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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Syria for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
Aleppo(Halab)Aleppo International Airport
Damascus(Dimashq)Damascus International Airport
Hims(Hims)Al Qusayr Air Base
Hamah(Hamah)Al Qusayr Air Base
Latakia(Al Ladhiqiyah)Bassel Al-Assad International Airport
Dayr az Zawr(Dayr az Zawr)Deir ez-Zor Airport
Ar Raqqah(Ar Raqqah)Deir ez-Zor Airport
Al Bab(Halab)Aleppo International Airport
Idlib(Idlib)Abu ad Duhur Air Base
Duma(Rif Dimashq)Damascus International Airport
As Safirah(Halab)Aleppo International Airport
Salamiyah(Hamah)Al Qusayr Air Base
Tartus(Tartus)Bassel Al-Assad International Airport
Ath Thawrah(Ar Raqqah)Aleppo International Airport
Al Hasakah(Al Hasakah)Kamishly Airport
Darayya(Dimashq)Damascus International Airport
Manbij(Halab)Aleppo International Airport
Jablah(Al Ladhiqiyah)Bassel Al-Assad International Airport
As Suwayda'(As Suwayda')Khalkhalah Air Base
Abu Kamal(Dayr az Zawr)Deir ez-Zor Airport
At Tall(Rif Dimashq)Damascus International Airport
Al Mayadin(Dayr az Zawr)Deir ez-Zor Airport
Ar Rastan(Hims)Al Qusayr Air Base
Tadmur(Hims)Palmyra Airport
An Nabk(Rif Dimashq)An Nasiriyah Air Base
Khan Shaykhun(Idlib)Abu ad Duhur Air Base
`Afrin(Halab)Aleppo International Airport
`Irbin(Dimashq)Damascus International Airport
Al Qusayr(Hims)Al Qusayr Air Base
Yabrud(Rif Dimashq)An Nasiriyah Air Base
Jisr ash Shughur(Idlib)Bassel Al-Assad International Airport
Baniyas(Tartus)Bassel Al-Assad International Airport
Talbisah(Hims)Al Qusayr Air Base
Harasta al Basal(Rif Dimashq)Damascus International Airport
Al Qunaytirah(Al Qunaytirah)Khalkhalah Air Base
Tadif(Halab)Aleppo International Airport
Saraqib(Idlib)Abu ad Duhur Air Base
Jayrud(Rif Dimashq)An Nasiriyah Air Base
Masyaf(Hamah)Bassel Al-Assad International Airport
Ma`arrat Misrin(Idlib)Abu ad Duhur Air Base
Al Qaryatayn(Hims)An Nasiriyah Air Base
Salqin(Idlib)Aleppo International Airport
Tafas(Dar`a)Khalkhalah Air Base
Suran(Hamah)Abu ad Duhur Air Base
Binnish(Idlib)Abu ad Duhur Air Base
Qasim(Dar`a)Khalkhalah Air Base
Tall Kalakh(Hims)Al Qusayr Air Base
Az Zabadani(Rif Dimashq)Damascus International Airport
Tayyibat al Imam(Hamah)Abu ad Duhur Air Base
Hajin(Dayr az Zawr)Deir ez-Zor Airport
CityNearest Airport
Inkhil(Dar`a)Khalkhalah Air Base
Dayr Hafir(Halab)Aleppo International Airport
Safita(Tartus)Al Qusayr Air Base
Shaykh Miskin(Dar`a)Khalkhalah Air Base
As Sanamayn(Dar`a)Khalkhalah Air Base
Tall Rif`at(Halab)Aleppo International Airport
Nubl(Halab)Aleppo International Airport
Subaykhan(Dayr az Zawr)Deir ez-Zor Airport
Jarabulus(Halab)Aleppo International Airport
Kafr Nabl(Idlib)Abu ad Duhur Air Base
Al Harak(Dar`a)Khalkhalah Air Base
Al Kiswah(Rif Dimashq)Damascus International Airport
Halfaya(Hamah)Bassel Al-Assad International Airport
Kafr Takharim(Idlib)Aleppo International Airport
Ad Dana(Idlib)Aleppo International Airport
Kafr Zayta(Hamah)Bassel Al-Assad International Airport
Kafr Lahah(Hims)Al Qusayr Air Base
Darbasiyah(Al Hasakah)Kamishly Airport
Qarah(Rif Dimashq)An Nasiriyah Air Base
Qatana(Rif Dimashq)Damascus International Airport
Al Qutayfah(Rif Dimashq)An Nasiriyah Air Base
Shahba'(As Suwayda')Khalkhalah Air Base
Izra`(Dar`a)Khalkhalah Air Base
Salakhid(As Suwayda')Khalkhalah Air Base
Duraykish(Tartus)Al Qusayr Air Base
Mukharram al Fawqani(Hims)Al Qusayr Air Base
Al Bilat(Hims)Palmyra Airport
Al Qaddahat(Hims)Palmyra Airport
Ad Daw(Hims)Palmyra Airport
Madinah(Al Hasakah)Deir ez-Zor Airport
Hawijah(Al Hasakah)Kamishly Airport
Al Ujrush(Al Hasakah)Kamishly Airport
Sa`dah(Al Hasakah)Kamishly Airport
Abar al `Umi(Hims)Palmyra Airport
Khara'ib Tadmur(Hims)Palmyra Airport
Al Muqassam(Hims)Palmyra Airport
Ard Mudaysis(Hims)Palmyra Airport
Urtuwazi al Badi(Hims)Palmyra Airport
Urtuwazi al Kulayb(Hims)Palmyra Airport
Al Qulayb(Hims)Palmyra Airport
Rujm al Qali(Hims)Palmyra Airport
Biyarat Jum`at al Mutlaq(Hims)Palmyra Airport
Biyarat Muhammad Butman(Hims)Palmyra Airport
Khirbat Ibrahim al Mur`il(Hims)Palmyra Airport
Al Mustadirah(Hims)Palmyra Airport
Tur`at `Abirah(Hims)Palmyra Airport
Abu Qir(Al Hasakah)Kamishly Airport
Kur as Sufr(Hims)Palmyra Airport
Tulayfah(Al Hasakah)Kamishly Airport
Al Batra'(Al Hasakah)Kamishly Airport