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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Slovakia for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
Bratislava(Bratislavsky)M. R. Štefánik Airport
Kosice(Kosicky)Košice Airport
Presov(Presovsky)Košice Airport
Nitra(Nitriansky)Pieš?any Airport
Zilina(Zilinsky)Žilina Airport
Banska Bystrica(Banskobystricky)Slia? Airport
Trnava(Trnavsky)Pieš?any Airport
MartinŽilina Airport
Trencin(Trenciansky)Tren?ín Air Base
Poprad(Presovsky)Poprad-Tatry Airport
PrievidzaSlia? Airport
ZvolenSlia? Airport
Povazska BystricaŽilina Airport
Nove ZamkyM. R. Štefánik Airport
MichalovceKošice Airport
Spisska Nova Ves(Kosicky)Poprad-Tatry Airport
LeviceSlia? Airport
KomarnoM. R. Štefánik Airport
HumenneKošice Airport
BardejovKošice Airport
Liptovsky MikulasPoprad-Tatry Airport
RuzomberokSlia? Airport
LucenecSlia? Airport
CadcaŽilina Airport
Dubnica nad VahomTren?ín Air Base
Rimavska SobotaSlia? Airport
Sal'aM. R. Štefánik Airport
PartizanskeTren?ín Air Base
HlohovecPieš?any Airport
Dunajska StredaM. R. Štefánik Airport
Vranov nad Topl'ouKošice Airport
BreznoSlia? Airport
TrebisovKošice Airport
SninaKošice Airport
SenicaPieš?any Airport
Nove Mesto nad VahomPieš?any Airport
Kezmarok(Presovsky)Poprad-Tatry Airport
PezinokM. R. Štefánik Airport
Banovce nad BebravouTren?ín Air Base
Dolny KubinŽilina Airport
Ziar nad HronomSlia? Airport
RoznavaPoprad-Tatry Airport
PuchovŽilina Airport
HandlovaSlia? Airport
MalackyKuchy?a Air Base
Kysucke Nove MestoŽilina Airport
GalantaM. R. Štefánik Airport
Zlate MoravcePieš?any Airport
SkalicaPieš?any Airport
SenecM. R. Štefánik Airport
CityNearest Airport
RevucaPoprad-Tatry Airport
MyjavaPieš?any Airport
SvidnikKošice Airport
Nova DubnicaTren?ín Air Base
SabinovKošice Airport
SamorinM. R. Štefánik Airport
SturovoSlia? Airport
BytcaŽilina Airport
HolicKuchy?a Air Base
Banska StiavnicaSlia? Airport
StropkovKošice Airport
KolarovoM. R. Štefánik Airport
SuranyPieš?any Airport
Stara TuraPieš?any Airport
Fil'akovoSlia? Airport
TvrdosinPoprad-Tatry Airport
Moldava nad BodvouKošice Airport
VrablePieš?any Airport
Vel'ky MederM. R. Štefánik Airport
Krompachy(Kosicky)Košice Airport
ModraKuchy?a Air Base
HrinovaSlia? Airport
Liptovsky HradokPoprad-Tatry Airport
HurbanovoM. R. Štefánik Airport
NamestovoPoprad-Tatry Airport
StupavaKuchy?a Air Base
SahySlia? Airport
ChlmecKošice Airport
KrupinaSlia? Airport
TurzovkaŽilina Airport
SecovceKošice Airport
ZeliezovceSlia? Airport
Nova BanaSlia? Airport
TrstenaPoprad-Tatry Airport
SvitPoprad-Tatry Airport
VrutkyŽilina Airport
MedzilaborceKošice Airport
ZarnovicaSlia? Airport
GelnicaKošice Airport
RajecŽilina Airport
SobranceKošice Airport
VrbovePieš?any Airport
Spisska BelaPoprad-Tatry Airport
NemsovaTren?ín Air Base
LipanyPoprad-Tatry Airport
PoltarSlia? Airport
SladkovicovoM. R. Štefánik Airport
KremnicaSlia? Airport
Brezova pod BradlomPieš?any Airport
IlavaTren?ín Air Base
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