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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Greenland for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
NuukGodthaab / Nuuk Airport
SisimiutKangerlussuaq Airport
IlulissatAasiaat Airport
QaqortoqNarsarsuaq Airport
AasiaatAasiaat Airport
SukkertoppenGodthaab / Nuuk Airport
FrederikshabNarsarsuaq Airport
TasiilaqKangerlussuaq Airport
NarsaqThule Air Base
NanortalikNarsarsuaq Airport
ChristianshabAasiaat Airport
UpernavikAasiaat Airport
QeqertarsuaqGodthaab / Nuuk Airport
KangaatsiaqAasiaat Airport
QaanaaqThule Air Base
IttoqqortoormiitAasiaat Airport
KullorsuaqThule Air Base
KangaamiutKangerlussuaq Airport
SydprovenNarsarsuaq Airport
NiaqornaarsukAasiaat Airport
KulusukKangerlussuaq Airport
DundasThule Air Base
IkerasakAasiaat Airport
AttuAasiaat Airport
QeqertarsuatsiaatGodthaab / Nuuk Airport
AtammikGodthaab / Nuuk Airport
TasiusaqThule Air Base
KangersuatsiaqAasiaat Airport
PituffikThule Air Base
SermiligaaqKangerlussuaq Airport
SaattutAasiaat Airport
AappilattoqAasiaat Airport
Sondre UpernavikAasiaat Airport
QaarsutAasiaat Airport
UkkusissatAasiaat Airport
TiniteqilaaqKangerlussuaq Airport
SaqqaqAasiaat Airport
GronnedalNarsarsuaq Airport
NarsarsuaqNarsarsuaq Airport
QeqertaqAasiaat Airport
ArsukNarsarsuaq Airport
ItilleqKangerlussuaq Airport
Hunde EjlandAasiaat Airport
IkerasaarsukAasiaat Airport
Narsaq KujalleqNarsarsuaq Airport
SarfannguaqKangerlussuaq Airport
AkunnaaqAasiaat Airport
IginniarfikAasiaat Airport
NapasoqGodthaab / Nuuk Airport
NuugaatsiaqAasiaat Airport
CityNearest Airport
IllorsuitAasiaat Airport
IkamiutAasiaat Airport
TasiusaqNarsarsuaq Airport
KapisillitGodthaab / Nuuk Airport
ClaushavnAasiaat Airport
SavissivikThule Air Base
SiorapalukThule Air Base
NiaqornatAasiaat Airport
NaajatAasiaat Airport
RodebayAasiaat Airport
MaarmorilikAasiaat Airport
QassimiutNarsarsuaq Airport
IgalikuNarsarsuaq Airport
SaarloqNarsarsuaq Airport
DiskofjordAasiaat Airport
QassiarsukNarsarsuaq Airport
MoriusaqThule Air Base
QeqertatThule Air Base
UpernaviarsukNarsarsuaq Airport
QallimiutNarsarsuaq Airport
IvittuutNarsarsuaq Airport
Kap HopeAasiaat Airport
AkuliaruseqNarsarsuaq Airport
NeriunaqGodthaab / Nuuk Airport
TimerliitKangerlussuaq Airport
LichtenauNarsarsuaq Airport
FaringehavnGodthaab / Nuuk Airport
SaqqamiutNarsarsuaq Airport
IkerasassuaqNarsarsuaq Airport
IllorsuitNarsarsuaq Airport
QoornoqGodthaab / Nuuk Airport
QeqertarsuaqThule Air Base
IterlakNarsarsuaq Airport
IsortoqKangerlussuaq Airport
QooqqutGodthaab / Nuuk Airport
QernertuarssuitKangerlussuaq Airport
KuukThule Air Base
KigdlussatAasiaat Airport
AkuliaruseqAasiaat Airport
AppamiutGodthaab / Nuuk Airport
NarssarmiutKangerlussuaq Airport
NarsatsiaatNarsarsuaq Airport
NarsaqNarsarsuaq Airport
NarsaqGodthaab / Nuuk Airport
NarsaqNarsarsuaq Airport
IkigaitNarsarsuaq Airport
AnorliuitsoqNarsarsuaq Airport
IkerasakAasiaat Airport
NarsalikNarsarsuaq Airport
IkerasakAasiaat Airport
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