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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Italy for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
Rome(Lazio)Urbe Airport
Milan(Lombardia)Linate Airport
Napoli(Campania)Nápoli / Capodichino International Airport
Turin(Piemonte)Torino / Aeritalia Airport
Palermo(Sicily)Palermo / Bocca Di Falco Airport
Genova(Liguria)Genova / Sestri Cristoforo Colombo Airport
Florence(Tuscany)Firenze / Peretola Airport
Bologna(Emilia-Romagna)Bologna / Borgo Panigale Airport
Bari(Apulia)Bari / Palese International Airport
Catania(Sicily)Catania / Fontanarossa Airport
Venice(Veneto)Venezia / Tessera - Marco Polo Airport
Verona(Veneto)Verona / Villafranca Airport
Messina(Sicily)Reggio Calabria Airport
Trieste(Friuli Venezia Giulia)Trieste / Ronchi Dei Legionari
Padova(Veneto)Padova Airport
Taranto(Apulia)Taranto / Grottaglie Airport
Brescia(Lombardia)Ghedi Airport
Reggio di Calabria(Calabria)Reggio Calabria Airport
Modena(Emilia-Romagna)Bologna / Borgo Panigale Airport
Prato(Tuscany)Firenze / Peretola Airport
Cagliari(Sardinia)Cagliari / Elmas Airport
Parma(Emilia-Romagna)Parma Airport
Livorno(Tuscany)Pisa / San Giusto - Galileo Galilei International Airport
Foggia(Apulia)Foggia / Gino Lisa Airport
Perugia(Umbria)Perugia / San Egidio Airport
Reggio nell'Emilia(Emilia-Romagna)Parma Airport
Salerno(Campania)Salerno / Pontecagnano Airport
Ravenna(Emilia-Romagna)Ravenna Airport
Ferrara(Emilia-Romagna)Bologna / Borgo Panigale Airport
Rimini(Emilia-Romagna)Rimini / Miramare - Federico Fellini International Airport
Siracusa(Sicily)Catania / Fontanarossa Airport
Sassari(Sardinia)Alghero / Fertilia Airport
Monza(Lombardia)Linate Airport
Pescara(Abruzzo)Pescara International Airport
Bergamo(Lombardia)Bergamo / Orio Al Serio Airport
Forli(Emilia-Romagna)Forlì Airport
Latina(Lazio)Latina Airport
Vicenza(Veneto)Vicenza Airport
Terni(Umbria)Viterbo Airport
Trento(Trentino)Trento / Mattarello Airport
Pinocchio di Ancona(The Marches)Ancona / Falconara Airport
Novara(Piemonte)Cameri Airport [MIL]
Ancona(The Marches)Ancona / Falconara Airport
Giugliano in Campania(Campania)Nápoli / Capodichino International Airport
Andria(Apulia)Bari / Palese International Airport
Piacenza(Emilia-Romagna)Piacenza Airport
Catanzaro(Calabria)Lamezia Terme Airport
Udine(Friuli Venezia Giulia)Rivolto Air Base
Bolzano(Trentino)Bolzano Airport
Barletta(Apulia)Bari / Palese International Airport
CityNearest Airport
Arezzo(Tuscany)Siena / Ampugnano Airport
La Spezia(Liguria)Sarzana / Luni Airport
Pesaro(The Marches)Rimini / Miramare - Federico Fellini International Airport
Cesena(Emilia-Romagna)Cervia Air Force Base
Torre del Greco(Campania)Nápoli / Capodichino International Airport
Pisa(Tuscany)Pisa / San Giusto - Galileo Galilei International Airport
Brindisi(Apulia)Brindisi / Casale Airport
Alessandria(Piemonte)Alessandria Airport
Pistoia(Tuscany)Firenze / Peretola Airport
Lecce(Apulia)Lecce Airport
Casoria(Campania)Nápoli / Capodichino International Airport
Lucca(Tuscany)Pisa / San Giusto - Galileo Galilei International Airport
Varese(Lombardia)Varese / Venegono Airport
Treviso(Veneto)Treviso / Sant'Angelo Airport
Sesto San Giovanni(Lombardia)Linate Airport
Pozzuoli(Campania)Nápoli / Capodichino International Airport
Como(Lombardia)Varese / Venegono Airport
Marsala(Sicily)Trapani / Birgi Airport
Busto Arsizio(Lombardia)Malpensa International Airport
Caserta(Campania)Grazzanise Airport
Guidonia(Lazio)Guidonia Airport
Cosenza(Calabria)Lamezia Terme Airport
Gela(Sicily)Comiso Airport "Vincenzo Magliocco"
Cinisello Balsamo(Lombardia)Linate Airport
Asti(Piemonte)Casale Monferrato Airport
Grosseto(Tuscany)Grosseto Airport
Pavia(Lombardia)Linate Airport
Cremona(Lombardia)Piacenza Airport
Lamezia Terme(Calabria)Lamezia Terme Airport
Nicastro(Calabria)Lamezia Terme Airport
Potenza(Regione Basilicata)Salerno / Pontecagnano Airport
Ragusa(Sicily)Comiso Airport "Vincenzo Magliocco"
L'Aquila(Abruzzo)Pescara International Airport
Trapani(Sicily)Trapani / Birgi Airport
Quartu Sant'Elena(Sardinia)Cagliari / Elmas Airport
Guidonia Montecelio(Lazio)Guidonia Airport
Castellammare di Stabia(Campania)Nápoli / Capodichino International Airport
Massa(Tuscany)Sarzana / Luni Airport
Carrara(Tuscany)Sarzana / Luni Airport
Imola(Emilia-Romagna)Forlì Airport
Altamura(Apulia)Gioia Del Colle Airport
Molfetta(Apulia)Bari / Palese International Airport
Afragola(Campania)Nápoli / Capodichino International Airport
Savona(Liguria)Genova / Sestri Cristoforo Colombo Airport
Benevento(Campania)Nápoli / Capodichino International Airport
Carpi(Emilia-Romagna)Mantova Airport
Caltanissetta(Sicily)Comiso Airport "Vincenzo Magliocco"
Viareggio(Tuscany)Pisa / San Giusto - Galileo Galilei International Airport
Portici(Campania)Nápoli / Capodichino International Airport
Crotone(Calabria)Crotone Airport