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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Slovenia for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
Ljubljana(Ljubljana)Ljubljana Jože Pu?nik Airport
Maribor(Lendava [historical])Maribor Airport
Celje(Lendava [historical])Maribor Airport
Kranj(Lendava [historical])Ljubljana Jože Pu?nik Airport
Velenje(Lendava [historical])Maribor Airport
Koper(Lendava [historical])Portoroz Airport
Novo Mesto(Lendava [historical])Cerklje Airport
Ptuj(Lendava [historical])Maribor Airport
Trbovlje(Lendava [historical])Cerklje Airport
Nova Gorica(Lendava [historical])Portoroz Airport
Kamnik(Lendava [historical])Ljubljana Jože Pu?nik Airport
Jesenice(Lendava [historical])Ljubljana Jože Pu?nik Airport
Murska Sobota(Lendava [historical])Maribor Airport
Skofja Loka(Lendava [historical])Ljubljana Jože Pu?nik Airport
Domzale(Lendava [historical])Ljubljana Jože Pu?nik Airport
Izola(Lendava [historical])Portoroz Airport
Kocevje(Lendava [historical])Cerklje Airport
Postojna(Lendava [historical])Ljubljana Jože Pu?nik Airport
Logatec(Lendava [historical])Ljubljana Jože Pu?nik Airport
Slovenj Gradec(Lendava [historical])Maribor Airport
Ravne(Lendava [historical])Cerklje Airport
Vrhnika(Lendava [historical])Ljubljana Jože Pu?nik Airport
Krsko(Lendava [historical])Cerklje Airport
Zagorje ob Savi(Lendava [historical])Ljubljana Jože Pu?nik Airport
Slovenska Bistrica(Lendava [historical])Maribor Airport
Ajdovscina(Lendava [historical])Portoroz Airport
Litija(Lendava [historical])Ljubljana Jože Pu?nik Airport
Brezice(Lendava [historical])Cerklje Airport
Grosuplje(Lendava [historical])Ljubljana Jože Pu?nik Airport
Lucija(Lendava [historical])Portoroz Airport
Radovljica(Lendava [historical])Ljubljana Jože Pu?nik Airport
Crnomelj(Lendava [historical])Cerklje Airport
Hrastnik(Lendava [historical])Cerklje Airport
Idrija(Lendava [historical])Ljubljana Jože Pu?nik Airport
Menges(Lendava [historical])Ljubljana Jože Pu?nik Airport
Bled(Lendava [historical])Ljubljana Jože Pu?nik Airport
Medvode(Lendava [historical])Ljubljana Jože Pu?nik Airport
Zalec(Lendava [historical])Maribor Airport
Ilirska Bistrica(Lendava [historical])Portoroz Airport
Sevnica(Lendava [historical])Cerklje Airport
Slovenske Konjice(Lendava [historical])Maribor Airport
Sezana(Lendava [historical])Portoroz Airport
Rogaska Slatina(Lendava [historical])Maribor Airport
Sentjur(Lendava [historical])Maribor Airport
Ruse(Lendava [historical])Maribor Airport
Prevalje(Lendava [historical])Ljubljana Jože Pu?nik Airport
Piran(Lendava [historical])Portoroz Airport
Trzic(Lendava [historical])Ljubljana Jože Pu?nik Airport
Sempeter pri Gorici(Lendava [historical])Portoroz Airport
Miklavz na Dravskem Polju(Lendava [historical])Maribor Airport
CityNearest Airport
Tolmin(Lendava [historical])Ljubljana Jože Pu?nik Airport
Ziri(Lendava [historical])Ljubljana Jože Pu?nik Airport
Cerknica(Lendava [historical])Ljubljana Jože Pu?nik Airport
Ribnica(Lendava [historical])Ljubljana Jože Pu?nik Airport
Mezica(Lendava [historical])Ljubljana Jože Pu?nik Airport
Trzin(Lendava [historical])Ljubljana Jože Pu?nik Airport
Lasko(Lendava [historical])Cerklje Airport
Ljutomer(Lendava [historical])Maribor Airport
Dravograd(Lendava [historical])Maribor Airport
Lendava(Lendava [historical])Maribor Airport
Solkan(Lendava [historical])Portoroz Airport
Metlika(Lendava [historical])Cerklje Airport
Gornja Radgona(Lendava [historical])Maribor Airport
Zelezniki(Lendava [historical])Ljubljana Jože Pu?nik Airport
Trebnje(Lendava [historical])Cerklje Airport
Vir pri Sticni(Lendava [historical])Ljubljana Jože Pu?nik Airport
Ankaran(Lendava [historical])Portoroz Airport
Zrece(Lendava [historical])Maribor Airport
Lesce(Lendava [historical])Ljubljana Jože Pu?nik Airport
Sostanj(Lendava [historical])Ljubljana Jože Pu?nik Airport
Portoroz(Lendava [historical])Portoroz Airport
Sencur(Lendava [historical])Ljubljana Jože Pu?nik Airport
Radlje ob Dravi(Lendava [historical])Maribor Airport
Lenart v Slovenskih Goricah(Lendava [historical])Maribor Airport
Muta(Lendava [historical])Maribor Airport
Senovo(Lendava [historical])Cerklje Airport
Vrtojba(Lendava [historical])Portoroz Airport
Polzela(Lendava [historical])Ljubljana Jože Pu?nik Airport
Crna na Koroskem(Lendava [historical])Maribor Airport
Brezovica(Lendava [historical])Ljubljana Jože Pu?nik Airport
Radece(Lendava [historical])Cerklje Airport
Beltinci(Lendava [historical])Maribor Airport
Race(Lendava [historical])Maribor Airport
Koroska-Bela(Lendava [historical])Ljubljana Jože Pu?nik Airport
Ormoz(Lendava [historical])Maribor Airport
Radenci(Lendava [historical])Maribor Airport
Jagodje(Lendava [historical])Portoroz Airport
Borovnica(Lendava [historical])Ljubljana Jože Pu?nik Airport
Spodnje Hoce(Lendava [historical])Maribor Airport
Ig(Lendava [historical])Ljubljana Jože Pu?nik Airport
Pivka(Lendava [historical])Portoroz Airport
Lovrenc na Pohorju(Lendava [historical])Maribor Airport
Limbus(Lendava [historical])Maribor Airport
Straza(Lendava [historical])Cerklje Airport
Skofljica(Lendava [historical])Ljubljana Jože Pu?nik Airport
Rakek(Lendava [historical])Ljubljana Jože Pu?nik Airport
Vojnik(Lendava [historical])Maribor Airport
Mozirje(Lendava [historical])Ljubljana Jože Pu?nik Airport
Sempeter v Savinjski Dolini(Lendava [historical])Maribor Airport
Store(Lendava [historical])Cerklje Airport
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