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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Denmark for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
Copenhagen(Region Hovedstaden)Copenhagen Kastrup Airport
ArhusAarhus Airport
OdenseOdense Airport
Alborg(Region Nordjylland)Aalborg Airport
EsbjergEsbjerg Airport
RandersAarhus Airport
KoldingKolding Vamdrup Airport
Vejle(Region Syddanmark)Vandel Air Base
HorsensVandel Air Base
RoskildeCopenhagen Roskilde Airport
Greve StrandCopenhagen Roskilde Airport
NaestvedCopenhagen Roskilde Airport
SilkeborgKarup Airport
FredericiaKolding Vamdrup Airport
HorsholmCopenhagen Kastrup Airport
HelsingorCopenhagen Kastrup Airport
KogeCopenhagen Roskilde Airport
HolstebroKarup Airport
SlagelseCopenhagen Roskilde Airport
TastrupCopenhagen Roskilde Airport
HerningKarup Airport
HillerodCopenhagen Roskilde Airport
SvendborgOdense Airport
SonderborgSønderborg Airport
HjorringSindal Airport
HolbaekCopenhagen Roskilde Airport
FrederikshavnSindal Airport
HaderslevVojens Skrydstrup Airport
SkiveSkive Airport
IshojCopenhagen Roskilde Airport
BirkerodCopenhagen Kastrup Airport
RingstedCopenhagen Roskilde Airport
NykobingLolland Falster Maribo Airport
AbenraVojens Skrydstrup Airport
KalundborgOdense Airport
NyborgOdense Airport
LillerodCopenhagen Kastrup Airport
KorsorOdense Airport
IkastKarup Airport
SolrodCopenhagen Roskilde Airport
FrederikssundCopenhagen Roskilde Airport
GrenaAarhus Airport
NakskovLolland Falster Maribo Airport
RonneBornholm Airport
MiddelfartKolding Vamdrup Airport
SkanderborgAarhus Airport
StenloseCopenhagen Roskilde Airport
ThistedThisted Airport
VaerloseCopenhagen Kastrup Airport
VardeEsbjerg Airport
CityNearest Airport
FrederiksvaerkCopenhagen Roskilde Airport
BronderslevAalborg Airport
FarumCopenhagen Kastrup Airport
EspergaerdeCopenhagen Kastrup Airport
StruerSkive Airport
FlongCopenhagen Roskilde Airport
HobroSkive Airport
DragorCopenhagen Kastrup Airport
OdderAarhus Airport
HaslevCopenhagen Roskilde Airport
HedenstedVandel Air Base
JyllingeCopenhagen Roskilde Airport
SkagenSindal Airport
GrindstedBillund Airport
Nykobing MorsThisted Airport
RingkobingStauning Airport
LystrupAarhus Airport
SmorumnedreCopenhagen Roskilde Airport
HumlebaekCopenhagen Kastrup Airport
VordingborgLolland Falster Maribo Airport
HundestedCopenhagen Roskilde Airport
TrorodCopenhagen Kastrup Airport
VejenKolding Vamdrup Airport
MalovCopenhagen Roskilde Airport
SaebySindal Airport
FredensborgCopenhagen Kastrup Airport
NivaCopenhagen Kastrup Airport
VojensVojens Skrydstrup Airport
RibeEsbjerg Airport
TonderVojens Skrydstrup Airport
NordborgSønderborg Airport
BjerringbroKarup Airport
HelsingeCopenhagen Roskilde Airport
LemvigSkive Airport
TranbjergAarhus Airport
ArsSkive Airport
FaborgSønderborg Airport
Soro(Region Sjæland)Copenhagen Roskilde Airport
SkjernStauning Airport
HinnerupAarhus Airport
HadstenAarhus Airport
SlangerupCopenhagen Roskilde Airport
BrammingEsbjerg Airport
HirtshalsSindal Airport
SkaelskorLolland Falster Maribo Airport
BrandeBillund Airport
StovringAalborg Airport
BillundBillund Airport
HammelKarup Airport
HorningAarhus Airport
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