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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Egypt for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
Cairo(Al Qahirah)Almaza Air Force Base
Alexandria(Alexandria Governorate)El Nouzha Airport
Al Jizah(Al Jizah)Almaza Air Force Base
Bur Sa`id(Bur Sa`id)Port Said Airport
Suez(As Suways)Abu Suwayr Air Base
Al Mahallah al Kubra(Al Gharbiyah)Bilbeis Airport
Luxor(Qina)Luxor International Airport
Asyut(Asyut)Assiut International Airport
Al Mansurah(Ad Daqahliyah)Bilbeis 2 Airfield
Tanta(Al Gharbiyah)Bilbeis Airport
Al Fayyum(Al Fayyum)Beni Suef Air Base
Az Zaqaziq(Ash Sharqiyah)Bilbeis Airport
Ismailia(Al Isma`iliyah)Abu Suwayr Air Base
Kafr ad Dawwar(Al Buhayrah)El Nouzha Airport
Aswan(Aswan)Aswan International Airport
Qina(Qina)Luxor International Airport
Damanhur(Al Buhayrah)Jiyanklis Air Base
Al Minya(Al Minya)Assiut International Airport
Suhaj(Matruh)Sohag International Airport
Bani Suwayf(Bani Suwayf)Beni Suef Air Base
Banha(Al Qalyubiyah)Bilbeis Airport
Idfu(Aswan)Luxor International Airport
Talkha(Ad Daqahliyah)Bilbeis 2 Airfield
Kafr ash Shaykh(Kafr ash Shaykh)Jiyanklis Air Base
Mallawi(Al Minya)Assiut International Airport
Dikirnis(Ad Daqahliyah)Port Said Airport
Bilbays(Ash Sharqiyah)Bilbeis Airport
Al `Arish(Shamal Sina')El Arish International Airport
Jirja(Suhaj)Sohag International Airport
Al Hawamidiyah(Al Jizah)Almaza Air Force Base
Idku(Al Buhayrah)El Nouzha Airport
Bilqas Qism Awwal(Ad Daqahliyah)Port Said Airport
Disuq(Kafr ash Shaykh)Jiyanklis Air Base
Abu Kabir(Ash Sharqiyah)Bilbeis 2 Airfield
Qalyub(Al Qalyubiyah)Almaza Air Force Base
Akhmim(Suhaj)Sohag International Airport
Al Matariyah(Bur Sa`id)Port Said Airport
Al Ghardaqah(Al Bahr al Ahmar)Hurghada International Airport
Zifta(Al Gharbiyah)Bilbeis Airport
Tahta(Suhaj)Sohag International Airport
Samalut(Al Minya)Beni Suef Air Base
Bush(Bani Suwayf)Beni Suef Air Base
Hawsh `Isa(Al Buhayrah)Jiyanklis Air Base
Minuf(Al Minufiyah)Cairo West Airport
Ashmun(Al Minufiyah)Cairo West Airport
Manfalut(Asyut)Assiut International Airport
Damietta(Dumyat)Port Said Airport
Kafr az Zayyat(Al Gharbiyah)Jiyanklis Air Base
Abu Tij(Asyut)Assiut International Airport
Isna(Qina)Luxor International Airport
CityNearest Airport
Abnub(Asyut)Assiut International Airport
Al Qusiyah(Asyut)Assiut International Airport
Al Jamaliyah(Ad Daqahliyah)Port Said Airport
Dayrut(Asyut)Assiut International Airport
Tukh(Al Qalyubiyah)Almaza Air Force Base
Al Manzilah(Ad Daqahliyah)Port Said Airport
Rosetta(Al Buhayrah)El Nouzha Airport
Awsim(Al Jizah)Cairo West Airport
Al Fashn(Bani Suwayf)Beni Suef Air Base
Fuwah(Kafr ash Shaykh)Jiyanklis Air Base
Faqus(Ash Sharqiyah)Abu Suwayr Air Base
Al Khankah(Al Qalyubiyah)Cairo International Airport
Marsa Matruh(Matruh)Mersa Matruh Airport
Al Qurayn(Ash Sharqiyah)Bilbeis 2 Airfield
Abu Qurqas(Al Minya)Assiut International Airport
Al Manshah(Suhaj)Sohag International Airport
Qus(Qina)Luxor International Airport
Kawm Umbu(Aswan)Aswan International Airport
Fariskur(Dumyat)Port Said Airport
Bani Mazar(Al Minya)Beni Suef Air Base
Minyat an Nasr(Ad Daqahliyah)Port Said Airport
Shibin al Qanatir(Al Qalyubiyah)Cairo International Airport
Al Qanatir al Khayriyah(Al Qalyubiyah)Cairo West Airport
Basyun(Al Gharbiyah)Jiyanklis Air Base
Samannud(Al Gharbiyah)Bilbeis Airport
Shirbin(Ad Daqahliyah)Port Said Airport
Dishna(Qina)Luxor International Airport
Farshut(Qina)Sohag International Airport
Diyarb Najm(Ad Daqahliyah)Bilbeis Airport
At Tall al Kabir(Al Isma`iliyah)Bilbeis 2 Airfield
Tala(Al Minufiyah)Cairo West Airport
Ibshaway(Al Fayyum)Beni Suef Air Base
Al Balyana(Suhaj)Sohag International Airport
Ash Shuhada'(Al Minufiyah)Cairo West Airport
Sidi Salim(Kafr ash Shaykh)Jiyanklis Air Base
Juhaynah(Suhaj)Sohag International Airport
Tamiyah(Al Fayyum)Beni Suef Air Base
Mashtul as Suq(Ash Sharqiyah)Bilbeis Airport
Al Hamul(Kafr ash Shaykh)Port Said Airport
Itsa(Al Fayyum)Beni Suef Air Base
Matay(Al Minya)Beni Suef Air Base
Al Badari(Al Bahr al Ahmar)Assiut International Airport
Hihya(Ash Sharqiyah)Bilbeis 2 Airfield
Al Qanayat(Ash Sharqiyah)Bilbeis Airport
Quwaysina(Al Minufiyah)Bilbeis Airport
Madinat Sittah Uktubar(Al Jizah)Cairo West Airport
Abu al Matamir(Al Buhayrah)Jiyanklis Air Base
Naj` Hammadi(Qina)Sohag International Airport
Dayr Mawas(Al Minya)Assiut International Airport
Ad Dilinjat(Al Buhayrah)Jiyanklis Air Base