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Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Benin for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
Cotonou(Littoral)Cadjehoun Airport
Abomey-CalaviCadjehoun Airport
Porto-Novo(Queme)Cadjehoun Airport
Djougou(Donga)Cadjehoun Airport
Parakou(Borgou)Cadjehoun Airport
BohiconCadjehoun Airport
Kandi(Alibori)Cadjehoun Airport
Lokossa(Mono)Cadjehoun Airport
Ouidah(Atlantique)Cadjehoun Airport
Abomey(Zou)Cadjehoun Airport
Natitingou(Atakora)Cadjehoun Airport
SaveCadjehoun Airport
NikkiCadjehoun Airport
Dogbo(Kouffo)Cadjehoun Airport
CoveCadjehoun Airport
MalanvilleCadjehoun Airport
PobeCadjehoun Airport
Savalou(Collines)Cadjehoun Airport
Sakete(Plateau)Cadjehoun Airport
ComeCadjehoun Airport
BemberekeCadjehoun Airport
BassilaCadjehoun Airport
BanikoaraCadjehoun Airport
KetouCadjehoun Airport
Dassa-ZoumeCadjehoun Airport
TchaourouCadjehoun Airport
AlladaCadjehoun Airport
AplahoueCadjehoun Airport
TanguietaCadjehoun Airport
BeterouCadjehoun Airport
Grand-PopoCadjehoun Airport
AdameCadjehoun Airport
AdakplameCadjehoun Airport
AdakparoCadjehoun Airport
AcadjameCadjehoun Airport
AboutaCadjehoun Airport
AboukoueCadjehoun Airport
AbotagonCadjehoun Airport
AboloumeCadjehoun Airport
AbogaCadjehoun Airport
AbintangaCadjehoun Airport
AbidziCadjehoun Airport
AbeokoutaCadjehoun Airport
AbeokoutaCadjehoun Airport
AbataCadjehoun Airport
AbalaCadjehoun Airport
AbaCadjehoun Airport
AhohoCadjehoun Airport
AhogbeyaCadjehoun Airport
AhogbeCadjehoun Airport
CityNearest Airport
AhodedjiCadjehoun Airport
AhitinmeCadjehoun Airport
AhihomeCadjehoun Airport
AheviCadjehoun Airport
AguigdijiCadjehoun Airport
AguidahoueCadjehoun Airport
AgueoudaCadjehoun Airport
AgrimeCadjehoun Airport
AgramidjodjiCadjehoun Airport
AgramarouCadjehoun Airport
AgrabansouCadjehoun Airport
AgproCadjehoun Airport
AgousotodjiCadjehoun Airport
AgounogonCadjehoun Airport
AgounaCadjehoun Airport
AgoukameCadjehoun Airport
AgougouCadjehoun Airport
AgouganCadjehoun Airport
AgoueCadjehoun Airport
AgouagonCadjehoun Airport
AgouaCadjehoun Airport
AgossouhouiCadjehoun Airport
AgossakoeCadjehoun Airport
AgoreadjiCadjehoun Airport
AgonvyCadjehoun Airport
AgontomeCadjehoun Airport
AgonmeCadjehoun Airport
AgonlinCadjehoun Airport
AgonkameCadjehoun Airport
AgonhohounCadjehoun Airport
AgondopoueCadjehoun Airport
AgondoguiCadjehoun Airport
AgondoCadjehoun Airport
AgonCadjehoun Airport
AgonCadjehoun Airport
AgomeCadjehoun Airport
AgomeCadjehoun Airport
AgombeCadjehoun Airport
Agohoue-BalimeCadjehoun Airport
AgohonhouCadjehoun Airport
AgofissiCadjehoun Airport
AgodogoueCadjehoun Airport
MahajanparaCadjehoun Airport
AgniokeCadjehoun Airport
AgnibandjinCadjehoun Airport
AgnavouCadjehoun Airport
AgnangnanCadjehoun Airport
AgnamiCadjehoun Airport
AgnameCadjehoun Airport
AgmaligonCadjehoun Airport
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