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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Guinea for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
Camayenne(Conakry)Conakry Airport
Conakry(Conakry)Conakry Airport
Nzerekore(Nzerekore)Faranah Airport
Kindia(Kindia)Fria Airport
Kankan(Kankan)Faranah Airport
Kissidougou(Kissidougou)Faranah Airport
Labe(Labe)Labe Airport
Siguiri(Siguiri)Faranah Airport
Macenta(Macenta)Faranah Airport
Mamou(Mamou)Labe Airport
Telimele(Telimele)Fria Airport
Tougue(Tougue)Labe Airport
Pita(Pita)Labe Airport
Boke(Boke)Fria Airport
Kouroussa(Kouroussa)Faranah Airport
Koundara(Koundara)Labe Airport
Dabola(Dabola)Faranah Airport
Forecariah(Forecariah)Conakry Airport
TondonFria Airport
Mandiana(Mandiana)Faranah Airport
Dubreka(Dubreka)Conakry Airport
Koubia(Koubia)Labe Airport
Faranah(Faranah)Faranah Airport
Kimbo(Fria)Fria Airport
Youkounkoun(Koundara)Labe Airport
Gaoual(Gaoual)Labe Airport
Kerouane(Kerouane)Faranah Airport
TokonouFaranah Airport
Sangueya(Boke)Fria Airport
Dinguiraye(Dinguiraye)Faranah Airport
Mali(Mali)Labe Airport
Yomou(Yomou)Faranah Airport
Boffa(Boffa)Fria Airport
Lola(Lola)Faranah Airport
Coyah(Coyah)Conakry Airport
MandekoteConakry Airport
KakiraConakry Airport
TelemayaConakry Airport
BagueyaConakry Airport
BeleConakry Airport
YegueyaConakry Airport
KankaConakry Airport
TergueyaConakry Airport
BorondouConakry Airport
SolokhireConakry Airport
YoukhoukhoriConakry Airport
DenteforeConakry Airport
TeniaConakry Airport
KoperingConakry Airport
TaneneConakry Airport
CityNearest Airport
DaboroConakry Airport
DofiliConakry Airport
BogayaConakry Airport
Sebaya(Conakry)Conakry Airport
Soro(Conakry)Conakry Airport
Cote(Conakry)Conakry Airport
Tayire(Conakry)Conakry Airport
KerebaConakry Airport
TombolonConakry Airport
KirikiraConakry Airport
KountouyaConakry Airport
Kobaya(Conakry)Conakry Airport
Kokoma(Conakry)Conakry Airport
Lansaniya(Conakry)Conakry Airport
Kissamondeya(Conakry)Conakry Airport
Wassawassa(Conakry)Conakry Airport
Lembagui(Conakry)Conakry Airport
Tadi(Conakry)Conakry Airport
Koure(Conakry)Conakry Airport
Kiroli(Conakry)Conakry Airport
Sonike(Conakry)Conakry Airport
Cite Resid(Conakry)Conakry Airport
Hafiya(Conakry)Conakry Airport
Cite de Francony(Conakry)Conakry Airport
Landreya(Conakry)Conakry Airport
Bonfira(Conakry)Conakry Airport
Donka(Conakry)Conakry Airport
Tonguiwondi(Conakry)Conakry Airport
Madina(Conakry)Conakry Airport
BaseriConakry Airport
KimbouConakry Airport
BagaConakry Airport
Wondi(Forecariah)Conakry Airport
Mamoudia(Forecariah)Conakry Airport
Filidi(Forecariah)Conakry Airport
Amaraya(Forecariah)Conakry Airport
YatarayaConakry Airport
Douadou(Forecariah)Conakry Airport
Fodetomanaya(Forecariah)Conakry Airport
Kenendi(Forecariah)Conakry Airport
Romenkine(Forecariah)Conakry Airport
Gbafare(Forecariah)Conakry Airport
Konan(Forecariah)Conakry Airport
Maliban(Forecariah)Conakry Airport
Dentedi(Forecariah)Conakry Airport
Tamagalidi(Forecariah)Conakry Airport
Yobe(Forecariah)Conakry Airport
Kabaya(Forecariah)Conakry Airport
Daboya(Forecariah)Conakry Airport
Wourisinde(Forecariah)Conakry Airport