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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Netherlands for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
Amsterdam(Noord-Holland)Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Rotterdam(South Holland)Rotterdam Airport
The Hague(South Holland)Rotterdam Airport
Utrecht(Utrecht)Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Eindhoven(North Brabant)Eindhoven Airport
Tilburg(North Brabant)Gilze Rijen Air Base
Groningen(Groningen)Eelde Airport
Almere-Stad(Flevoland)Lelystad Airport
Breda(North Brabant)Gilze Rijen Air Base
Nijmegen(Gelderland)Volkel Air Base
Apeldoorn(Gelderland)Deelen Air Base
Enschede(Overijssel)Twenthe Airport
Haarlem(Noord-Holland)Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Arnhem(Gelderland)Deelen Air Base
Zaanstad(Noord-Holland)Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Amersfoort(Utrecht)Deelen Air Base
's-Hertogenbosch(North Brabant)Eindhoven Airport
Hoofddorp(Noord-Holland)Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Maastricht(Limburg)Maastricht Aachen Airport
Leiden(South Holland)Rotterdam Airport
Dordrecht(South Holland)Rotterdam Airport
Zoetermeer(South Holland)Rotterdam Airport
Zwolle(Overijssel)Lelystad Airport
Ede(Gelderland)Deelen Air Base
Born(Limburg)Maastricht Aachen Airport
Delft(South Holland)Rotterdam Airport
Alkmaar(Noord-Holland)De Kooy Airport
Heerlen(Limburg)Maastricht Aachen Airport
Venlo(Limburg)De Peel Air Base
Leeuwarden(Friesland)Leeuwarden Air Base
Amstelveen(Noord-Holland)Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Roosendaal(North Brabant)Woensdrecht Air Base
Purmerend(Noord-Holland)Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Oss(North Brabant)Volkel Air Base
Schiedam(South Holland)Rotterdam Airport
Spijkenisse(South Holland)Rotterdam Airport
Vlaardingen(South Holland)Rotterdam Airport
Almelo(Overijssel)Twenthe Airport
Gouda(South Holland)Rotterdam Airport
Lelystad(Flevoland)Lelystad Airport
Alphen aan den Rijn(South Holland)Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Velsen-Zuid(Noord-Holland)Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Bergen op Zoom(North Brabant)Woensdrecht Air Base
Capelle-West(South Holland)Rotterdam Airport
Assen(Drenthe)Eelde Airport
Nieuwegein(Utrecht)Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Veenendaal(Utrecht)Deelen Air Base
Zeist(Utrecht)Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Den Helder(Noord-Holland)De Kooy Airport
Hardenberg(Overijssel)Twenthe Airport
CityNearest Airport
Emmen(Drenthe)Eelde Airport
Terneuzen(Zeeland)Woensdrecht Air Base
Drachten(Friesland)Leeuwarden Air Base
Oosterhout(North Brabant)Gilze Rijen Air Base
Barneveld(Gelderland)Deelen Air Base
Doetinchem(Gelderland)Deelen Air Base
Kerkrade(Limburg)Maastricht Aachen Airport
Kampen(Overijssel)Lelystad Airport
Weert(Limburg)Budel Airport
Woerden(Utrecht)Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Heerhugowaard(Noord-Holland)De Kooy Airport
Rijswijk(South Holland)Rotterdam Airport
Middelburg(Zeeland)Woensdrecht Air Base
Emmeloord(Flevoland)Lelystad Airport
Zwijndrecht(South Holland)Rotterdam Airport
Waalwijk(North Brabant)Gilze Rijen Air Base
Vlissingen(Zeeland)Woensdrecht Air Base
Ridderkerk(South Holland)Rotterdam Airport
Soest(Utrecht)Lelystad Airport
Roermond(Limburg)Budel Airport
Rheden(Gelderland)Deelen Air Base
Heerenveen(Friesland)Leeuwarden Air Base
De Bilt(Utrecht)Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Tiel(Gelderland)Volkel Air Base
Harderwijk(Gelderland)Lelystad Airport
Wijchen(Gelderland)Volkel Air Base
Uden(North Brabant)Volkel Air Base
Maarssen(Utrecht)Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Venray(Limburg)De Peel Air Base
Barendrecht(South Holland)Rotterdam Airport
Dronten(Flevoland)Lelystad Airport
Nijkerk(Gelderland)Lelystad Airport
Beverwijk(Noord-Holland)Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Raalte(Overijssel)Twenthe Airport
Veghel(North Brabant)Volkel Air Base
Goes(Zeeland)Woensdrecht Air Base
Coevorden(Drenthe)Twenthe Airport
Zutphen(Gelderland)Deelen Air Base
Heemskerk(Noord-Holland)Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Wageningen(Gelderland)Deelen Air Base
Castricum(Noord-Holland)Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Gorinchem(South Holland)Gilze Rijen Air Base
Mijdrecht(Utrecht)Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
IJsselstein(Utrecht)Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Epe(Gelderland)Deelen Air Base
Sneek(Friesland)Leeuwarden Air Base
Maassluis(South Holland)Rotterdam Airport
Renkum(Gelderland)Deelen Air Base
Oldenzaal(Overijssel)Twenthe Airport
Bussum(Noord-Holland)Amsterdam Airport Schiphol