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This is an online tool to calculate the Distance and Flight Time between two airports in Norway.
This distance will also be displayed on a web based map labeled as Airports Distance Map Norway.
The distance between airports of Norway is calculated in kilometers(kms), miles and nautical miles. Flight time between the airports from Norway is also calculated.
Norway Airports Distance and Flight Time Chart: For your quick reference, below is a Airports Distance Chart or Airports Distance Table of distances and flight time between some of the major airports in Norway.
[Note: The distance between airports in Norway distance chart below is the shortest earth surface distance between the two airports in Norway calculated based on their latitudes and longitudes. This distance may be different from the actual flight travel distance.]

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Distance From AirportDistance To AirportDistance (km)Flght Time (Hr)
Oslo Gardermoen Airport, Oslo OSLBergen Airport Flesland, Bergen BGO324.691.36
Oslo Gardermoen Airport, Oslo OSLStavanger Airport Sola, Stavanger SVG340.871.37
Oslo Gardermoen Airport, Oslo OSLTrondheim Airport Værnes, Trondheim TRD363.031.4
Bergen Airport Flesland, Bergen BGOStavanger Airport Sola, Stavanger SVG159.281.17
Oslo Gardermoen Airport, Oslo OSLTromsø Airport, Tromsø TOS1115.412.22
Bergen Airport Flesland, Bergen BGOTrondheim Airport Værnes, Trondheim TRD461.431.51
Stavanger Airport Sola, Stavanger SVGTrondheim Airport Værnes, Trondheim TRD582.491.64
Bergen Airport Flesland, Bergen BGOSandefjord Airport, Torp, Torp TRF307.961.34
Oslo Gardermoen Airport, Oslo OSLBodø Airport, Bodø BOO802.661.88
Stavanger Airport Sola, Stavanger SVGSandefjord Airport, Torp, Torp TRF266.561.29
Trondheim Airport Værnes, Trondheim TRDSandefjord Airport, Torp, Torp TRF476.221.52
Oslo Gardermoen Airport, Oslo OSLÅlesund Airport, Ålesund AES373.621.41
Bergen Airport Flesland, Bergen BGOTromsø Airport, Tromsø TOS1220.482.34
Oslo Gardermoen Airport, Oslo OSLHaugesund Airport, Karmøy HAU342.941.38
Oslo Gardermoen Airport, Oslo OSLKristiansand Airport, Kjevik KRS279.961.31
Stavanger Airport Sola, Stavanger SVGTromsø Airport, Tromsø TOS1355.012.48
Oslo Gardermoen Airport, Oslo OSLAlta Airport, Alta ALF1224.932.34
Trondheim Airport Værnes, Trondheim TRDTromsø Airport, Tromsø TOS775.781.85
Oslo Gardermoen Airport, Oslo OSLHarstad/Narvik Airport, Evenes, Evenes EVE959.932.05
Bergen Airport Flesland, Bergen BGOBodø Airport, Bodø BOO894.341.98
Oslo Gardermoen Airport, Oslo OSLKristiansund Airport (Kvernberget), Kvernberget KSU367.551.4
Oslo Gardermoen Airport, Oslo OSLMolde Airport, Årø MOL349.141.38
Oslo Gardermoen Airport, Oslo OSLKirkenes Airport (Høybuktmoen), Kirkenes KKN1368.62.5
Trondheim Airport Værnes, Trondheim TRDBodø Airport, Bodø BOO452.651.5
Bergen Airport Flesland, Bergen BGOÅlesund Airport, Ålesund AES256.811.28
Bergen Airport Flesland, Bergen BGOHaugesund Airport, Karmøy HAU105.421.12
Oslo Gardermoen Airport, Oslo OSLFlorø Airport, Florø FRO362.991.4
Oslo Gardermoen Airport, Oslo OSLBrønnøysund Airport, Brønnøy BNN588.371.64
Bergen Airport Flesland, Bergen BGOKristiansand Airport, Kjevik KRS283.731.31
Tromsø Airport, Tromsø TOSBodø Airport, Bodø BOO326.251.36
Trondheim Airport Værnes, Trondheim TRDÅlesund Airport, Ålesund AES261.991.29
Oslo Gardermoen Airport, Oslo OSLSogndal Airport, Sogndal SOG240.81.26
Oslo Gardermoen Airport, Oslo OSLØrsta-Volda Airport, Hovden, Ørsta HOV348.141.38
Oslo Gardermoen Airport, Oslo OSLSandnessjøen Airport (Stokka), Alstahaug SSJ644.431.71
Stavanger Airport Sola, Stavanger SVGKristiansand Airport, Kjevik KRS160.51.18
Trondheim Airport Værnes, Trondheim TRDKristiansand Airport, Kjevik KRS603.911.66
Stavanger Airport Sola, Stavanger SVGHarstad/Narvik Airport, Evenes, Evenes EVE1195.432.31
Oslo Gardermoen Airport, Oslo OSLSvalbard Airport, Longyear, Longyearbyen LYR2013.253.21
Oslo Gardermoen Airport, Oslo OSLStord Airport, Leirvik SRP323.271.35
Bergen Airport Flesland, Bergen BGOMolde Airport, Årø MOL293.291.32
Bergen Airport Flesland, Bergen BGOKristiansund Airport (Kvernberget), Kvernberget KSU342.11.37
Trondheim Airport Værnes, Trondheim TRDHarstad/Narvik Airport, Evenes, Evenes EVE616.721.68
Stavanger Airport Sola, Stavanger SVGKristiansund Airport (Kvernberget), Kvernberget KSU485.361.53
Bergen Airport Flesland, Bergen BGOFlorø Airport, Florø FRO143.841.16
Bergen Airport Flesland, Bergen BGOBrønnøysund Airport, Brønnøy BNN674.431.74
Oslo Gardermoen Airport, Oslo OSLSandane Airport (Anda), Sandane SDN324.711.36
Oslo Gardermoen Airport, Oslo OSLFørde Airport, Førde FDE318.91.35
Tromsø Airport, Tromsø TOSAlta Airport, Alta ALF173.751.19
Trondheim Airport Værnes, Trondheim TRDKristiansund Airport (Kvernberget), Kvernberget KSU159.621.17
Tromsø Airport, Tromsø TOSHarstad/Narvik Airport, Evenes, Evenes EVE159.591.17
Stavanger Airport Sola, Stavanger SVGFlorø Airport, Florø FRO302.871.33
Bergen Airport Flesland, Bergen BGOSogndal Airport, Sogndal SOG141.751.16
Bergen Airport Flesland, Bergen BGOØrsta-Volda Airport, Hovden, Ørsta HOV214.711.24
Trondheim Airport Værnes, Trondheim TRDMosjøen Airport (Kjærstad) MJF280.71.31
Trondheim Airport Værnes, Trondheim TRDBrønnøysund Airport, Brønnøy BNN231.21.25
Bodø Airport, Bodø BOOHarstad/Narvik Airport, Evenes, Evenes EVE166.831.18
Tromsø Airport, Tromsø TOSHammerfest Airport, Hammerfest HFT210.471.23
Tromsø Airport, Tromsø TOSVadsø Airport, Vadsø VDS419.581.46
Tromsø Airport, Tromsø TOSKirkenes Airport (Høybuktmoen), Kirkenes KKN422.631.46
Trondheim Airport Værnes, Trondheim TRDMo i Rana Airport, Røssvoll, Mo i Rana MQN360.111.39
Trondheim Airport Værnes, Trondheim TRDSandnessjøen Airport (Stokka), Alstahaug SSJ287.371.31
Oslo Gardermoen Airport, Oslo OSLRøros Airport, Røros RRS265.441.29
Oslo Gardermoen Airport, Oslo OSLBardufoss Airport, Målselv BDU1045.42.15
Oslo Gardermoen Airport, Oslo OSLLeirin Airport VDB134.641.15
Oslo Gardermoen Airport, Oslo OSLØrland Airport, Ørland OLA397.471.44
Stavanger Airport Sola, Stavanger SVGStord Airport, Leirvik SRP103.141.11
Bergen Airport Flesland, Bergen BGOFørde Airport, Førde FDE125.491.14
Trondheim Airport Værnes, Trondheim TRDRørvik Airport, Ryum, Rørvik RVK153.871.17
Trondheim Airport Værnes, Trondheim TRDNamsos Høknesøra Airport, Namsos OSY117.231.13
Tromsø Airport, Tromsø TOSStokmarknes Skagen Airport, Hadsel SKN196.831.22
Alta Airport, Alta ALFVadsø Airport, Vadsø VDS2461.27
Alta Airport, Alta ALFKirkenes Airport (Høybuktmoen), Kirkenes KKN251.131.28
Alta Airport, Alta ALFHammerfest Airport, Hammerfest HFT79.021.09
Bodø Airport, Bodø BOOMosjøen Airport (Kjærstad) MJF172.811.19
Bodø Airport, Bodø BOOBrønnøysund Airport, Brønnøy BNN222.651.24
Bodø Airport, Bodø BOOSandnessjøen Airport (Stokka), Alstahaug SSJ168.211.18
Bodø Airport, Bodø BOOStokmarknes Skagen Airport, Hadsel SKN148.271.16
Bodø Airport, Bodø BOOMo i Rana Airport, Røssvoll, Mo i Rana MQN100.71.11
Tromsø Airport, Tromsø TOSSvalbard Airport, Longyear, Longyearbyen LYR957.572.05
Tromsø Airport, Tromsø TOSAndøya Airport, Andenes ANX116.51.13
Bergen Airport Flesland, Bergen BGOSkien Airport, Geiteryggen SKE2731.3
Bodø Airport, Bodø BOOSvolvær Helle Airport, Svolvær SVJ109.061.12
Bodø Airport, Bodø BOOLeknes Airport, Leknes LKN103.261.11
Bodø Airport, Bodø BOOAndøya Airport, Andenes ANX236.551.26
Vadsø Airport, Vadsø VDSMehamn Airport, Mehamn MEH130.681.14
Hammerfest Airport, Hammerfest HFTMehamn Airport, Mehamn MEH156.511.17
Vadsø Airport, Vadsø VDSBåtsfjord Airport, Båtsfjord BJF59.781.07
Tromsø Airport, Tromsø TOSHasvik Airport, Hasvik HAA151.171.17
Tromsø Airport, Tromsø TOSSørkjosen Airport, Sørkjosen SOJ79.421.09
Hammerfest Airport, Hammerfest HFTBerlevåg Airport, Berlevåg BVG197.531.22
Bodø Airport, Bodø BOORøst Airport RET100.841.11
Florø Airport, Florø FROØrsta-Volda Airport, Hovden, Ørsta HOV86.151.09
Brønnøysund Airport, Brønnøy BNNMo i Rana Airport, Røssvoll, Mo i Rana MQN137.91.15
Mehamn Airport, Mehamn MEHBerlevåg Airport, Berlevåg BVG47.221.05
Harstad/Narvik Airport, Evenes, Evenes EVEAndøya Airport, Andenes ANX91.611.1
Båtsfjord Airport, Båtsfjord BJFBerlevåg Airport, Berlevåg BVG38.581.04
Mosjøen Airport (Kjærstad) MJFSandnessjøen Airport (Stokka), Alstahaug SSJ38.971.04
Brønnøysund Airport, Brønnøy BNNSandnessjøen Airport (Stokka), Alstahaug SSJ56.31.06
Mosjøen Airport (Kjærstad) MJFMo i Rana Airport, Røssvoll, Mo i Rana MQN80.981.09
Molde Airport, Årø MOLStord Airport, Leirvik SRP343.971.38