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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Congo (Kinshasa) for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
Kinshasa(Kinshasa)Ndolo Airport
Lubumbashi(Katanga)Lubumbashi International Airport
Mbuji-Mayi(Kasai-Oriental)Mbuji Mayi Airport
Kisangani(Orientale)Bangoka International Airport
Masina(Kinshasa)Ndjili International Airport
Kananga(Kasai-Occidental)Kananga Airport
Likasi(Katanga)Lubumbashi International Airport
Kolwezi(Katanga)Kolwezi Airport
TshikapaKananga Airport
Bukavu(Sud-Kivu)Bukavu Kavumu Airport
Mwene-DituMbuji Mayi Airport
Kikwit(Bandundu)Kikwit Airport
Mbandaka(Equateur)Mbandaka Airport
Matadi(Bas-Congo)Ndolo Airport
Uvira(Sud-Kivu)Bukavu Kavumu Airport
ButemboBunia Airport
GandajikaMbuji Mayi Airport
KalemieKalemie Airport
Goma(Nord-Kivu)Goma International Airport
Kindu(Maniema)Kindu Airport
IsiroMatari Airport
Bandundu(Bandundu)Bandundu Airport
GemenaGemena Airport
IleboKikwit Airport
BuniaBunia Airport
BumbaLisala Airport
BeniBunia Airport
Mbanza-NgunguNdolo Airport
Kamina(Katanga)Kamina Base Airport
LisalaLisala Airport
LodjaKindu Airport
KipushiLubumbashi International Airport
KabindaMbuji Mayi Airport
KasongoKindu Airport
MwekaKananga Airport
GbadoliteGbadolite Airport
BulunguKikwit Airport
ButaButa Zega Airport
BasokoBangoka International Airport
LubaoMbuji Mayi Airport
LusamboMbuji Mayi Airport
NiokiBandundu Airport
InongoBandundu Airport
TshelaNdolo Airport
BukamaKamina Base Airport
MangaiKikwit Airport
KampeneKindu Airport
Kabare(Sud-Kivu)Bukavu Kavumu Airport
Kambove(Katanga)Kolwezi Airport
YangambiBangoka International Airport
CityNearest Airport
LueboKananga Airport
AketiButa Zega Airport
MushieBandundu Airport
BoendeLisala Airport
KongoloKalemie Airport
KabaloKalemie Airport
KaniamaKamina Base Airport
BusingaGbadolite Airport
Kasangulu(Bas-Congo)Ndolo Airport
BoloboBandundu Airport
LibengeGemena Airport
WatsaBunia Airport
Demba(Kasai-Occidental)Kananga Airport
Kasongo-LundaKikwit Airport
BondoButa Zega Airport
WambaMatari Airport
BosoboloGemena Airport
BongandangaLisala Airport
Kinzila(Bas-Congo)Ndolo Airport
Mayambu(Bas-Congo)Ndjili International Airport
Nkolu(Bas-Congo)Ndolo Airport
Mbuba(Bas-Congo)Ndolo Airport
Kimpudi(Bas-Congo)Ndolo Airport
Kintoni(Bas-Congo)Ndolo Airport
Mbengo(Bas-Congo)Ndolo Airport
Kinzundu(Bas-Congo)Ndolo Airport
Kinzoana(Bas-Congo)Ndolo Airport
Kinsasi(Bas-Congo)Ndolo Airport
Kasonso(Bas-Congo)Ndolo Airport
Kinsata(Bas-Congo)Ndolo Airport
Kinkosi(Bas-Congo)Ndolo Airport
Nkame(Bas-Congo)Ndolo Airport
Kimbambo(Bas-Congo)Ndolo Airport
Kinkenga(Bas-Congo)Ndolo Airport
Zamba(Bas-Congo)Ndolo Airport
Kisiama(Bas-Congo)Ndolo Airport
Yandani(Bas-Congo)Ndolo Airport
Mikola(Bas-Congo)Ndjili International Airport
Kikumbi(Bas-Congo)Ndolo Airport
Kibweya(Bas-Congo)Ndjili International Airport
Kiasi(Bas-Congo)Ndolo Airport
Kinkanga(Bas-Congo)Ndjili International Airport
Ntadi(Bas-Congo)Ndjili International Airport
Kinguli(Bas-Congo)Ndjili International Airport
Kindundu(Bas-Congo)Ndolo Airport
Lembolo(Bas-Congo)Ndolo Airport
Kinsala(Bas-Congo)Ndolo Airport
Kinsansi(Bas-Congo)Ndolo Airport
Tadi(Bas-Congo)Ndolo Airport
Kingo Kangi(Bas-Congo)Ndolo Airport