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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Japan for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
Tokyo(Tokyo)Tokyo International Airport
Osaka(Osaka)Yao Airport
Nagoya(Aichi)Nagoya Airport
Sapporo(Hokkaido)Okadama Airport
Kobe(Hyogo)Kobe Airport
Kyoto(Kyoto)Osaka International Airport
Fukuoka(Fukuoka)Fukuoka Airport
Hiroshima(Hiroshima)Hiroshimanishi Airport
Yono(Saitama)Iruma Air Base
Sendai(Miyagi)Sendai Airport
Kitakyushu(Fukuoka)Ashiya Airport
Chiba(Chiba)Shimofusa Airport
Sakai(Osaka)Yao Airport
Shizuoka(Shizuoka)Shizuhama Airport
Nerima(Tokyo)Chofu Airport
Kumamoto(Kumamoto)Kumamoto Airport
Sagamihara(Kanagawa)Atsugi Naval Air Facility
Okayama(Okayama)Okayama Airport
Hamamatsu(Shizuoka)Hamamatsu Airport
Hachioji(Tokyo)Yokota Air Base
Funabashi(Chiba)Shimofusa Airport
Kagoshima(Kagoshima)Kagoshima Airport
Niigata(Niigata)Niigata Airport
Matsuyama(Ehime)Matsuyama Airport
Himeji(Hyogo)Kobe Airport
Matsudo(Chiba)Shimofusa Airport
Nishinomiya(Hyogo)Osaka International Airport
Kawaguchi(Saitama)Chofu Airport
Kanazawa(Ishikawa)Komatsu Airport
Ichikawa(Chiba)Shimofusa Airport
Utsunomiya(Tochigi)Utsunomiya Airport
Oita(Oita)Oita Airport
Amagasaki(Hyogo)Osaka International Airport
Kurashiki(Okayama)Okayama Airport
Yokosuka(Kanagawa)Kisarazu Airport
Nagasaki(Nagasaki)Nagasaki Airport
Hirakata(Osaka)Osaka International Airport
Machida(Tokyo)Atsugi Naval Air Facility
Gifu(Gifu)Gifu Airport
Fujisawa(Kanagawa)Atsugi Naval Air Facility
Toyonaka(Osaka)Osaka International Airport
Fukuyama(Hiroshima)Hiroshima Airport
Toyohashi(Aichi)Hamamatsu Airport
Shimminatocho(Wakayama)Kansai International Airport
Nara(Nara)Yao Airport
Toyota(Aichi)Nagoya Airport
Nagano(Nagano)Matsumoto Airport
Iwaki(Fukushima)Fukushima Airport
CityNearest Airport
Asahikawa(Hokkaido)Asahikawa Airport
Takatsuki(Osaka)Osaka International Airport
Okazaki(Aichi)Chubu Centrair International Airport
Suita(Osaka)Osaka International Airport
Koriyama(Fukushima)Fukushima Airport
Kashiwa(Chiba)Shimofusa Airport
Tokorozawa(Saitama)Iruma Air Base
Kawagoe(Saitama)Iruma Air Base
Kochi(Kochi)K?chi Ry?ma Airport
Takamatsu(Kagawa)Takamatsu Airport
Toyama(Toyama)Toyama Airport
Akita(Akita)Akita Airport
Koshigaya(Saitama)Shimofusa Airport
Miyazaki(Miyazaki)Miyazaki Airport
Naha(Okinawa)Naha Airport
Kasugai(Aichi)Nagoya Airport
Aomori(Aomori)Aomori Airport
Otsu(Shiga)Osaka International Airport
Akashi(Hyogo)Kobe Airport
Yokkaichi(Mie)Chubu Centrair International Airport
Morioka(Iwate)Hanamaki Airport
Fukushima(Fukushima)Fukushima Airport
Ichihara(Chiba)Kisarazu Airport
Maebashi(Gumma)Iruma Air Base
Ichinomiya(Aichi)Gifu Airport
Hakodate(Hokkaido)Hakodate Airport
Yao(Osaka)Yao Airport
Kakogawa(Hyogo)Kobe Airport
Tokushima(Tokushima)Tokushima Airport
Ibaraki(Osaka)Osaka International Airport
Hiratsuka(Kanagawa)Atsugi Naval Air Facility
Yamagata(Yamagata)Yamagata Airport
Fukui(Fukui)Fukui Airport
Mito(Ibaraki)Hyakuri Airport
Shimonoseki(Yamaguchi)Kitaky?sh? Airport
Takasaki(Gumma)Iruma Air Base
Fuchu(Tokyo)Chofu Airport
Fuji(Shizuoka)Shizuhama Airport
Hachinohe(Aomori)Hachinohe Airport
Kurume(Fukuoka)Saga Airport
Sasebo(Nagasaki)Nagasaki Airport
Chigasaki(Kanagawa)Atsugi Naval Air Facility
Soka(Saitama)Shimofusa Airport
Atsugi(Kanagawa)Atsugi Naval Air Facility
Minami-rinkan(Kanagawa)Atsugi Naval Air Facility
Takarazuka(Hyogo)Osaka International Airport
Ageo(Saitama)Iruma Air Base
Chofu(Tokyo)Chofu Airport
Matsumoto(Nagano)Matsumoto Airport
Kasukabe(Saitama)Shimofusa Airport