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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Latvia for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
Riga(Riga)Riga International Airport
Daugavpils(Daugavpils)Daugavpils Intrenational Airport
Vec-Liepaja(Liepaja)Liep?ja International Airport
Jelgava(Jurmala)Riga International Airport
Jurmala(Jurmala)Riga International Airport
Ventspils(Ventspils)Ventspils International Airport
Rezekne(Rezekne)Daugavpils Intrenational Airport
Jekabpils(Jekabpils Rajons)J?kabpils Airport
Valmiyera(Valmieras Rajons)Riga International Airport
Ogre(Ogres Rajons)Riga International Airport
Tukums(Jurmala)Tukums Air Base
Cesis(Cesu Rajons)Riga International Airport
Salaspils(Rigas Rajons)Riga International Airport
Kuldiga(Kuldigas Rajons)Ventspils International Airport
Olaine(Jurmala)Riga International Airport
Saldus(Saldus Rajons)Tukums Air Base
Talsi(Talsu Rajons)Tukums Air Base
Dobele(Jurmala)Tukums Air Base
Kraslava(Kraslavas Rajons)Daugavpils Intrenational Airport
Bauska(Bauskas Rajons)Riga International Airport
Ludza(Ludzas Rajons)Daugavpils Intrenational Airport
Sigulda(Rigas Rajons)Riga International Airport
Livani(Preilu Rajons)J?kabpils Airport
Gulbene(Gulbenes Rajons)J?kabpils Airport
Madona(Madonas Rajons)J?kabpils Airport
Limbazi(Limbazu Rajons)Riga International Airport
Aizkraukle(Aizkraukles Rajons)J?kabpils Airport
Preili(Preilu Rajons)Daugavpils Intrenational Airport
Balvi(Balvu Rajons)J?kabpils Airport
Valka(Valkas Rajons)J?kabpils Airport
Smiltene(Valkas Rajons)J?kabpils Airport
Aizpute(Liepajas Rajons)Liep?ja International Airport
Lielvarde(Ogres Rajons)Riga International Airport
Kekava(Rigas Rajons)Riga International Airport
Vecumnieki(Bauskas Rajons)Riga International Airport
Grobina(Liepaja)Liep?ja International Airport
Vangazi(Rigas Rajons)Riga International Airport
Iecava(Bauskas Rajons)Riga International Airport
Vilani(Rezeknes Rajons)J?kabpils Airport
Balozi(Rigas Rajons)Riga International Airport
Plavinas(Aizkraukles Rajons)J?kabpils Airport
Rujiena(Valmieras Rajons)Riga International Airport
Kandava(Tukuma Rajons)Tukums Air Base
Broceni(Saldus Rajons)Tukums Air Base
Salacgriva(Limbazu Rajons)Riga International Airport
Ozolnieki(Jurmala)Riga International Airport
Ikskile(Ogres Rajons)Riga International Airport
Saulkrasti(Rigas Rajons)Riga International Airport
AuceTukums Air Base
Ilukste(Daugavpils Rajons)Daugavpils Intrenational Airport
CityNearest Airport
Ulbroka(Rigas Rajons)Riga International Airport
Dagda(Kraslavas Rajons)Daugavpils Intrenational Airport
Skrunda(Kuldigas Rajons)Liep?ja International Airport
Karsava(Ludzas Rajons)Daugavpils Intrenational Airport
Priekule(Liepajas Rajons)Liep?ja International Airport
Kegums(Ogres Rajons)Riga International Airport
Aluksne(Aluksnes Rajons)J?kabpils Airport
Jumprava(Ogres Rajons)J?kabpils Airport
Viesite(Jekabpils Rajons)J?kabpils Airport
Tireli(Jurmala)Tukums Air Base
Baldone(Rigas Rajons)Riga International Airport
Stende(Talsu Rajons)Tukums Air Base
Jaunjelgava(Bauskas Rajons)J?kabpils Airport
Lubana(Madonas Rajons)J?kabpils Airport
Zilupe(Ludzas Rajons)Daugavpils Intrenational Airport
Mersrags(Talsu Rajons)Tukums Air Base
Cesvaine(Madonas Rajons)J?kabpils Airport
Seda(Valkas Rajons)J?kabpils Airport
Mazsalaca(Valmieras Rajons)Riga International Airport
Engure(Tukuma Rajons)Tukums Air Base
Strenci(Valkas Rajons)J?kabpils Airport
Sabile(Talsu Rajons)Tukums Air Base
Ape(Aluksnes Rajons)J?kabpils Airport
Aloja(Limbazu Rajons)Riga International Airport
Valdemarpils(Talsu Rajons)Tukums Air Base
Ligatne(Cesu Rajons)Riga International Airport
Akniste(Jekabpils Rajons)J?kabpils Airport
Ainazi(Limbazu Rajons)Riga International Airport
Staicele(Limbazu Rajons)Riga International Airport
Pavilosta(Liepajas Rajons)Liep?ja International Airport
Piltene(Ventspils Rajons)Ventspils International Airport
Subate(Daugavpils Rajons)Daugavpils Intrenational Airport
Ragaciems(Tukuma Rajons)Tukums Air Base
Durbe(Liepajas Rajons)Liep?ja International Airport
Rauda(Tukuma Rajons)Tukums Air Base
Seme(Tukuma Rajons)Tukums Air Base
Kulciems(Talsu Rajons)Tukums Air Base
Berzciems(Tukuma Rajons)Tukums Air Base
Plienciems(Tukuma Rajons)Tukums Air Base
Kesterciems(Tukuma Rajons)Tukums Air Base
Apsuciems(Tukuma Rajons)Tukums Air Base
Upesgriva(Talsu Rajons)Tukums Air Base
Klapkalnciems(Tukuma Rajons)Tukums Air Base
Kaive(Tukuma Rajons)Tukums Air Base
Dzedri(Talsu Rajons)Tukums Air Base
Cerkste(Tukuma Rajons)Tukums Air Base
Abragciems(Tukuma Rajons)Tukums Air Base
Rindzele(Tukuma Rajons)Tukums Air Base
Vecmokas(Tukuma Rajons)Tukums Air Base
Kipatciems(Talsu Rajons)Tukums Air Base