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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Niger for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
Niamey(Niamey)Diori Hamani International Airport
Zinder(Zinder)Zinder Airport
Maradi(Maradi)Maradi Airport
Alarsas(Agadez)Mano Dayak International Airport
Tahoua(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Dosso(Dosso)Diori Hamani International Airport
Birnin Konni(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Tessaoua(Maradi)Maradi Airport
Gaya(Dosso)Diori Hamani International Airport
Dogondoutchi(Dosso)Tahoua Airport
Diffa(Diffa)Zinder Airport
Ayorou(Tillaberi)Diori Hamani International Airport
Madaoua(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Mayahi(Maradi)Maradi Airport
Tera(Tillaberi)Diori Hamani International Airport
Miria(Zinder)Zinder Airport
Tibiri(Maradi)Maradi Airport
Dakoro(Maradi)Maradi Airport
Magaria(Zinder)Zinder Airport
Tillaberi(Tillaberi)Diori Hamani International Airport
Nguigmi(Diffa)Zinder Airport
Matamey(Zinder)Zinder Airport
Illela(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Tanout(Zinder)Zinder Airport
Goure(Zinder)Zinder Airport
Abalak(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Aguie(Maradi)Maradi Airport
Filingue(Tillaberi)Diori Hamani International Airport
Maine-Soroa(Diffa)Zinder Airport
Say(Tillaberi)Diori Hamani International Airport
Kollo(Tillaberi)Diori Hamani International Airport
Madarounfa(Maradi)Maradi Airport
Keita(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Tchin-Tabaradene(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Ouallam(Tillaberi)Diori Hamani International Airport
Bouza(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Bilma(Agadez)Mano Dayak International Airport
Djibale(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Zoukouri(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
I-n-Tegar(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Kile(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Rouje(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
I-n-Assoka(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Sabon Guida(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Kalela(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
I-n-Gadou(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Roumbeki(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
I-n-Bilibas(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
I-n-Awaro(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Takachaoua(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
CityNearest Airport
Moulela(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Kourega(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Tanout(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Tchounfaran(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Meriza(Tillaberi)Tahoua Airport
Tougo Gala(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Loudou Agrab Grab(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Takachaola(Tillaberi)Tahoua Airport
Tinkirana Tachanou(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Tinkirana Tounga(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Tinkirana Te Ibarougan(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Tinkirana(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Ntakana(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Seyte(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Akala Samia(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Ajaga(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Elmad(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Tounga Salao(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Chiligui Dalen(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Chin Elwe(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Takanamat Gani(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Doli(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Chin Zowaga(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Dan Tari(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Kao Data(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Takoutal(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Chin Eloua(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Gidan Korao(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Gidan Fako(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Gidan Tambari(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Malawa(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Toudoun Ilisawan(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Talaba(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Koma(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Zangon Bado(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Bado(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Tounga Koma(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Bakin Zangon(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Keitasaga(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Fadama(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Dagou(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Kanasori(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Zantaram(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Sabongari(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Koutki(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Goumbi(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Zangon Tambari(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Akala(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Adanbar(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
Zangon Abarchi(Tahoua)Tahoua Airport
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