Airport
YovokopeLomé-Tokoin Airport
DjamesiLomé-Tokoin Airport
Ba KopeLomé-Tokoin Airport
HonkopeLomé-Tokoin Airport
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