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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Dominica for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
Roseau(Saint George)Canefield Airport
Portsmouth(Saint John)Melville Hall Airport
Marigot(Saint Andrew)Melville Hall Airport
Berekua(Saint Patrick)Canefield Airport
Mahaut(Saint Paul)Canefield Airport
Saint Joseph(Saint Joseph)Canefield Airport
Wesley(Saint Andrew)Melville Hall Airport
Salisbury(Saint Joseph)Canefield Airport
Castle Bruce(Saint David)Melville Hall Airport
La Plaine(Saint Patrick)Canefield Airport
Pointe Michel(Saint Luke)Canefield Airport
Woodford Hill(Saint Andrew)Melville Hall Airport
Calibishie(Saint Andrew)Melville Hall Airport
Soufriere(Saint Mark)Canefield Airport
Colihaut(Saint Peter)Canefield Airport
Rosalie(Saint David)Canefield Airport
Pont Casse(Saint Paul)Canefield Airport
Fond Saint Jean(Saint Patrick)Canefield Airport
Fond Cani(Saint George)Canefield Airport
Dubuc(Saint Patrick)Canefield Airport
Dublanc(Saint Peter)Melville Hall Airport
Wall House(Saint George)Canefield Airport
Vieille Case(Saint Andrew)Melville Hall Airport
Dos D'Ane(Saint Andrew)Melville Hall Airport
Trafalgar(Saint George)Canefield Airport
Toucari(Saint John)Melville Hall Airport
Demitrie(Saint Andrew)Melville Hall Airport
Tobino(Saint Andrew)Melville Hall Airport
Delices(Saint Patrick)Canefield Airport
Thibaud(Saint Andrew)Melville Hall Airport
The Cross(Saint David)Canefield Airport
Tete Morne(Saint Patrick)Canefield Airport
Crayfish River(Saint David)Melville Hall Airport
Tarou(Saint Paul)Canefield Airport
Tanetane(Saint John)Melville Hall Airport
Coulibistri(Saint Joseph)Canefield Airport
Cottage(Saint John)Melville Hall Airport
Stowe(Saint Patrick)Canefield Airport
Sineku(Saint David)Melville Hall Airport
Cocoyer(Saint John)Melville Hall Airport
Sibouli(Saint Luke)Canefield Airport
Scotts Head Village(Saint Mark)Canefield Airport
Cochrane(Saint Paul)Canefield Airport
Clifton(Saint John)Melville Hall Airport
Charlotte Ville(Saint George)Canefield Airport
Salibia(Saint David)Melville Hall Airport
Saint Sauveur(Saint David)Canefield Airport
Capucin(Saint John)Melville Hall Airport
Saint Cyr(Saint David)Melville Hall Airport
Bornes(Saint John)Melville Hall Airport
CityNearest Airport
Boetica(Saint Patrick)Canefield Airport
Roger(Saint Paul)Canefield Airport
Bioche(Saint Peter)Melville Hall Airport
Riviere Ciriques(Saint David)Canefield Airport
Riversdale(Saint Joseph)Canefield Airport
Bense(Saint Andrew)Melville Hall Airport
Belvidere(Saint Patrick)Canefield Airport
Belmanier(Saint Andrew)Melville Hall Airport
Bells(Saint Joseph)Canefield Airport
Bellevue Chopin(Saint George)Canefield Airport
Potters Ville(Saint George)Canefield Airport
Bataka(Saint David)Melville Hall Airport
Bassinville(Saint Joseph)Canefield Airport
Pichelin(Saint Patrick)Canefield Airport
Petite Soufriere(Saint David)Canefield Airport
Au Parc(Saint Andrew)Melville Hall Airport
atkinson(Saint David)Melville Hall Airport
Petite Savane(Saint Patrick)Canefield Airport
Anse Du Me(Saint Andrew)Melville Hall Airport
Peineville(Saint Andrew)Melville Hall Airport
Paix Bouche(Saint Andrew)Melville Hall Airport
Morpo(Saint David)Melville Hall Airport
Morne Soleil(Saint John)Melville Hall Airport
Morne Raquette(Saint Joseph)Canefield Airport
Morne Prosper(Saint George)Canefield Airport
Morne Jaune(Saint David)Canefield Airport
Morne Aux Fregates(Saint David)Canefield Airport
Monkey Hill(Saint David)Melville Hall Airport
Mero(Saint Joseph)Canefield Airport
Massacre(Saint Paul)Canefield Airport
Madjini(Saint David)Melville Hall Airport
Loubiere(Saint George)Canefield Airport
Layou(Saint Joseph)Canefield Airport
Laudat(Saint George)Canefield Airport
La Source(Saint Andrew)Melville Hall Airport
Larieu(Saint Andrew)Melville Hall Airport
La Haut(Saint John)Melville Hall Airport
Lagon(Saint John)Melville Hall Airport
Hampstead(Saint Andrew)Melville Hall Airport
Guillet(Saint John)Melville Hall Airport
Grand Fond(Saint David)Canefield Airport
Goodwill(Saint George)Canefield Airport
Good Hope(Saint David)Canefield Airport
Gommier(Saint Andrew)Melville Hall Airport
Glanvillia(Saint John)Melville Hall Airport
Giraudet(Saint George)Canefield Airport
Geneva(Saint Patrick)Canefield Airport
Gaulette(Saint David)Melville Hall Airport
Galion(Saint Mark)Canefield Airport