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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Saudi Arabia for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
Riyadh(Ar Riyad)Riyadh Air Base
Jiddah(Makkah)King Abdulaziz International Airport
Mecca(Makkah)King Faisal Naval Base
Medina(Al Madinah)Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Airport
Sultanah(Al Madinah)Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Airport
Ad Dammam(Ash Sharqiyah)King Abdulaziz Air Base
At Ta'if(Makkah)Taif Airport
Tabuk(Tabuk)Tabuk Airport
BuraydahGassim Airport
Khamis MushaytKing Khaled Air Base
Al HufufAl Ahsa Airport
Al MubarrazAl Ahsa Airport
NajranNejran Airport
Al Jubayl(Ash Sharqiyah)Jubail Airport
AbhaAbha Regional Airport
Yanbu` al Bahr(Al Madinah)Yenbo Airport
`Ar`ar(Al Hudud ash Shamaliyah)Arar Domestic Airport
SakakaAl-Jawf Domestic Airport
Jizan(Jizan)Jizan Regional Airport
Al Qurayyat(Al Jawf)Guriat Domestic Airport
Dhahran(Ash Sharqiyah)King Abdulaziz Air Base
Al QatifRas Tanura Airport
Al BahahAl Baha Airport
TarutRas Tanura Airport
Qal`at BishahBisha Airport
Ar RassGassim Airport
Sayhat(Ash Sharqiyah)King Fahd International Airport
Al Khafji(Ash Sharqiyah)Ras Mishab Airport
Ad DawadimiDawadmi Domestic Airport
SabyaJizan Regional Airport
Az ZulfiGassim Airport
Abu `Arish(Jizan)Jizan Regional Airport
Safwa(Ash Sharqiyah)Ras Tanura Airport
Rabigh(Makkah)King Abdulaziz International Airport
Rahimah(Ash Sharqiyah)Ras Tanura Airport
TurayfTuraif Domestic Airport
`AfifPrince Salman Bin Abdulaziz Airport
TubarjalGuriat Domestic Airport
Ad Dilam(Ar Riyad)Prince Sultan Air Base
Umm LajjYenbo Airport
AbqaiqKing Abdulaziz Air Base
Badr Hunayn(Al Madinah)Yenbo Airport
Samitah(Jizan)Jizan Regional Airport
Al Wajh(Tabuk)Al Wajh Domestic Airport
Al BukayriyahGassim Airport
An NimasBisha Airport
As Sulayyil(Ar Riyad)Wadi Al Dawasir Airport
Turabah(Makkah)Al Baha Airport
Al Jumum(Makkah)King Abdulaziz International Airport
At TarafAl Ahsa Airport
CityNearest Airport
Al QaysumahHafr Al Batin Airport
Al BattaliyahAl Ahsa Airport
Al MunayzilahAl Ahsa Airport
Al MajaridahBisha Airport
TanumahGassim Airport
Al QuraynAl Ahsa Airport
Umm as SahikRas Tanura Airport
SajirDawadmi Domestic Airport
Al AwjamKing Fahd International Airport
Farasan(Jizan)Jizan Regional Airport
Al MindakAl Baha Airport
Al Artawiyah(Ar Riyad)King Khaled Military City Airport
Al JubaylAl Ahsa Airport
Al QarahAl Ahsa Airport
MaratDawadmi Domestic Airport
Al JafrAl Ahsa Airport
SuwayrAl-Jawf Domestic Airport
Tumayr(Ar Riyad)King Khaled International Airport
At Tubi(Ash Sharqiyah)Ras Tanura Airport
Al Jaradiyah(Jizan)Jizan Regional Airport
Al Muwayh(Makkah)Taif Airport
As Saffaniyah(Ash Sharqiyah)Ras Tanajib Airport
Al Hada(Makkah)Taif Airport
Al MarkazAl Ahsa Airport
MasliyahJizan Regional Airport
Al MutayrifiAl Ahsa Airport
Mizhirah(Jizan)Jizan Regional Airport
Ad DarbAbha Regional Airport
JulayjilahAl Ahsa Airport
MulayjahRas Tanajib Airport
Al FuwayliqGassim Airport
TabalahBisha Airport
Hajrat al KhinbishKing Khaled Military City Airport
Al Faysaliyah(Makkah)King Faisal Naval Base
An Nafal(Ar Riyad)Riyadh Air Base
Al Wadi(Ar Riyad)Riyadh Air Base
Suq al Layl(Makkah)King Faisal Naval Base
Al Falah(Ar Riyad)Riyadh Air Base
Qartabah(Ar Riyad)Riyadh Air Base
Ghirnatah(Ar Riyad)Riyadh Air Base
Shi`b `Amir(Makkah)King Faisal Naval Base
Al Izdihar(Ar Riyad)Riyadh Air Base
Al Jummayzah(Makkah)King Faisal Naval Base
At Ta`awun(Ar Riyad)Riyadh Air Base
As Sulaymaniyah(Makkah)King Faisal Naval Base
Hayy al Malik `Abd al `Aziz(Ar Riyad)Riyadh Air Base
Al Qararah(Makkah)King Faisal Naval Base
Al Qushashiyah(Makkah)King Faisal Naval Base
Al Masif(Ar Riyad)Riyadh Air Base
Ajyad(Makkah)King Faisal Naval Base