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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Myanmar for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
Rangoon(Yangon)Yangon International Airport
Mandalay(Mandalay)Mandalay International Airport
Mawlamyine(Mon State)Yangon International Airport
Bago(Bago)Yangon International Airport
Pathein(Ayeyarwady)Yangon International Airport
Monywa(Sagain)Mandalay International Airport
Akyab(Rakhine State)Sittwe Airport
Meiktila(Mandalay)Meiktila Air Base
Myeik(Tanintharyi)Myeik Airport
Taunggyi(Shan State)Heho Airport
Myingyan(Mandalay)Mandalay International Airport
Dawei(Tanintharyi)Dawei Airport
Prome(Bago)Thandwe Airport
Hinthada(Ayeyarwady)Yangon International Airport
Lashio(Shan State)Lashio Airport
Pakokku(Magway)Shante Air Base
Thaton(Mon State)Yangon International Airport
Maymyo(Mandalay)Mandalay International Airport
Yenangyaung(Magway)Meiktila Air Base
Taungoo(Bago)Loikaw Airport
ThayetmyoThandwe Airport
Pyinmana(Mandalay)Loikaw Airport
Magway(Magway)Meiktila Air Base
Myitkyina(Kachin State)Myitkyina Airport
Chauk(Magway)Meiktila Air Base
Mogok(Sagain)Momeik Airport
Nyaunglebin(Bago)Yangon International Airport
Mudon(Mon State)Yangon International Airport
Shwebo(Sagain)Mandalay International Airport
Sagaing(Sagain)Mandalay International Airport
Taungdwingyi(Magway)Meiktila Air Base
Syriam(Yangon)Yangon International Airport
Bogale(Ayeyarwady)Yangon International Airport
Pyapon(Ayeyarwady)Yangon International Airport
Yamethin(Mandalay)Meiktila Air Base
Kanbe(Sagain)Yangon International Airport
Myaydo(Magway)Thandwe Airport
Minbu(Magway)Meiktila Air Base
Tharyarwady(Bago)Yangon International Airport
Thongwa(Yangon)Yangon International Airport
Kyaiklat(Ayeyarwady)Yangon International Airport
Maubin(Ayeyarwady)Yangon International Airport
Kyaukse(Mandalay)Mandalay International Airport
KyaiktoYangon International Airport
Martaban(Mon State)Yangon International Airport
Kyaikkami(Mon State)Yangon International Airport
Bhamo(Kachin State)Nampong Air Base
TwanteYangon International Airport
Mawlaik(Sagain)Momeik Airport
Wakema(Ayeyarwady)Yangon International Airport
CityNearest Airport
Myanaung(Ayeyarwady)Thandwe Airport
PyuLoikaw Airport
Kayan(Yangon)Yangon International Airport
Nyaungdon(Ayeyarwady)Yangon International Airport
Mawlamyinegyunn(Ayeyarwady)Yangon International Airport
ThanatpinYangon International Airport
Letpandan(Bago)Yangon International Airport
ThanatpinYangon International Airport
Paungde(Bago)Thandwe Airport
Loikaw(Kayah State)Loikaw Airport
Falam(Chin State)Mandalay International Airport
Mong Yu(Shan State)Kengtung Airport
Mong Yawng(Shan State)Kengtung Airport
Mong Wa(Shan State)Kengtung Airport
Mong Un(Shan State)Kengtung Airport
Mong Tin(Shan State)Kengtung Airport
Mong Pun(Shan State)Kengtung Airport
Mong Pa-liao(Shan State)Tachileik Airport
Mong Nam(Shan State)Kengtung Airport
Ingaleikkon(Yangon)Yangon International Airport
Mong Loi(Shan State)Kengtung Airport
Mong Lin(Shan State)Tachileik Airport
Mong La(Shan State)Kengtung Airport
Mong Kai(Shan State)Kengtung Airport
Wan Ra-sa-hkon(Shan State)Tachileik Airport
Mong Htan(Shan State)Kengtung Airport
Aduttaw(Yangon)Yangon International Airport
Mong Hsaw(Shan State)Kengtung Airport
Mong Hkan(Shan State)Kengtung Airport
Mong He(Shan State)Kengtung Airport
Mong Fan(Shan State)Kengtung Airport
Kaukkaddan(Rakhine State)Sittwe Airport
Reaungyaung(Rakhine State)Sittwe Airport
Wan Nammwe(Shan State)Tachileik Airport
Wan Pa-pu(Shan State)Tachileik Airport
Wan Yangtawng(Shan State)Tachileik Airport
Wan Nawngwo-hsot(Shan State)Tachileik Airport
Wan Panghka-long(Shan State)Tachileik Airport
Wan Na-hpan(Shan State)Tachileik Airport
Pa-taunghkem(Shan State)Tachileik Airport
Keng Nai(Shan State)Kengtung Airport
Wan Ra-sa-sawm(Shan State)Tachileik Airport
Keng Lap(Shan State)Tachileik Airport
Debinia(Rakhine State)Sittwe Airport
Keng Kum(Shan State)Tachileik Airport
Hsenlonghpan(Shan State)Tachileik Airport
Wan Hsenlongsa-ke(Shan State)Tachileik Airport
Waylachaung(Rakhine State)Sittwe Airport
Wan Ra-sa-hsa-ti(Shan State)Tachileik Airport
Megali(Rakhine State)Sittwe Airport