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This is an online tool to calculate the Distance and Flight Time between two airports in Kazakhstan.
This distance will also be displayed on a web based map labeled as Airports Distance Map Kazakhstan.
The distance between airports of Kazakhstan is calculated in kilometers(kms), miles and nautical miles. Flight time between the airports from Kazakhstan is also calculated.
Kazakhstan Airports Distance and Flight Time Chart: For your quick reference, below is a Airports Distance Chart or Airports Distance Table of distances and flight time between some of the major airports in Kazakhstan.
[Note: The distance between airports in Kazakhstan distance chart below is the shortest earth surface distance between the two airports in Kazakhstan calculated based on their latitudes and longitudes. This distance may be different from the actual flight travel distance.]

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Distance From AirportDistance To AirportDistance (km)Flght Time (Hr)
Almaty Airport, Almaty ALAAstana International Airport, Astana TSE950.52.04
Almaty Airport, Almaty ALAAktau Airport, Aktau SCO2081.343.28
Astana International Airport, Astana TSEAktau Airport, Aktau SCO1718.892.88
Almaty Airport, Almaty ALAAtyrau Airport, Atyrau GUW2009.243.2
Almaty Airport, Almaty ALAShymkent Airport, Shymkent CIT625.81.69
Astana International Airport, Astana TSEAtyrau Airport, Atyrau GUW1490.112.63
Astana International Airport, Astana TSEShymkent Airport, Shymkent CIT974.452.07
Almaty Airport, Almaty ALAUst-Kamennogorsk Airport, Ust Kamenogorsk UKK851.161.93
Almaty Airport, Almaty ALAAktobe Airport, Aktyuinsk AKX1685.942.85
Almaty Airport, Almaty ALASary-Arka Airport, Karaganda KGF757.411.83
Astana International Airport, Astana TSEUst-Kamennogorsk Airport, Ust Kamenogorsk UKK786.331.86
Astana International Airport, Astana TSEAktobe Airport, Aktyuinsk AKX1007.82.1
Aktau Airport, Aktau SCOAtyrau Airport, Atyrau GUW367.11.4
Aktau Airport, Aktau SCOShymkent Airport, Shymkent CIT1498.572.64
Almaty Airport, Almaty ALAKzyl-Orda Southwest Airport, Kzyl-Orda KZO926.72.02
Almaty Airport, Almaty ALATaraz Airport, Taraz DMB468.931.51
Astana International Airport, Astana TSETaraz Airport, Taraz DMB908.352
Astana International Airport, Astana TSEKzyl-Orda Southwest Airport, Kzyl-Orda KZO827.11.91
Almaty Airport, Almaty ALAPavlodar Airport, Pavlodar PWQ983.242.08
Almaty Airport, Almaty ALASemipalatinsk Airport, Semey PLX815.051.89
Almaty Airport, Almaty ALAKostanay West Airport, Kostanay KSN1477.442.62
Aktau Airport, Aktau SCOAktobe Airport, Aktyuinsk AKX847.121.93
Astana International Airport, Astana TSESemipalatinsk Airport, Semey PLX621.741.68
Astana International Airport, Astana TSEUralsk Airport, Uralsk URA1387.362.52
Astana International Airport, Astana TSEPavlodar Airport, Pavlodar PWQ408.421.45
Astana International Airport, Astana TSEKostanay West Airport, Kostanay KSN592.21.65
Almaty Airport, Almaty ALAPetropavlosk South Airport, Petropavlosk PPK1391.042.52
Almaty Airport, Almaty ALAKokshetau Airport, Kokshetau KOV1236.762.36
Almaty Airport, Almaty ALAZhezkazgan Airport, Zhezkazgan DZN870.941.95
Astana International Airport, Astana TSEZhezkazgan Airport, Zhezkazgan DZN456.881.5
Astana International Airport, Astana TSEPetropavlosk South Airport, Petropavlosk PPK444.391.49
Ust-Kamennogorsk Airport, Ust Kamenogorsk UKKSary-Arka Airport, Karaganda KGF657.51.72
Aktau Airport, Aktau SCOKzyl-Orda Southwest Airport, Kzyl-Orda KZO1156.532.27
Aktau Airport, Aktau SCOUralsk Airport, Uralsk URA811.351.89
Sary-Arka Airport, Karaganda KGFKzyl-Orda Southwest Airport, Kzyl-Orda KZO803.51.88
Atyrau Airport, Atyrau GUWUralsk Airport, Uralsk URA448.431.49
Ust-Kamennogorsk Airport, Ust Kamenogorsk UKKSemipalatinsk Airport, Semey PLX164.611.18
Ust-Kamennogorsk Airport, Ust Kamenogorsk UKKZaysan Airport, Zaysan SZI333.291.37