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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Guernsey for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
Les PiecesGuernsey Airport
Le FortGuernsey Airport
Les ButtesGuernsey Airport
Le Grand FortGuernsey Airport
La TourgieGuernsey Airport
La TourGuernsey Airport
Le CheneGuernsey Airport
Le BourgGuernsey Airport
La GenetiereGuernsey Airport
Les HouardsGuernsey Airport
Les AnnevillesGuernsey Airport
Le BordageGuernsey Airport
Camp du RoiGuernsey Airport
Les BaissieresGuernsey Airport
Le VarioufGuernsey Airport
Les VarendesGuernsey Airport
L'AumoneGuernsey Airport
Les FontenellesGuernsey Airport
La SergenteeGuernsey Airport
La ChaumiereGuernsey Airport
Les TouilletsGuernsey Airport
Sous l'EgliseGuernsey Airport
Le PreelGuernsey Airport
Les BrehautsGuernsey Airport
BeaucampsGuernsey Airport
Les IsletsGuernsey Airport
Beaucamps de BasGuernsey Airport
L'EcletGuernsey Airport
Saint GeorgeGuernsey Airport
Les Clos LandaisGuernsey Airport
Les PadinsGuernsey Airport
Les VinairesGuernsey Airport
IcartGuernsey Airport
RozelGuernsey Airport
Mont PlaisantGuernsey Airport
Le VillocqGuernsey Airport
La PlanqueGuernsey Airport
Fort GeorgeGuernsey Airport
Val au BourgGuernsey Airport
La FosseGuernsey Airport
Les MourainsGuernsey Airport
L'EreeGuernsey Airport
Les Camps du MoulinGuernsey Airport
DuvalGuernsey Airport
Courtes FallaizesGuernsey Airport
La BeilleuseGuernsey Airport
Les HubitsGuernsey Airport
Ville au RoiGuernsey Airport
ChoisiGuernsey Airport
Les QuartiersGuernsey Airport
CityNearest Airport
CoutanchezGuernsey Airport
Rocque PoissonGuernsey Airport
Le HoumetGuernsey Airport
Les MaraisGuernsey Airport
Les DicasGuernsey Airport
Claire MareGuernsey Airport
RousseGuernsey Airport
Le VaugratGuernsey Airport
Les VardesGuernsey Airport
Les AdamsGuernsey Airport
La RocqueGuernsey Airport
PulaisGuernsey Airport
La PasseeGuernsey Airport
PleinheaumeGuernsey Airport
Le CatiorocGuernsey Airport
GoubeysGuernsey Airport
Les MaingysGuernsey Airport
RichmondGuernsey Airport
PerelleGuernsey Airport
Le MaraisGuernsey Airport
Les MartinsGuernsey Airport
Le PontGuernsey Airport
Les ButtesGuernsey Airport
Les ReveauxGuernsey Airport
La Hougue FalleGuernsey Airport
Le DouitGuernsey Airport
Les ArquetsGuernsey Airport
La PomareGuernsey Airport
La SalineGuernsey Airport
Le CatillionGuernsey Airport
La HouguetteGuernsey Airport
Les PaysansGuernsey Airport
Frie BatonGuernsey Airport
GirouetteGuernsey Airport
Saint SaviourGuernsey Airport
Le VallonGuernsey Airport
JerbourgGuernsey Airport
Les MiellesGuernsey Airport
Clos du ValleGuernsey Airport
GroignetGuernsey Airport
La BouveeGuernsey Airport
La PorteGuernsey Airport
L'AncresseGuernsey Airport
Le MaraisGuernsey Airport
ClosiosGuernsey Airport
Les HautgardsGuernsey Airport
Les GrantezGuernsey Airport
Les JaonnetsGuernsey Airport
Village de PutronGuernsey Airport
Le HurelGuernsey Airport
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