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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Singapore for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
SingaporePaya Lebar Air Base
Tampines New TownPaya Lebar Air Base
Kampong MelayuSingapore Changi International Airport
Tanglin HaltTengah Air Base
Kampong Mandai KechilSembawang Air Base
Kampong MamamSingapore Changi International Airport
Kampong Mak BaokTengah Air Base
Kampong LoyangSingapore Changi International Airport
Kampong Lew LianPaya Lebar Air Base
Kampong LadangChangi Air Base
Kampong LadangPaya Lebar Air Base
Kampong KuchaiPaya Lebar Air Base
Kampong KranjiTengah Air Base
Kampong KopitPaya Lebar Air Base
Kampong KitinSeletar Airport
Kampong KembanganPaya Lebar Air Base
Kampong Kebun BaharuPaya Lebar Air Base
Kampong JelutongSingapore Changi International Airport
Kampong Java TebanTengah Air Base
Kampong JagohPaya Lebar Air Base
Kampong Hock SoonPaya Lebar Air Base
Kampong EunosPaya Lebar Air Base
Kampong CutforthTengah Air Base
Kampong Che JevahSingapore Changi International Airport
Kampong Chantek BaharuSembawang Air Base
Kampong ChangiSingapore Changi International Airport
Kampong Chai CheePaya Lebar Air Base
Kampong Bukit PanjangTengah Air Base
Kampong BugisPaya Lebar Air Base
Bukit Sembawang EstatePaya Lebar Air Base
Kampong BugisSingapore Changi International Airport
Kampong BugisTengah Air Base
SerangoonPaya Lebar Air Base
Kampong BlukangTengah Air Base
KangkarPaya Lebar Air Base
Kampong BerembanPaya Lebar Air Base
Kampong BerehTengah Air Base
Kampong BelimbingTengah Air Base
Kampong Batu KoyokChangi Air Base
Kampong BahruSingapore Changi International Airport
Kampong BaharuTengah Air Base
Kampong Ayer Samak DaratChangi Air Base
Xilin EstateSingapore Changi International Airport
Kampong Ayer SamakChangi Air Base
Yishun New TownSembawang Air Base
Kampong Ayer MerbauTengah Air Base
Kampong Ayer LimauTengah Air Base
Kampong Ayer GemuruhSingapore Changi International Airport
Kampong Ayer BajauTengah Air Base
Kampong Amoy QueeSeletar Airport
CityNearest Airport
Kampong AmberPaya Lebar Air Base
KalangPaya Lebar Air Base
Ayer Raja New TownTengah Air Base
Jalan KayuSeletar Airport
Bishan New TownPaya Lebar Air Base
Island View EstateTengah Air Base
Bukit Batok New TownTengah Air Base
Goldhill GardensPaya Lebar Air Base
Choa Chu Kang New TownTengah Air Base
Bukit Ho Swee EstatePaya Lebar Air Base
Watten EstateSembawang Air Base
Hillcrest ParkSembawang Air Base
Hun YeangPaya Lebar Air Base
Lucky ParkSembawang Air Base
Hume HeightsTengah Air Base
Brizay ParkTengah Air Base
Huat ChoeTengah Air Base
Ban Guan ParkTengah Air Base
Shamrock ParkSembawang Air Base
Coronation GardensSembawang Air Base
Hong Kong ParkSembawang Air Base
Rebecca ParkSembawang Air Base
Hong KahTengah Air Base
Holland VillageTengah Air Base
Holland Grove ParkTengah Air Base
Pandan ValleyTengah Air Base
Eng Khong GardensTengah Air Base
Hong Leong GardenTengah Air Base
Faber HillsTengah Air Base
Sussex EstateTengah Air Base
Heap Guan VillagePaya Lebar Air Base
Ghim MohTengah Air Base
Chinese GardensSembawang Air Base
Chip Hock GardenPaya Lebar Air Base
Sommerville EstateSembawang Air Base
Kimlin ParkPaya Lebar Air Base
Henderson EstatePaya Lebar Air Base
Dragon View ParkPaya Lebar Air Base
Delta EstatePaya Lebar Air Base
Geylang SeraiPaya Lebar Air Base
Hougang New TownPaya Lebar Air Base
York Hill EstatePaya Lebar Air Base
Kampong Silat EstatePaya Lebar Air Base
Mount Emily ParkPaya Lebar Air Base
Kam Wak HassanSembawang Air Base
Jurong East New TownTengah Air Base
People's ParkPaya Lebar Air Base
Jurong TownTengah Air Base
Fuyong EstateTengah Air Base
Frankel EstatePaya Lebar Air Base
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