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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Guatemala for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
Guatemala City(Guatemala)La Aurora Airport
Mixco(Guatemala)La Aurora Airport
Villa Nueva(Guatemala)La Aurora Airport
Petapa(Guatemala)La Aurora Airport
San Juan Sacatepequez(Guatemala)La Aurora Airport
Quetzaltenango(Quetzaltenango)Retalhuleu Airport
Villa Canales(Guatemala)La Aurora Airport
Escuintla(Escuintla)San José Airport
Chinautla(Guatemala)La Aurora Airport
Chimaltenango(Chimaltenango)La Aurora Airport
Chichicastenango(Quiche)La Aurora Airport
Huehuetenango(Huehuetenango)Retalhuleu Airport
Amatitlan(Guatemala)La Aurora Airport
Totonicapan(Totonicapan)Retalhuleu Airport
Santa Catarina Pinula(Guatemala)La Aurora Airport
Santa Lucia Cotzumalguapa(Escuintla)San José Airport
Puerto Barrios(Izabal)Puerto Barrios Airport
San Francisco El Alto(Totonicapan)Retalhuleu Airport
Coban(Alta Verapaz)Coban Airport
San Jose Pinula(Guatemala)La Aurora Airport
San Pedro Ayampuc(Guatemala)La Aurora Airport
Jalapa(Jalapa)La Aurora Airport
Coatepeque(Quetzaltenango)Retalhuleu Airport
Solola(Solola)Retalhuleu Airport
Mazatenango(Suchitepequez)Retalhuleu Airport
Chiquimula(Chiquimula)La Aurora Airport
San Pedro Sacatepequez(San Marcos)Retalhuleu Airport
Antigua Guatemala(Sacatepequez)La Aurora Airport
Retalhuleu(Retalhuleu)Retalhuleu Airport
Zacapa(Zacapa)Coban Airport
Jutiapa(Jutiapa)La Aurora Airport
Jacaltenango(Huehuetenango)Retalhuleu Airport
Santiago Atitlan(Solola)Retalhuleu Airport
Momostenango(Totonicapan)Retalhuleu Airport
Palin(Escuintla)La Aurora Airport
San Benito(Peten)Mundo Maya International Airport
Barberena(Santa Rosa)La Aurora Airport
Ciudad Vieja(Sacatepequez)La Aurora Airport
Ostuncalco(Quetzaltenango)Retalhuleu Airport
Fraijanes(Guatemala)La Aurora Airport
Nahuala(Solola)Retalhuleu Airport
Cantel(Quetzaltenango)Retalhuleu Airport
Panzos(Alta Verapaz)Coban Airport
San Marcos(San Marcos)Retalhuleu Airport
Santiago Sacatepequez(Sacatepequez)La Aurora Airport
La Gomera(Escuintla)San José Airport
Santa Cruz del Quiche(Quiche)Retalhuleu Airport
Nebaj(Quiche)Coban Airport
Tecpan Guatemala(Chimaltenango)La Aurora Airport
Sumpango(Sacatepequez)La Aurora Airport
CityNearest Airport
Comalapa(Chimaltenango)La Aurora Airport
Esquipulas(Chiquimula)La Aurora Airport
Flores(Peten)Mundo Maya International Airport
Chicacao(Suchitepequez)Retalhuleu Airport
San Pablo Jocopilas(Suchitepequez)Retalhuleu Airport
Comitancillo(San Marcos)Retalhuleu Airport
San Cristobal Verapaz(Alta Verapaz)Coban Airport
Gualan(Zacapa)Puerto Barrios Airport
Nuevo San Carlos(Retalhuleu)Retalhuleu Airport
Colomba(Quetzaltenango)Retalhuleu Airport
Morales(Izabal)Puerto Barrios Airport
Patzun(Chimaltenango)La Aurora Airport
Puerto San Jose(Escuintla)San José Airport
San Andres Itzapa(Chimaltenango)La Aurora Airport
Palencia(Guatemala)La Aurora Airport
Pueblo Nuevo Tiquisate(Escuintla)Retalhuleu Airport
San Lucas Sacatepequez(Sacatepequez)La Aurora Airport
Jocotenango(Sacatepequez)La Aurora Airport
Alotenango(Sacatepequez)La Aurora Airport
Poptun(Peten)Mundo Maya International Airport
Chisec(Alta Verapaz)Rubelsanto Airport
Patzicia(Chimaltenango)La Aurora Airport
Cuilapa(Santa Rosa)La Aurora Airport
La Esperanza(Quetzaltenango)Retalhuleu Airport
Sanarate(El Progreso)La Aurora Airport
El Estor(Izabal)Puerto Barrios Airport
El Tejar(Chimaltenango)La Aurora Airport
Asuncion Mita(Jutiapa)La Aurora Airport
Santa Maria de Jesus(Sacatepequez)La Aurora Airport
El Palmar(Quetzaltenango)Retalhuleu Airport
Malacatan(San Marcos)Retalhuleu Airport
San Sebastian(Retalhuleu)Retalhuleu Airport
Santa Catarina Ixtahuacan(Solola)Retalhuleu Airport
San Lucas Toliman(Solola)Retalhuleu Airport
Livingston(Izabal)Puerto Barrios Airport
San Pedro Sacatepequez(Guatemala)La Aurora Airport
Patulul(Suchitepequez)Retalhuleu Airport
Barillas(Huehuetenango)Rubelsanto Airport
San Francisco Zapotitlan(Suchitepequez)Retalhuleu Airport
San Miguel Chicaj(Baja Verapaz)Coban Airport
San Pablo(San Marcos)Retalhuleu Airport
Guastatoya(El Progreso)La Aurora Airport
San Pedro Carcha(Alta Verapaz)Coban Airport
San Mateo Ixtatan(Huehuetenango)Rubelsanto Airport
Joyabaj(Quiche)La Aurora Airport
Santa Lucia Milpas Altas(Sacatepequez)La Aurora Airport
Santa Barbara(Suchitepequez)Retalhuleu Airport
Panajachel(Solola)Retalhuleu Airport
Chiquimulilla(Santa Rosa)San José Airport
San Andres Xecul(Totonicapan)Retalhuleu Airport