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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Oman for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
Muscat(Masqat)Muscat International Airport
As Sib(Masqat)Muscat International Airport
Salalah(Zufar)Salalah Airport
Bawshar(Masqat)Muscat International Airport
Suhar(Al Batinah)Rustaq Airport
As Suwayq(Al Batinah)Rustaq Airport
`IbriRustaq Airport
Saham(Al Batinah)Rustaq Airport
Barka'Rustaq Airport
RustaqRustaq Airport
Al BuraymiRustaq Airport
NizwaRustaq Airport
Sur(Ash Sharqiyah)Muscat International Airport
Bahla'Rustaq Airport
Al Khaburah(Al Batinah)Rustaq Airport
Shinas(Al Batinah)Khasab Air Base
Sufalat Sama'ilMuscat International Airport
IzkiRustaq Airport
Al Liwa'(Al Batinah)Rustaq Airport
IbraMuscat International Airport
BidbidMuscat International Airport
BadiyahMuscat International Airport
KhasabKhasab Air Base
AdamRustaq Airport
YanqulRustaq Airport
Al QabilMuscat International Airport
Bayt al `AwabiRustaq Airport
Ash Sharjah(Al Batinah)Rustaq Airport
Bat(Al Batinah)Rustaq Airport
Al Majnab(Al Batinah)Rustaq Airport
As Sudiyah(Az Zahirah)Rustaq Airport
Jabal Ghawil(Az Zahirah)Khasab Air Base
As Sa`af(Az Zahirah)Khasab Air Base
At Tuwayyah(Az Zahirah)Khasab Air Base
Za`bah(Az Zahirah)Rustaq Airport
Tawi Khadaraq(Az Zahirah)Rustaq Airport
Shantut Saham(Az Zahirah)Rustaq Airport
As Sifiyah(Al Batinah)Khasab Air Base
Al Khalw(Az Zahirah)Khasab Air Base
Al Mudayli(Az Zahirah)Khasab Air Base
Al `Umani(Al Batinah)Khasab Air Base
Al Hamiliyah(Al Batinah)Rustaq Airport
Sur Bani Hammad(Al Batinah)Rustaq Airport
Al AhylRustaq Airport
Al KhitaymRustaq Airport
Sumhuran(Zufar)Salalah Airport
Khorr(Zufar)Salalah Airport
Arzat(Zufar)Salalah Airport
Nigrit(Zufar)Salalah Airport
Aram(Zufar)Salalah Airport
CityNearest Airport
Saitaw(Zufar)Salalah Airport
Irowk(Zufar)Salalah Airport
Haqabat Arokub(Zufar)Salalah Airport
Ahyawf(Zufar)Salalah Airport
Faiqaitha(Zufar)Salalah Airport
Ajrizi(Zufar)Salalah Airport
Raythathey(Zufar)Salalah Airport
Arajfiniti(Zufar)Salalah Airport
Akrunt(Zufar)Salalah Airport
Tharfait(Zufar)Salalah Airport
Anuthuk(Zufar)Salalah Airport
Adhjoord(Zufar)Salalah Airport
Khejin(Zufar)Salalah Airport
Allam(Zufar)Salalah Airport
Aydawr(Zufar)Salalah Airport
Anthok(Zufar)Salalah Airport
Anthraytat(Zufar)Salalah Airport
Unkulth(Zufar)Salalah Airport
Kerral(Zufar)Salalah Airport
Jabal Khasbar(Zufar)Salalah Airport
Ar Radidah(Az Zahirah)Rustaq Airport
KhilahMuscat International Airport
Naid(Zufar)Salalah Airport
Wadi Khasbar(Zufar)Salalah Airport
Aynayn(Az Zahirah)Rustaq Airport
Al `AliyahMuscat International Airport
Mushaqasah(Az Zahirah)Rustaq Airport
SuwiqahMuscat International Airport
Allish(Zufar)Salalah Airport
Manjurin(Az Zahirah)Rustaq Airport
Al Mazra`Muscat International Airport
Hayyal(Az Zahirah)Rustaq Airport
Buba`irahMuscat International Airport
Agyan(Zufar)Salalah Airport
JuwibiyatMuscat International Airport
Arzayrot(Zufar)Salalah Airport
Thalut(Zufar)Salalah Airport
Qandin(Zufar)Salalah Airport
Enhorelah(Zufar)Salalah Airport
Erqut Daham(Zufar)Salalah Airport
KhazarMuscat International Airport
Bathar/Baithakoob(Zufar)Salalah Airport
Shari`ahMuscat International Airport
Mazra`at Shuway`iMuscat International Airport
Sa`dahMuscat International Airport
Sufalat MisfahMuscat International Airport
WariyahMuscat International Airport
Wa`ab al LifKhasab Air Base
`Alayat MisfahMuscat International Airport
Rukab ash ShabbKhasab Air Base
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