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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Mali for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
Bamako(Bamako)Senou Airport
Sikasso(Sikasso)Senou Airport
Mopti(Mopti)Ambodedjo Airport
KoutialaSenou Airport
Kayes NdiKayes Dag Dag Airport
Segou(Segou)Senou Airport
MarkalaAmbodedjo Airport
KolokaniSenou Airport
Kati(Koulikoro)Senou Airport
Gao(Gao)Gao Airport
BougouniSenou Airport
Tombouctou(Tombouctou)Timbuktu Airport
BanambaSenou Airport
BafoulabeKayes Dag Dag Airport
SanAmbodedjo Airport
Koulikoro(Koulikoro)Senou Airport
Djenne(Mopti)Ambodedjo Airport
YorossoAmbodedjo Airport
KangabaSenou Airport
Kidal(Kidal)Gao Airport
DireKayes Dag Dag Airport
KolondiebaSenou Airport
Ke MassinaAmbodedjo Airport
MenakaGao Airport
GoundamTimbuktu Airport
DouentzaAmbodedjo Airport
TenenkouAmbodedjo Airport
NiafounkeTimbuktu Airport
Bandiagara(Mopti)Ambodedjo Airport
KemparanaAmbodedjo Airport
KitaSenou Airport
SokoloAmbodedjo Airport
Araouane(Tombouctou)Timbuktu Airport
Taoudenni(Tombouctou)Timbuktu Airport
AnsongoGao Airport
Massarane(Kayes)Kayes Dag Dag Airport
Goryo(Gao)Gao Airport
Kirane(Kayes)Kayes Dag Dag Airport
Zadam(Gao)Gao Airport
Laranguemou(Kayes)Kayes Dag Dag Airport
Gerou(Gao)Gao Airport
Boulouli(Kayes)Kayes Dag Dag Airport
Maghel Teidouma(Tombouctou)Ambodedjo Airport
Betakili(Kayes)Kayes Dag Dag Airport
El Serabo(Tombouctou)Ambodedjo Airport
El Barka(Tombouctou)Ambodedjo Airport
Gaina(Tombouctou)Ambodedjo Airport
Dimel-Ndola(Mopti)Ambodedjo Airport
Oudiabe(Segou)Ambodedjo Airport
Sogobara(Segou)Ambodedjo Airport
CityNearest Airport
Kourou(Mopti)Ambodedjo Airport
Karaguile(Segou)Ambodedjo Airport
Modi-Sabou(Segou)Ambodedjo Airport
Merzamadie(Segou)Ambodedjo Airport
Maniale-Boue(Segou)Ambodedjo Airport
Diabal(Segou)Ambodedjo Airport
Niakere-Ndondi(Segou)Ambodedjo Airport
Selli-Hari(Segou)Ambodedjo Airport
Amey Goura(Gao)Gao Airport
Mbelemounia(Segou)Ambodedjo Airport
Nambo(Segou)Ambodedjo Airport
Sare-Dina(Mopti)Ambodedjo Airport
Toulde(Segou)Ambodedjo Airport
Garbara(Gao)Gao Airport
Belel-Beredie(Segou)Ambodedjo Airport
Siragedou(Koulikoro)Senou Airport
Serotandi(Kayes)Kayes Dag Dag Airport
Fammsara(Tombouctou)Ambodedjo Airport
Faka(Tombouctou)Ambodedjo Airport
Filiki(Tombouctou)Ambodedjo Airport
Mbahe(Tombouctou)Ambodedjo Airport
Dini(Kayes)Kayes Dag Dag Airport
Nanbi(Tombouctou)Ambodedjo Airport
Dialera(Kayes)Kayes Dag Dag Airport
Goungo(Mopti)Ambodedjo Airport
Sokodema(Mopti)Ambodedjo Airport
Kala-Segui(Mopti)Ambodedjo Airport
Bandare(Mopti)Ambodedjo Airport
Kampa Kouna(Mopti)Ambodedjo Airport
Baoudi(Mopti)Ambodedjo Airport
Manguina(Mopti)Ambodedjo Airport
Alamoutala(Kayes)Kayes Dag Dag Airport
Gounboumba(Mopti)Ambodedjo Airport
Boureya(Kayes)Kayes Dag Dag Airport
Fetodjie(Mopti)Ambodedjo Airport
Noukoutou(Mopti)Ambodedjo Airport
Guidara(Gao)Gao Airport
Dalba(Gao)Gao Airport
Guelewe(Tombouctou)Ambodedjo Airport
Kifo(Tombouctou)Ambodedjo Airport
Dounde(Tombouctou)Ambodedjo Airport
Geseni(Gao)Gao Airport
Gaoudeye(Mopti)Ambodedjo Airport
Kondya(Gao)Gao Airport
Koira(Mopti)Ambodedjo Airport
Pirso(Tombouctou)Ambodedjo Airport
Sompina(Tombouctou)Ambodedjo Airport
Aboulambo(Gao)Gao Airport
Banam(Mopti)Ambodedjo Airport
Dinde(Gao)Gao Airport
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