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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Palau for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
MeyungsBabelthuap Airport
AiraiBabelthuap Airport
KloulklubedBabelthuap Airport
NgermechauBabelthuap Airport
MelekeokBabelthuap Airport
NgaramaschBabelthuap Airport
ImeongBabelthuap Airport
UlimangBabelthuap Airport
OlleiBabelthuap Airport
OikullBabelthuap Airport
NgetkibBabelthuap Airport
NgesangBabelthuap Airport
NgerutoiBabelthuap Airport
KororBabelthuap Airport
MedormBabelthuap Airport
MedalaiiBabelthuap Airport
NgatmelBabelthuap Airport
KoskaBabelthuap Airport
NgchemiangelBabelthuap Airport
LademisangBabelthuap Airport
MadarabaeBabelthuap Airport
NglasBabelthuap Airport
NgemerdangBabelthuap Airport
Btululachang ra RraiBabelthuap Airport
ArkamaisBabelthuap Airport
Ngeungel (historical)Babelthuap Airport
MedalaiiBabelthuap Airport
IlebeiBabelthuap Airport
NgkeklauBabelthuap Airport
BadrulchauBabelthuap Airport
MechangBabelthuap Airport
NgkebeduulBabelthuap Airport
KamaltanBabelthuap Airport
MengellangBabelthuap Airport
OngeuidelBabelthuap Airport
IyebukelBabelthuap Airport
MeketiiBabelthuap Airport
IebukelBabelthuap Airport
IungelBabelthuap Airport
DimesBabelthuap Airport
BeriberBabelthuap Airport
MeteolcholBabelthuap Airport
NgermidBabelthuap Airport
TngerongerBabelthuap Airport
BibiroiBabelthuap Airport
OgiilBabelthuap Airport
NgriilBabelthuap Airport
GelegBabelthuap Airport
NgchesechangBabelthuap Airport
GalekuiBabelthuap Airport
CityNearest Airport
OketolBabelthuap Airport
NgeungelBabelthuap Airport
EimelikBabelthuap Airport
NgaremlenguiBabelthuap Airport
EimelikBabelthuap Airport
Btangech IterchobeiBabelthuap Airport
ErtongBabelthuap Airport
NgetbongBabelthuap Airport
NgeruiklBabelthuap Airport
OrukeiBabelthuap Airport
DabadoruBabelthuap Airport
GabadekkBabelthuap Airport
CholBabelthuap Airport
NgeruluobelBabelthuap Airport
OrullBabelthuap Airport
GabayangaBabelthuap Airport
NgerbechedBabelthuap Airport
NgebeiBabelthuap Airport
RenrakBabelthuap Airport
ChelabBabelthuap Airport
Dabador (historical)Babelthuap Airport
NgerubesangBabelthuap Airport
DokoBabelthuap Airport
Dibel (historical)Babelthuap Airport
DerromelBabelthuap Airport
NgerngesangBabelthuap Airport
OlkangBabelthuap Airport
NgermetengelBabelthuap Airport
Btangech IterchobelBabelthuap Airport
NgercheluukBabelthuap Airport
RraiBabelthuap Airport
RenrakBabelthuap Airport
EchangBabelthuap Airport
ElechuiBabelthuap Airport
NgerchebetanBabelthuap Airport
ElauesachelBabelthuap Airport
RoisBabelthuap Airport
Eimelik (historical)Babelthuap Airport
IdidBabelthuap Airport
Garekoru (historical)Babelthuap Airport
MeketiiBabelthuap Airport
ArkamaisBabelthuap Airport
NgeremasechBabelthuap Airport
NgerderemangBabelthuap Airport
EchangBabelthuap Airport
KororBabelthuap Airport
NgerdiolBabelthuap Airport
NgerekebesangBabelthuap Airport
AkrappuBabelthuap Airport
GelgugBabelthuap Airport
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