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This is an online tool to search airports in Greenland nearest to city , town , village or any place in Greenland and display them on the map with their distances.
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Note: Data of all the airports in the Greenland may not be available or may not be accurate and distances are air distances (straight line distances) and may be much different from actual travel / road distance.

Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport (Name,IATA and ICAO airport codes if available) in Greenland for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.

CityNearest AirportCityNearest Airport
NuukGodthaab / Nuuk AirportSisimiutKangerlussuaq Airport
IlulissatAasiaat AirportQaqortoqNarsarsuaq Airport
AasiaatAasiaat AirportSukkertoppenGodthaab / Nuuk Airport
FrederikshabNarsarsuaq AirportTasiilaqKangerlussuaq Airport
NarsaqThule Air BaseNanortalikNarsarsuaq Airport
ChristianshabAasiaat AirportUpernavikAasiaat Airport
QeqertarsuaqGodthaab / Nuuk AirportKangaatsiaqAasiaat Airport
QaanaaqThule Air BaseIttoqqortoormiitAasiaat Airport
KullorsuaqThule Air BaseKangaamiutKangerlussuaq Airport
SydprovenNarsarsuaq AirportNiaqornaarsukAasiaat Airport
KulusukKangerlussuaq AirportDundasThule Air Base
IkerasakAasiaat AirportAttuAasiaat Airport
QeqertarsuatsiaatGodthaab / Nuuk AirportAtammikGodthaab / Nuuk Airport
TasiusaqThule Air BaseKangersuatsiaqAasiaat Airport
PituffikThule Air BaseSermiligaaqKangerlussuaq Airport
SaattutAasiaat AirportAappilattoqAasiaat Airport
Sondre UpernavikAasiaat AirportQaarsutAasiaat Airport
UkkusissatAasiaat AirportTiniteqilaaqKangerlussuaq Airport
SaqqaqAasiaat AirportGronnedalNarsarsuaq Airport
NarsarsuaqNarsarsuaq AirportQeqertaqAasiaat Airport
ArsukNarsarsuaq AirportItilleqKangerlussuaq Airport
Hunde EjlandAasiaat AirportIkerasaarsukAasiaat Airport
Narsaq KujalleqNarsarsuaq AirportSarfannguaqKangerlussuaq Airport
AkunnaaqAasiaat AirportIginniarfikAasiaat Airport
NapasoqGodthaab / Nuuk AirportNuugaatsiaqAasiaat Airport
IllorsuitAasiaat AirportIkamiutAasiaat Airport
TasiusaqNarsarsuaq AirportKapisillitGodthaab / Nuuk Airport
ClaushavnAasiaat AirportSavissivikThule Air Base
SiorapalukThule Air BaseNiaqornatAasiaat Airport
NaajatAasiaat AirportRodebayAasiaat Airport
MaarmorilikAasiaat AirportQassimiutNarsarsuaq Airport
IgalikuNarsarsuaq AirportSaarloqNarsarsuaq Airport
DiskofjordAasiaat AirportQassiarsukNarsarsuaq Airport
MoriusaqThule Air BaseQeqertatThule Air Base
UpernaviarsukNarsarsuaq AirportQallimiutNarsarsuaq Airport
IvittuutNarsarsuaq AirportKap HopeAasiaat Airport
AkuliaruseqNarsarsuaq AirportNeriunaqGodthaab / Nuuk Airport
TimerliitKangerlussuaq AirportLichtenauNarsarsuaq Airport
FaringehavnGodthaab / Nuuk AirportSaqqamiutNarsarsuaq Airport
IkerasassuaqNarsarsuaq AirportIllorsuitNarsarsuaq Airport
QoornoqGodthaab / Nuuk AirportQeqertarsuaqThule Air Base
IterlakNarsarsuaq AirportIsortoqKangerlussuaq Airport
QooqqutGodthaab / Nuuk AirportQernertuarssuitKangerlussuaq Airport
KuukThule Air BaseKigdlussatAasiaat Airport
AkuliaruseqAasiaat AirportAppamiutGodthaab / Nuuk Airport
NarssarmiutKangerlussuaq AirportNarsatsiaatNarsarsuaq Airport
NarsaqNarsarsuaq AirportNarsaqGodthaab / Nuuk Airport
NarsaqNarsarsuaq AirportIkigaitNarsarsuaq Airport
AnorliuitsoqNarsarsuaq AirportIkerasakAasiaat Airport
NarsalikNarsarsuaq AirportIkerasakAasiaat Airport