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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Burkina Faso for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
Ouagadougou(Kadiogo)Ouagadougou Airport
Bobo Dioulasso(Houet)Bobo Dioulasso Airport
Koudougou(Boulkiemde)Ouagadougou Airport
Ouahigouya(Yatenga)Ouagadougou Airport
Banfora(Comoe)Bobo Dioulasso Airport
Dedougou(Mouhoun)Bobo Dioulasso Airport
Kaya(Sanmatenga)Ouagadougou Airport
Dori(Seno)Ouagadougou Airport
Tenkodogo(Boulgou)Ouagadougou Airport
Reo(Sanguie)Ouagadougou Airport
Hounde(Tuy)Bobo Dioulasso Airport
Fada N'Gourma(Gourma)Ouagadougou Airport
Koupela(Kouritenga)Ouagadougou Airport
Kombissiri(Bazega)Ouagadougou Airport
GarangoOuagadougou Airport
Nouna(Kossi)Bobo Dioulasso Airport
Leo(Sissili)Ouagadougou Airport
Kongoussi(Bam)Ouagadougou Airport
Diapaga(Tapoa)Ouagadougou Airport
Kokologo(Boulkiemde)Ouagadougou Airport
Zorgho(Ganzourgou)Ouagadougou Airport
Yako(Passore)Ouagadougou Airport
Djibo(Soum)Ouagadougou Airport
Orodara(Kenedougou)Bobo Dioulasso Airport
Po(Nahouri)Ouagadougou Airport
Tougan(Sourou)Ouagadougou Airport
Boulsa(Namentenga)Ouagadougou Airport
Gourcy(Zondoma)Ouagadougou Airport
Manga(Zoundweogo)Ouagadougou Airport
Boromo(Bale)Bobo Dioulasso Airport
Diebougou(Bougouriba)Bobo Dioulasso Airport
Ziniare(Oubritenga)Ouagadougou Airport
Dano(Ioba)Bobo Dioulasso Airport
Solenzo(Banwa)Bobo Dioulasso Airport
Bogande(Gnagna)Ouagadougou Airport
Pitmoaga(Boulkiemde)Ouagadougou Airport
Gorom-Gorom(Oudalan)Ouagadougou Airport
Gouloure(Boulkiemde)Ouagadougou Airport
Batie(Noumbiel)Bobo Dioulasso Airport
Sindou(Leraba)Bobo Dioulasso Airport
Sapouy(Ziro)Ouagadougou Airport
Gayeri(Komondjari)Ouagadougou Airport
TanglongoOuagadougou Airport
ToeguenOuagadougou Airport
YorguenOuagadougou Airport
YipalaOuagadougou Airport
LilliboureOuagadougou Airport
SambenOuagadougou Airport
Silmi NabayiriOuagadougou Airport
OuidiOuagadougou Airport
CityNearest Airport
YalegreOuagadougou Airport
KouloroureOuagadougou Airport
DassasgoOuagadougou Airport
Gaoua(Poni)Bobo Dioulasso Airport
ZamnogoOuagadougou Airport
NemnenOuagadougou Airport
KounkoubriOuagadougou Airport
BissiguenOuagadougou Airport
KilouenOuagadougou Airport
GueswendeOuagadougou Airport
SilmiougouOuagadougou Airport
ToenguenOuagadougou Airport
BalonguenOuagadougou Airport
DidriOuagadougou Airport
MoessenOuagadougou Airport
KolokomOuagadougou Airport
PelleOuagadougou Airport
Zongo NabitengaOuagadougou Airport
TansablogoOuagadougou Airport
YargoOuagadougou Airport
Naf BankaOuagadougou Airport
PitiokoOuagadougou Airport
VosseOuagadougou Airport
NampougouOuagadougou Airport
Kadenguen(Ganzourgou)Ouagadougou Airport
Taptouen(Ganzourgou)Ouagadougou Airport
NakomogoOuagadougou Airport
ZabretangaOuagadougou Airport
NanguilaOuagadougou Airport
NabenOuagadougou Airport
WarodogoOuagadougou Airport
ToetengaOuagadougou Airport
KankaguenOuagadougou Airport
SoudrenOuagadougou Airport
YabretengaOuagadougou Airport
SambsenOuagadougou Airport
KoallaOuagadougou Airport
Zone pilote de SissenOuagadougou Airport
ZangaOuagadougou Airport
SoniabaOuagadougou Airport
Kougri(Ganzourgou)Ouagadougou Airport
Zone de la Patte d'OieOuagadougou Airport
KoanguenOuagadougou Airport
KossiamOuagadougou Airport
BanogoOuagadougou Airport
BaskoudreOuagadougou Airport
NagarenOuagadougou Airport
PoesseOuagadougou Airport
BikaOuagadougou Airport
SabouOuagadougou Airport