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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in New Caledonia for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
NoumeaNouméa Magenta Airport
Mont-DoreNouméa Magenta Airport
DumbeaNouméa Magenta Airport
PaitaNouméa Magenta Airport
WeLifou Airport
TadineMaré Airport
PoindimieTouho Airport
BourailKoné Airport
KoneKoné Airport
HouailouTouho Airport
FayaoueOuvéa Airport
CanalaLa Tontouta International Airport
KoumacKoumac Airport
La FoaLa Tontouta International Airport
ThioLa Tontouta International Airport
PonerihouenTouho Airport
HiengheneTouho Airport
PoyaKoné Airport
PoueboKoumac Airport
TouhoTouho Airport
VohKoné Airport
BouloupariLa Tontouta International Airport
OuegoaKoumac Airport
Kaala-GomenKoumac Airport
Yate-BarrageNouméa Magenta Airport
VaoÎle des Pins Airport
PouemboutKoné Airport
PoumKoumac Airport
SarrameaLa Tontouta International Airport
MoindouLa Tontouta International Airport
FarinoLa Tontouta International Airport
KonioKoumac Airport
BaouiKoumac Airport
BoyenKoné Airport
BanoutOuvéa Airport
KoniamboKoné Airport
GoaTouho Airport
GillesLa Tontouta International Airport
GhioLa Tontouta International Airport
BalaguetKoumac Airport
BalagamKoumac Airport
GelimaLa Tontouta International Airport
InagodLifou Airport
DiakanaKoné Airport
InaTouho Airport
DiahoueKoumac Airport
Diahot-ParaouaKoumac Airport
BaladeKoumac Airport
BalabaOuvéa Airport
BakouyaKoné Airport
CityNearest Airport
BouirouTouho Airport
Koligoh-GomenKoumac Airport
BoueregaouTouho Airport
GanemTouho Airport
BouerabatKoumac Airport
KokengoneTouho Airport
GamaiKoumac Airport
BacoKoné Airport
GalileeTouho Airport
BabouillatKoumac Airport
HuneteLifou Airport
BaabaÎle Art - Waala Airport
BaTouho Airport
GalagaouiKoumac Airport
GalaKoné Airport
KoindeLa Tontouta International Airport
AzareuTouho Airport
HoutsLifou Airport
BouelasKoumac Airport
HouoneÎle Art - Waala Airport
BouelasKoumac Airport
AwiMaré Airport
KohLa Tontouta International Airport
AweÎle Art - Waala Airport
KohLa Tontouta International Airport
KoeTouho Airport
GadjiÎle des Pins Airport
KodeTiga Airport
BouarouKoumac Airport
AuteuilNouméa Magenta Airport
AthaMaré Airport
HonemLifou Airport
AteouKoné Airport
KirinataLifou Airport
HoTouho Airport
HnawayeceMaré Airport
CuadeneMaré Airport
Foret PlateKoné Airport
HnasseLifou Airport
Foret NoireLa Tontouta International Airport
KikoeTouho Airport
HnapalouLifou Airport
FonwharyLa Tontouta International Airport
BouabondoKoumac Airport
CradjiKoné Airport
KezieneMaré Airport
HnaeuLifou Airport
HnaenedeMaré Airport
HnadidMaré Airport
AramaKoumac Airport
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