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This is an online tool to calculate the Distance and Flight Time between two airports in Germany.
This distance will also be displayed on a web based map labeled as Airports Distance Map Germany.
The distance between airports of Germany is calculated in kilometers(kms), miles and nautical miles. Flight time between the airports from Germany is also calculated.
Germany Airports Distance and Flight Time Chart: For your quick reference, below is a Airports Distance Chart or Airports Distance Table of distances and flight time between some of the major airports in Germany.
[Note: The distance between airports in Germany distance chart below is the shortest earth surface distance between the two airports in Germany calculated based on their latitudes and longitudes. This distance may be different from the actual flight travel distance.]

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Distance From AirportDistance To AirportDistance (km)Flght Time (Hr)
Frankfurt am Main Airport, Frankfurt am Main FRAMunich Airport, Munich MUC299.061.33
Frankfurt am Main Airport, Frankfurt am Main FRADüsseldorf Airport, Düsseldorf DUS188.861.21
Munich Airport, Munich MUCDüsseldorf Airport, Düsseldorf DUS485.81.53
Frankfurt am Main Airport, Frankfurt am Main FRABerlin-Tegel Airport, Berlin TXL431.661.47
Munich Airport, Munich MUCBerlin-Tegel Airport, Berlin TXL479.551.53
Frankfurt am Main Airport, Frankfurt am Main FRAHamburg Airport, Hamburg HAM411.631.45
Düsseldorf Airport, Düsseldorf DUSBerlin-Tegel Airport, Berlin TXL468.721.51
Frankfurt am Main Airport, Frankfurt am Main FRAStuttgart Airport, Stuttgart STR156.651.17
Munich Airport, Munich MUCHamburg Airport, Hamburg HAM599.991.66
Düsseldorf Airport, Düsseldorf DUSHamburg Airport, Hamburg HAM339.611.37
Munich Airport, Munich MUCStuttgart Airport, Stuttgart STR192.491.21
Munich Airport, Munich MUCCologne Bonn Airport, Cologne CGN435.681.48
Düsseldorf Airport, Düsseldorf DUSStuttgart Airport, Stuttgart STR338.121.37
Berlin-Tegel Airport, Berlin TXLStuttgart Airport, Stuttgart STR516.911.57
Berlin-Tegel Airport, Berlin TXLCologne Bonn Airport, Cologne CGN463.151.51
Frankfurt am Main Airport, Frankfurt am Main FRAHannover Airport, Hannover HAJ280.861.31
Hamburg Airport, Hamburg HAMStuttgart Airport, Stuttgart STR551.921.6
Hamburg Airport, Hamburg HAMCologne Bonn Airport, Cologne CGN363.261.4
Munich Airport, Munich MUCHannover Airport, Hannover HAJ480.291.53
Frankfurt am Main Airport, Frankfurt am Main FRABremen Airport, Bremen BRE335.481.37
Frankfurt am Main Airport, Frankfurt am Main FRANuremberg Airport, Nuremberg NUE189.631.21
Frankfurt am Main Airport, Frankfurt am Main FRALeipzig/Halle Airport, Leipzig LEJ300.741.33
Munich Airport, Munich MUCBremen Airport, Bremen BRE562.891.62
Munich Airport, Munich MUCNuremberg Airport, Nuremberg NUE137.411.15
Munich Airport, Munich MUCLeipzig/Halle Airport, Leipzig LEJ342.881.38
Stuttgart Airport, Stuttgart STRHannover Airport, Hannover HAJ420.591.46
Düsseldorf Airport, Düsseldorf DUSNuremberg Airport, Nuremberg NUE364.651.4
Munich Airport, Munich MUCDortmund Airport, Dortmund DTM461.41.51
Düsseldorf Airport, Düsseldorf DUSLeipzig/Halle Airport, Leipzig LEJ379.991.42
Berlin-Tegel Airport, Berlin TXLNuremberg Airport, Nuremberg NUE373.741.41
Frankfurt am Main Airport, Frankfurt am Main FRADresden Airport, Dresden DRS386.621.42
Hamburg Airport, Hamburg HAMNuremberg Airport, Nuremberg NUE465.521.51
Stuttgart Airport, Stuttgart STRBremen Airport, Bremen BRE485.481.53
Munich Airport, Munich MUCDresden Airport, Dresden DRS340.181.37
Stuttgart Airport, Stuttgart STRLeipzig/Halle Airport, Leipzig LEJ372.381.41
Cologne Bonn Airport, Cologne CGNLeipzig/Halle Airport, Leipzig LEJ360.611.4
Düsseldorf Airport, Düsseldorf DUSDresden Airport, Dresden DRS487.741.53
Frankfurt am Main Airport, Frankfurt am Main FRAFriedrichshafen Airport, Friedrichshafen FDH271.51.3
Frankfurt am Main Airport, Frankfurt am Main FRAMünster Osnabrück Airport, Münster FMO241.691.26
Berlin-Tegel Airport, Berlin TXLMemmingen Allgau Airport, Memmingen FMM552.351.61
Berlin-Tegel Airport, Berlin TXLKarlsruhe Baden-Baden Airport, Baden-Baden FKB557.681.61
Hamburg Airport, Hamburg HAMMemmingen Allgau Airport, Memmingen FMM627.531.69
Munich Airport, Munich MUCPaderborn Lippstadt Airport, Paderborn PAD427.431.47
Munich Airport, Munich MUCMünster Osnabrück Airport, Münster FMO511.461.56
Frankfurt am Main Airport, Frankfurt am Main FRAWesterland Sylt Airport, Westerland GWT542.811.59
Düsseldorf Airport, Düsseldorf DUSFriedrichshafen Airport, Friedrichshafen FDH448.441.49
Hamburg Airport, Hamburg HAMKarlsruhe Baden-Baden Airport, Baden-Baden FKB555.461.61
Bremen Airport, Bremen BRELeipzig/Halle Airport, Leipzig LEJ296.211.32
Stuttgart Airport, Stuttgart STRDresden Airport, Dresden DRS423.771.46
Cologne Bonn Airport, Cologne CGNDresden Airport, Dresden DRS464.341.51
Munich Airport, Munich MUCWesterland Sylt Airport, Westerland GWT766.881.84
Berlin-Tegel Airport, Berlin TXLFriedrichshafen Airport, Friedrichshafen FDH606.361.66
Frankfurt am Main Airport, Frankfurt am Main FRAHeringsdorf Airport, Heringsdorf HDF573.331.63
Düsseldorf Airport, Düsseldorf DUSWesterland Sylt Airport, Westerland GWT416.361.46
Hamburg Airport, Hamburg HAMFriedrichshafen Airport, Friedrichshafen FDH663.441.73
Berlin-Tegel Airport, Berlin TXLSaarbrücken Airport, Saarbrücken SCN570.731.63
Cologne Bonn Airport, Cologne CGNFriedrichshafen Airport, Friedrichshafen FDH394.551.43
Munich Airport, Munich MUCRostock-Laage Airport, Rostock RLG619.651.68
Berlin-Tegel Airport, Berlin TXLWesterland Sylt Airport, Westerland GWT417.381.46
Stuttgart Airport, Stuttgart STRMünster Osnabrück Airport, Münster FMO398.181.44
Hamburg Airport, Hamburg HAMSaarbrücken Airport, Saarbrücken SCN529.91.58
Düsseldorf Airport, Düsseldorf DUSHeringsdorf Airport, Heringsdorf HDF575.641.63
Hamburg Airport, Hamburg HAMWesterland Sylt Airport, Westerland GWT178.291.2
Stuttgart Airport, Stuttgart STRWesterland Sylt Airport, Westerland GWT694.61.76
Stuttgart Airport, Stuttgart STRRostock-Laage Airport, Rostock RLG618.791.68
Stuttgart Airport, Stuttgart STRHeringsdorf Airport, Heringsdorf HDF670.761.74
Cologne Bonn Airport, Cologne CGNHeringsdorf Airport, Heringsdorf HDF581.511.64
Cologne Bonn Airport, Cologne CGNRostock-Laage Airport, Rostock RLG486.21.53
Bremen Airport, Bremen BREMünster Osnabrück Airport, Münster FMO125.861.14
Nuremberg Airport, Nuremberg NUEZweibrücken Airport, Zweibrücken ZQW268.261.29
Berlin-Tegel Airport, Berlin TXLMannheim-City Airport, Mannheim MHG478.631.52
Dortmund Airport, Dortmund DTMHeringsdorf Airport, Heringsdorf HDF512.621.56