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This is an online tool to search airports in Cuba nearest to city , town , village or any place in Cuba and display them on the map with their distances.
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Note: Data of all the airports in the Cuba may not be available or may not be accurate and distances are air distances (straight line distances) and may be much different from actual travel / road distance.

Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport (Name,IATA and ICAO airport codes if available) in Cuba for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.

CityNearest AirportCityNearest Airport
Havana(Ciudad de La Habana)JosÚ MartÝ International AirportSantiago de Cuba(Santiago de Cuba)Antonio Maceo International Airport
Camaguey(Camaguey)Ignacio Agramonte International AirportHolguin(Holguin)Frank Pais International Airport
Guantanamo(Guantanamo)Mariana Grajales AirportSanta Clara(Villa Clara)Abel Santamaria Airport
Las Tunas(Las Tunas)Hermanos Ameijeiras AirportBayamo(Granma)Carlos Manuel de Cespedes Airport
Pinar del Rio(Pinar del Rio)Pinar Del Rio AirportCienfuegos(Cienfuegos)Jaime Gonzalez Airport
Matanzas(Matanzas)Juan Gualberto Gomez International AirportCiego de Avila(Ciego de Avila)Maximo Gomez Airport
Manzanillo(Granma)Sierra Maestra AirportSancti Spiritus(Sancti Spiritus)Alberto Delgado Airport
Palma Soriano(Santiago de Cuba)Antonio Maceo International AirportCardenas(Matanzas)Kawama Airport
Moa(Holguin)Orestes Acosta AirportPuerto Padre(Las Tunas)Hermanos Ameijeiras Airport
Contramaestre(Santiago de Cuba)Carlos Manuel de Cespedes AirportGuira de Melena(La Habana)JosÚ MartÝ International Airport
Consolacion del Sur(Pinar del Rio)Pinar Del Rio AirportGuines(La Habana)San Nicolas De Bari Airport
Artemisa(La Habana)Playa Baracoa AirportSan Luis(Santiago de Cuba)Antonio Maceo International Airport
Moron(Ciego de Avila)Maximo Gomez AirportColon(Matanzas)Kawama Airport
Florida(Camaguey)Ignacio Agramonte International AirportSagua la Grande(Villa Clara)Abel Santamaria Airport
Trinidad(Sancti Spiritus)Alberto Delgado AirportSan Cristobal(Pinar del Rio)Playa Baracoa Airport
Placetas(Villa Clara)Abel Santamaria AirportSan Jose de las Lajas(La Habana)JosÚ MartÝ International Airport
Jaguey Grande(Matanzas)Juan Gualberto Gomez International AirportNuevitas(Camaguey)Ignacio Agramonte International Airport
Banes(Holguin)Frank Pais International AirportCorralillo(Guantanamo)Kawama Airport
Baracoa(Guantanamo)Gustavo Rizo AirportJovellanos(Matanzas)Juan Gualberto Gomez International Airport
Bauta(La Habana)Playa Baracoa AirportSanto Domingo(Villa Clara)Abel Santamaria Airport
Cabaiguan(Sancti Spiritus)Alberto Delgado AirportRanchuelo(Villa Clara)Abel Santamaria Airport
San Antonio de los Banos(La Habana)JosÚ MartÝ International AirportYaguajay(Sancti Spiritus)Maximo Gomez Airport
Manicaragua(Villa Clara)Abel Santamaria AirportJiguani(Granma)Carlos Manuel de Cespedes Airport
Cifuentes(Villa Clara)Abel Santamaria AirportGuaimaro(Camaguey)Hermanos Ameijeiras Airport
Caibarien(Villa Clara)Abel Santamaria AirportCumanayagua(Cienfuegos)Jaime Gonzalez Airport
Condado(Sancti Spiritus)Alberto Delgado AirportCamajuani(Villa Clara)Abel Santamaria Airport
Santiago de las Vegas(Ciudad de La Habana)JosÚ MartÝ International AirportSanta Cruz del Sur(Camaguey)Ignacio Agramonte International Airport
Remedios(Villa Clara)Abel Santamaria AirportMadruga(La Habana)San Nicolas De Bari Airport
Union de Reyes(Matanzas)Juan Gualberto Gomez International AirportVertientes(Camaguey)Ignacio Agramonte International Airport
Mariel(La Habana)Playa Baracoa AirportYara(Granma)Sierra Maestra Airport
Gibara(Holguin)Frank Pais International AirportPedro Betancourt(Matanzas)Juan Gualberto Gomez International Airport
Cueto(Holguin)Frank Pais International AirportEncrucijada(Villa Clara)Abel Santamaria Airport
Rio Guayabal de Yateras(Guantanamo)Orestes Acosta AirportLos Palacios(Pinar del Rio)Pinar Del Rio Airport
Guanajay(La Habana)Playa Baracoa AirportCampechuela(Granma)Sierra Maestra Airport
Cruces(Cienfuegos)Jaime Gonzalez AirportChambas(Ciego de Avila)Maximo Gomez Airport
Perico(Matanzas)Kawama AirportRio Cauto(Granma)Sierra Maestra Airport
Aguada de Pasajeros(Cienfuegos)Jaime Gonzalez AirportCalimete(Matanzas)Jaime Gonzalez Airport
Palmira(Cienfuegos)Jaime Gonzalez AirportMinas(Camaguey)Ignacio Agramonte International Airport
Esmeralda(Camaguey)Ignacio Agramonte International AirportNueva Gerona(Isla de la Juventud)Rafael Cabrera Airport
Jaruco(La Habana)San Nicolas De Bari AirportColombia(Las Tunas)Hermanos Ameijeiras Airport
Fomento(Sancti Spiritus)Alberto Delgado AirportBahia Honda(Pinar del Rio)Playa Baracoa Airport
Jatibonico(Sancti Spiritus)Maximo Gomez AirportRodas(Cienfuegos)Jaime Gonzalez Airport
Niquero(Granma)Sierra Maestra AirportGuisa(Granma)Carlos Manuel de Cespedes Airport
Santa Cruz del Norte(La Habana)San Nicolas De Bari AirportSagua de Tanamo(Holguin)Orestes Acosta Airport
Bejucal(La Habana)JosÚ MartÝ International AirportPrimero de Enero(Ciego de Avila)Maximo Gomez Airport
Jobabo(Holguin)Frank Pais International AirportSibanicu(Camaguey)Ignacio Agramonte International Airport
Media Luna(Granma)Sierra Maestra AirportAbreus(Cienfuegos)Jaime Gonzalez Airport
Venezuela(Ciego de Avila)Maximo Gomez AirportGuane(Pinar del Rio)San Julian Air Base
Alquizar(La Habana)Playa Baracoa AirportBaragua(Ciego de Avila)Maximo Gomez Airport
Baguanos(Holguin)Frank Pais International AirportSan Nicolas(La Habana)San Nicolas De Bari Airport

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