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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Iceland for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
ReykjavikReykjavik Airport
KopavogurReykjavik Airport
HafnarfjordurReykjavik Airport
AkureyriAkureyri Airport
GardabarReykjavik Airport
KeflavikKeflavik International Airport
AkranesReykjavik Airport
Selfoss(South)Reykjavik Airport
NjardvikKeflavik International Airport
SaudarkrokurSiglufjordur Airport
GrindavikKeflavik International Airport
IsafjordurÍsafjörður Airport
HusavikHusavik Airport
Hveragerdi(South)Reykjavik Airport
BorgarnesReykjavik Airport
Hofn(East)Hornafjordur Airport
NeskaupstadurEgilsstaðir Airport
DalvikSiglufjordur Airport
SiglufjordurSiglufjordur Airport
SandgerdiKeflavik International Airport
Torlakshofn(South)Reykjavik Airport
StykkisholmurPatreksfjordur Airport
OlafsvikPatreksfjordur Airport
EskifjordurEgilsstaðir Airport
VogarKeflavik International Airport
BlonduosSiglufjordur Airport
BolungarvikÍsafjörður Airport
OlafsfjordurSiglufjordur Airport
ReydarfjordurEgilsstaðir Airport
HvolsvollurVestmannaeyjar Airport
SeydisfjordurEgilsstaðir Airport
HellaVestmannaeyjar Airport
PatreksfjordurPatreksfjordur Airport
FaskrudsfjordurEgilsstaðir Airport
EyrarbakkiReykjavik Airport
HvammstangiSiglufjordur Airport
SkagastrondSiglufjordur Airport
VopnafjordurEgilsstaðir Airport
StokkseyriReykjavik Airport
HolmavikÍsafjörður Airport
HnifsdalurÍsafjörður Airport
HellissandurPatreksfjordur Airport
DjupivogurHornafjordur Airport
SudureyriÍsafjörður Airport
TorshofnHusavik Airport
GrenivikAkureyri Airport
FlateyriÍsafjörður Airport
TingeyriÍsafjörður Airport
StodvarfjordurEgilsstaðir Airport
BudardalurReykjavik Airport
CityNearest Airport
HvanneyriReykjavik Airport
RaufarhofnHusavik Airport
LaugarvatnReykjavik Airport
BildudalurPatreksfjordur Airport
ReykjahlidHusavik Airport
SudavikÍsafjörður Airport
HofsosSiglufjordur Airport
BreiddalsvikEgilsstaðir Airport
KopaskerHusavik Airport
KirkjubajarklausturVestmannaeyjar Airport
Litli-ArskogssandurSiglufjordur Airport
HafnirKeflavik International Airport
ReykholarÍsafjörður Airport
HolarSiglufjordur Airport
BakkafjordurEgilsstaðir Airport
DrangsnesÍsafjörður Airport
HallormsstadurEgilsstaðir Airport
EidarEgilsstaðir Airport
HjalteyriAkureyri Airport
ReykholtReykjavik Airport
BordeyriReykjavik Airport
Solheimar(South)Reykjavik Airport
FloagaflshverfiReykjavik Airport
HjardarholtReykjavik Airport
HjardarholtReykjavik Airport
HoskuldsstadirSiglufjordur Airport
BanahusÍsafjörður Airport
HjardarfellReykjavik Airport
GrundarfjorturPatreksfjordur Airport
KalfholtVestmannaeyjar Airport
HornÍsafjörður Airport
BudirPatreksfjordur Airport
KleppurReykjavik Airport
AlafossReykjavik Airport
KalfatjornKeflavik International Airport
HjalliReykjavik Airport
BudarholshverfiVestmannaeyjar Airport
HvalsnesKeflavik International Airport
AkureyVestmannaeyjar Airport
FlateyPatreksfjordur Airport
AkrarReykjavik Airport
HvallaturPatreksfjordur Airport
BairÍsafjörður Airport
HalsÍsafjörður Airport
KaldrananesÍsafjörður Airport
HvaleyriReykjavik Airport
HoltastadirSiglufjordur Airport
GeirseyriPatreksfjordur Airport
HoltÍsafjörður Airport
BrunnastadirKeflavik International Airport
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